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Empire At War v0.6

Author File Description
RC1136 Darman
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 8
This is based around the Imperial campaign for STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR. Read the readme for more info, I'm not writing all of that crap again xD
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Map Design1.0
Playability: 2
This campaign is a mix of B&D and Fixed Force style scenarios, apparently based on Petroglyph's Empire at War game. Not necessarily a bad idea, but this campaign has very simplistic, and unfortunately very boring progression. Nearly every level consists of selecting all of your units, and sweeping the map edge to edge to kill every single enemy. Even then, the levels often fail to end because of broken or non-existent victory conditions.

There are few to no triggers in the scenarios, and little indication of what needs to be done in order to win. This often leads to having to change alliance with your allies to break through barriers that don't go away, or 'Skywalker' your way out of the level.

Just the act of shooting fish in a barrel isn't fun. If you're making a strategy campaign, there needs to be strategy. Smart management of units, thinking. Not 'Select everything > Patrol to enemy base.'

Balance: 2
For the most part, insultingly easy. In the Kamino scenario, each of your 70 or so units has 200+ strength, and the majority of your enemies are basic troopers. The other scenarios aren't much better. You just mass all of your units, and roll over the small, scattered groups of random enemies. The 'hardest' point is the second mission, where Air Cruisers attack you. Of course you start at Tech Level 1 with only 3 Anti-Air Mobiles to defend yourself against air attacks.

Good games need to be challenging. If there's no threat of defeat, no risk, there's no fun. That isn't to say make levels extremely difficult, but require some thought and strategy.

Creativity: 2
This seems to be based on Empire at War, but aside from having Star Wars in the title, there's really no resemblance at all. The missions consist of little more than wiping out all of the enemies, and nothing unique or noteworthy is done with the gameplay or level design.

Map Design: 1
The maps have almost no effort put into them. They usually consist of no more than 2 terrains, with featureless hallways of walls that railroad you to your objectives. The lush planet of Naboo, filled with forests, swamps, and grasslands is represented here by a massive, flat slab of Yellow Plains terrain with scattered debris and random GAIA props.

Any scenario that requires you to build a base - if it doesn't just give you 99999 of every resource to begin with - will stack tons of stockpile objects together in ugly piles next to your base.

In a strategy game, the level design plays a large part in the player's enjoyment of the game. Exploiting chokepoints, securing and defending valuable resource caches, etc. Even if a map is more of an RPG, it still needs to look nice. This campaign has none of that, and suffers as a result.

Story/Instructions: 1
Almost non-existent. What little story there is is pretty much what you'd expect; "Haha, we're the Empire. Destroy all Rebels because evil."

There are no dialog triggers in the game, instead any 'talking' is shown in the pre/post-game briefing menus. Objectives often don't tell you what you need to do to complete the scenario, and some levels have absolutely no objectives or briefings at all. The lack of care even shows through in some level descriptions, the author excusing his way out of any plot by going "I dunno, just kill things!"

It's important for people to know just what they're supposed to be doing, and why. Otherwise, what point is there to care in the first place?

Additional Comments:
This campaign is lacking in a lot of places, and is clearly unfinished. But, with a LOT of work, I can see it turning into something decent.

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Map Design1.0
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