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Visions from the Past - Mission 1

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 1
Visions from the Past is my latest project. It's my first campaign I am working on in SWGB's scenario editor. Currently it only has the one mission, but I'd like if I could get some feedback on it.
There's more elaborate info in the readme about the actual campaign and scenario uploaded, but I'll paste the basic details.


600 years ago the continent now known famously as Central Island was at constant war. Commanders from across the planet would travel to this island in order to combat the rising threat of the Lost Legion, as well as other commanders that seeked to intervene. The war lasted for many years, many factions falling to the ground and alliances being shattered. However, one rose up from the dust - the Southern Continental Defense Alliance. The SCDA was formed to combat the widespread destruction of near-by commanders from larger alliances, as well as pull other people into the group and form a giant group of people to combat the Lost Legion. 10 years after the formation of the SCDA, the last base of the Lost Legion was destroyed, and the SCDA had complete control of Central Island. Many years later, alliances from all over the world folded into the SCDA, creating the largest known army on the planet. Though the SCDA army was quite large, they promoted true peace and prosperity. With no real threats to the world anymore, technology advanced at a quickening pace, and people began expanding off of the planet and into the vast reaches of their universe.

In the present day, the SCDA presides over much of the known universes' protection and defense, with colonies and armies established on more than 28 planets. Recently, however, armies have been springing up and combating the SCDA. Some even go by the guise of the name of the alliances that once fought in the Central Island Conflict. It is now time once more for blood to be shed and another war to be fought. Commanders all across the SCDA's area of influence take on the fight that continues from 600 years past. The second conflict of Aggression begins.
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John Rambo
Map Design4.0
This was short(20 minutes) and fun. I've always enjoyed infiltrator/commando based missions, and this was no exception. With a little bit of work you could have something great.

Playability: 2
When I first loaded the mission I start in the middle of the base while I'm in control of 3 soldiers. That's it. I don't mind there being no intro as long as you give me some indication of where I'm supposed to go or what I'm supposed to do. You have objectives listed but I have no idea where to find them. I just ran around the entire base trying to find where I was supposed to be. Later on you gave a map revealer to show the location of one of the objectives, other than that nothing.

Balance: 3
It wasn't particularly challenging and I still can't figure out why. You must have done something with the triggers. I ran it on moderate difficulty and the enemies barely noticed me, when they were in groups of 6 or more they would take a quick shot at me and just stand there as I cut them down.

Creativity: 4
I thought it was fun but so far as being unique I can't really say. It's nothing novel but I appreciated the simplicity, not too much trigger work going on. A team of infiltrators must slip into enemy base. And that's what happened - it might be funner if things didn't quite work out as expected but that's just a minor complaint.

Map Design: 4
Not typical newbie fare. It was nice enough, it worked with what you were doing. Nothing elaborate but shows that you know what your doing, the astroids were alright, possibly better than you though they were. I didn't really notice them except I did see that they had several boulders - perhaps overkill.

Story/Instructions: 4
You came up with a back story that was stable enough, but when I actually started playing the game it was a bit distracting because of your lack of triggers. When you recruit the infiltrator it displays the entire conversation at the same moment(one below the other). For that I would advice you use a timer trigger - maybe ten seconds - between each of the speakers. You don't even have to change ownership if you don't want but just make it feel more cinematic and less rushed. If you don't want to do that at least make the speakers different colors, that would be the easiest fix.

Additional Comments:
I kinda liked it. I'll be interested to see what happens in the second one if only to see how you've improved. Also try and make the 'infiltrator' more personal, maybe give him a name.

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Map Design4.0
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