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Republic Assassin Part III

Author File Description
John Rambo
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1
Star Wars - Republic Assassin Part III
By John Rambo


This includes over 500 triggers, and it was designed over a span of eight months.

So please! If you download it please give it a review!

This is - was - going to be the epic ending to the Republic Assassin series, however I ran out of space in this scenario so you'll have to wait for Part IV which will likely be ready in a few months.


This is set two yours after the events of the Part II. In it you take on the role of Frank Bell once again as he returns to the military for training as an advanced commando. However it doesn't take long for him to be drawn into a fight to the death with his own boss who has been secretly taking over the Republic by utilizing his very own line of assassin droids. The villains that Frank has overcome in the past, Lord Jlile, Dumont, they were nothing compared to the man behind it all.

About the Author

I am an experienced scenario designer and I have submitted four other files that have received varied responses, Eagle Watch, Troopers v8.1 and Star Wars - Republic Assassin 1 & 2. I have been on GB heaven for a year or two and I am always happy to help keep it alive.



If you have any comments/suggestions just send them to: ThKing@Lavabit.com


Special thanks to :

Fire Champion and qwen for the playtesting. Thanks guys!


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Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The Whole game plays very smooth and fluid and there are no remarkable glitches or bugs, all goes well until the end. However, playability seems to me to give the player various paths and options. Alhough you give the player this chance, like to be good or bad doing different sort of things, you sort of limit them with the space, specially in some parts where there is only one way of beating the puzzles. In the other hand, this is an RPG and does justice to the genre!

Balance: 4
Some parts are just to hard man!. While some players enjoy challenges, I think some players would beat the crap out of their computer before giving another try to it. I think you should put shoes of those players and make it a little easier for them. In the end, what you want is to catch more players, not scare them away. Even with the walkthrough I got some trouble hehe, but thats maybe me. There was a part, took me like 20 minutes, the part where you go after the Hutt and you face of his guards. I didn´t know I had to use takedowns so I lured them to me and killed them one by one... dont ask me the hell how haha. In the end, Im one of those players who enjoys challenges, and I really enjoyed this one. But maybe other would not

Creativity: 5
While I have played other RPG style scenarios, this one is among the greatest for many aspects, like to make choices that affect the outcome. It is a creative idea, with very good triggers and there is a lot of work behind. You also get to ride starships not limiting only to land. The story is also creative and you kind of put some stereotypes into the characters; the misguiding main villian, the fat, grumpy villian, the badass assasin, etc...

Map Design: 5
Excellent! not much to say! everything seems in order and goes well to the scenario. Maybe at the simulation, when you used the starfighter, to see clouds was kind of odd... but who cares, its a simulation, you can put a lava river in the middle of space and its valid.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story really catches you and its very star wars themed. However, I didnt get much the point of the first part. No spelling mistakes I can see, but the only reason I dont give you a five is because you could include some ingame hints like: ´´Frank: Oh no they are after me! maybe if I hide here, close a door there, break a neck over there... etc. Other than that, tremendous.

Additional Comments: A really good scenario done with hard work, and it deserves a high review. I would like to ask you some questions refering to triggers though
John Rambo
File Author
Thanks, if you want I can answer your questions here or you can email me at '--------------'. Whichever works for you, I'd be happy to help out how I can.

EDIT: I've removed the email address just so I don't get a bunch of spam.

[Edited on 03/02/14 @ 03:37 PM]

ONOLULU Through here is ok, im working in another scenario and I have a problem with the explosion triggers, they dont quite appear. Also I would like to know how to work with the chat system, like to say something and the IA responds, I have no idea how to work on that. Thanks!
John Rambo
File Author
The explosion trigger is pretty straightforward.

First, when placing the explosion trigger (I assume you're familiar with it) have the player set to gaia if it's not already.

Second, to activate it you need a 'kill object' trigger set over the area (kill gaia object in area 'explosion trigger'), when it dies it explodes.

(A little tip is to not place the explosion triggers by hand, instead have them created through triggers exactly where you want them. That way you can remove them later.)

For chat triggered events, it's a whole other ball park, I'll try to make it simple for you to understand.

1) Download "Ultimate RPG AI" from the downloads section.

2) In your scenario, give one of the players the AI file. Make it one who has no way of gathering resources.

3) From triggers, add an effect 'AI signal', set it to 'AI signal 6'.

Now that's half the work, when you enter '1'(or 2, or 3, I think it goes up to 250). in the chat box it will add a certain number of resources to the player with the AI file. I think every time you do that you'll need to activate the AI signal again (same method).

4) To have a reaction you need to have a separate trigger. Set the condition 'Accumulate Resource' and set it to 'Food' '1'.

You'll need another 'Accumulate resource' condition, set it to 'Nova' '20'.

Now, when you enter '1' in the chat box it will activate the above conditions and you can have whatever effects you want under that trigger. Just make sure to tribute both Nova and Food back to gaia so you can use the trigger again.

(Note: if you want to give the player other options, use 2 and 3 like this. When you type 2 in the box it will 'tribute 2 food and 19 nova. With 3 it will tribute 3 food and 18 nova and so on. Make sure to deactivate the other options triggers when as an effect so you can use those same numbers again at another time.)

[Edited on 03/02/14 @ 03:35 PM]

ONOLULU OK! thanks a lot man!
John Rambo
File Author
No problem

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Map Design5.0
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