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An all round AI

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Note that clone campaigns is required to run this AI.

This AI has been an on off hobby of mine for the last 3 years or so and I figured I'd finally upload and share it. It features:
- Full diplomacy&alliances system (Will probably agree to an alliance if you're more powerfull, and will tribute you resources and ask for what it needs). But bear in mind it has the mind of a Sith Lord, and will betray you to seize victory the moment it thinks it can!
- Uses almost every unit & building type (In some cases it's just impossible to make the AI use them well unfortunately, the AI will ignore those units which it can't use)
- Exceedingly strong play on Random Map or Deathmatch when on the usual land map types (Not tested much against humans (Because I suck at actually playing the game) it can consistently defeat every other AI I've ever downloaded), it does have some troubles when air/sea transports are needed to get around the map.

It's gone through 10 versions to date, with version 1 being pretty hilariously bad, version 4 being about on a par with Ballbarians original AI, and every version after that being able to consistently defeat the previous version on Random Map and Deathmatch.

Unfortunately due to some bugs in the game itself, the AI does 'cheat' in that it essentially has full map vision of an enemy once it has found that enemy. It does not however gain resources or anything like that, its just vision, so when playing with it if you want an entirely fair game play with the whole map visible. Much as I hate this it's either the AI can see everything or nothing.

Hope you enjoy! Please to post suggestions (or god forbid bugs).

A very big thanks to Ballbarian for his modular AI files, they were used as a template for the early versions of my AI and nothing would have really happened in the first place without them.

For anyone interested in poking around, the AI is in as clear a layout as I could make it (although comments may be lacking in some areas)

And lastly, for anyone wanting a real challenge, if you go into the "TheSithv10.per" file and delete the semicolon from ";(load "TheSithv10/Cheats")" fairly near the top, this will give the AI as many bonus resources as the default in game AI gets (depending on difficulty level, it will get more bonus resources).
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master silver
Rating: 5
Why does this deserve a 5? Simply because it provides an alternate option to the default AI that is equally good, if not better with few flaws. I played on maps of 2v2v1v1v2 and it consistently competed well with other AIs. I never tested it just by itself but it was always proficent in the mutli AI games I played. I also liked the fact that it didn't spam walls like the computer AI tends to do, which I find really annoying. Lastly it uses a nice mix of units which can be difficult to counter so that is an extra plus.

Additional Comments: Good job on making an alternate AI.
Rating: 5
I thought it was a great AI. I felt like a loser when I set it to neutral. With "I find your lack of faith disturbing." Being spammed at me it is really a tough AI, and I fought it, it's a real die-hard AI.

Additional Glitches: Trader unit sat on the water in one place like an idiot. The 1st time I battled it, it gave up randomly in the middle of the match. When it said join me and I switched it to ally it sometimes didn't form an alliance with me, and for some unknown reason it was always running low on food, I am not sure if these are glitches or not, but it was still amazing. 5/5
Edit: I might make a revised review now that I am sane.

[Edited on 02/07/15 @ 04:21 PM]

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