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2360 Prologue

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
This is my first attempt at creating a role-playing campaign within SWGB. This campaign is very story-centric with branching dialogue and multiple options. It is also very short, and more or less simply a demo of my upcoming full campaign in the same setting.

Take on the role of a Commander in 2360. Earth has lost contact with its most recent human colony. Rebellion is assumed. You are stationed aboard a flagship orbiting that planet. The Admiral has summoned you, probably about your next mission. Make your way through the pre-deployment training and briefings.

-A new style of roleplay: Not only do your actions affect the story, the affect your Commander's personality.

-Rich backstory: In the History section there is an explanation of the state of galactic affairs. Furthermore, some characters will be able to tell you more about the situation if asked.

-Reactive world: Tired of being mean to NPCs and they're still your best friend, or being nice to them but they act like you kicked their puppy? No worries about that in this Campaign.

WARNING: This Campaign contains infrequent use of Strong Language and some Mild Violence. If that kind of thing offends you please leave this page now.

Feedback and Ratings appreciated.
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John Rambo I'm definatly going to download this!
John Rambo
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
This was very fun, I actualy did it several times. It had no actual errors that I could see.

Balance: 4
Okay this was a tutorial so there was no real way to lose except through exiting(as you said in the defeat screen). However, I found the droids could take one of your charectors down if you weren't fast enough while flanking them(Although he just popped back up).

Creativity: 4
This was pretty creative(in my opinion), the main thing I enjoyed about it was the way you could hold conversations with the squad members, although it was somewhat messy I still enjoyed it.

Map Design: 4
Meh, this wasn't the greatest when it comes to scenery but since it was on board a spaceship I'm willing to forgive, at least it was 'different'.

Story/Instructions: 4
The storyline is very interesting and the script flows nicely although when you choose your dialogue it just doesn't 'feel' right, it looks bad(maybe it's just me). Another thing - the language, while you attempted to keep it realistic(soldiers do tend to swear more - there kind of like farmers in that regard) it still reminded me of Die Hard 3, and that's a bad thing.

Additional Comments:
This is worth downloading, mainly because of the edited genie file but it falls short in the scenery, you tried but it could use some work all the same.

[Edited on 04/23/12 @ 02:06 PM]

File Author
@John Rambo, thank you for your kind review.

I acknowledge and apologize for the messiness of the squad conversations. I found (too late for this release) an easy way to keep track of player choices which will be implemented into the full campaign.

You mentioned some lack of design in the scenery as well, which I will also admit to. Space ships aren't my most comfortable environment to work with, but the story wouldn't have made as much sense anywhere else, so I gave it my best shot and hoped it would be good enough.

Other comments: As you said, Balance isn't really a major point in this type of scenario. Any unit defeated is triggered to get back up due to the use of "stun rounds" (Unless you use the kill command on your own unit). Not sure how to make the dialogue more visually pleasing, but suggestions are always welcome. :)

Once again, thank you for your review. Any additional comments or suggestions would be much appreciated, as I will try to fix/alter anything that is disliked or add anything that would be preferred.
John Rambo ...You found an easy way to keep track of player choices? Please share, I'm working on Knights of the Old Republic 3 and anything is easier than what I have to do.

In regards to your scenery I'll agree that starships and the inside of buildings is a pain to get to look 'right'.

Looking back I think your conversations are actualy fine, but I think there was an error I encountered where the responses where all bunched up(one occurance).

Other than that it was pretty good.
File Author
Yes, to keep track of player decisions simply have immobile, unused units stationed at areas outside the visible map. Using a taunt based system if x amount of this and/or y amount of that is tributed then task that unit to move to a different square. Then one can set different Conditions for the unit location to lead to different and branching outcomes.

Sidenote: I'll try to isolate and fix the issue of the one incorrect dialog sequence in the full campaign. Not sure which one it was, as I playtested pretty thoroughly, but there's always room for mistakes.
John Rambo It may have been a one time error because I haven't been able to re-create it.
Bluejamathons Are you going to make chapter 1? Or something that comes after this? Or, like many other people, prefer other games over SWGB?

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Map Design4.0
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