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Eagle Watch

Author File Description
John Rambo
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 6
Title: Eagle Watch
Author: John Rambo
Type: Role-Playing
Difficulty: Any difficulty level is fine

The recently formed Eagle Watch is out to prove its worth the old fashioned way - through trial and error. They are sent out to take on the most difficult terrorist organizations availible. The year is 2007, they are sent out to take on the feared People's Liberation Army, they finally subdue it after much difficuty in the way of bombs, missiles, snipers, machine guns and each other...

You take on the role of Jimmy, the sniper of the squad.

(note: I know that 'Eagle Watch - Mission 2' is terrible, unfortunatly I can't exactly redo it - if I could I would.)

Expect Eagle Watch 2 later this year.

Any trouble? Just email me at ThKing@Lavabit.com

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Nice work with triggers. Some of them were unusual to combine but that's good.

Balance: 4
Even with mighty rifle you still need to change position during the fight to not be killed. But sometimes (where you VS 5-10 enemies) it turns in "fire-go back-fire-go back-fire-go back"

Creativity: 5
The last mission (in my opinion) is the most exciting. Especially with the boss.

Map Design: 5
Indoor locations were just perfect. As way as swampland (or what it was?).

Story/Instructions: 3
Need something to do with the instructions. It is annoying when you complete the objective - it doesn't cross out. An the story in the end of the last mission is some unreal.

Additional Comments:
Very good and exciting campaign. Free-talk of squad members makes it some closer to real. Much work was put in designing indoor locations (as I said previously).

[Edited on 04/07/12 @ 01:37 AM]

Jobiwan Kenobi
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
See below

Balance: 1
see below

Creativity: 1
see below

Map Design: 3
See below

Story/Instructions: 2
See below

Additional Comments:
I've started to write this comment as i'm playing the start of mission two.
I see what you have been going for, and the concept has real potential. commando unit. Complimentary weapons. Dangerous missions, but i get the distinct impression you have not actually played these missions through yourself more than once or twice.
If you had, you'd know that the way you have the squad moving using the triggers is causing all kinds of havoc that have the opposite effect to what i think you're trying to achieve. You worked hard on the cool dialogue, but It distracts from the game and becomes very annoying, especially when they serve no purpose.
The prologue was a whole lot of talking for one uber BH to go shooting troopers in a barrel. The end. What happened to the squad? they sat motionless. The terrain was ok but you used less than a third of the map and everywhere was the same.

Mission one was where the trigger flaws got me quite frustrated, but i persevered. My "Squad" mates walked past me when i retreated to them for cover, then walked into the middle of a crowd of enemy and died! They would get distracted by left over patrolling troopers, then be lost until the next muster point. I ditched them at the huge pile of boxes by not walking over the trigger area and completed the mission alone. They were the only thing making things difficult!
After that it was another easy trooper shoot.
The campaign needs holonet tranciever researched cos you can't see them if they go to far away.
Mission one had eight dialogue exchanges at the start which were pointless considering the mission. Why? You also used scrolling at a point in the game where two patrols find you so just as the fighting starts you are scrolled away. That's always annoying.
That said, the layout was good. I felt it could have been extended a bit
I was also hoping for more opposition in this mission.
I'm gonna leave mission two for another night.
I already have a suggestion for eagle squad 2 though...

1. have your squad as all the same team and assign them 4 grunts each. First get the player to assign each squad to guard each squad leader, then assign each leader a control number.
You could then bark orders by displaying instructions like "Grenade squad, go offensive. Saw squad break left an go defensive. Snipers stand your ground." This would make for an exciting mission if you gave them strong and varied opposition, and played them through lots to see what the best orders were. If a squad leader dies then game over sure, but at least you could face some casualties that way.
Anyway, I'm off to bed. Finish this soon.

OK. I just tried to play mission 2. Sorry man. Kyle tells the machine gunner to guard the missiles. We attack a nearby group. the missile blows up and kills fred. Mission failed. Am I missing something?
You told him to stand there and I'm unable to do anything about it. Feels like being invited to an execution!
Then i tried a few times more. searched for instruction. Searched the map for a hidden base. didn't find it and can't see any option to find it if you play as instructed. Then reading to the very end of the instructions i read "If your squad is moving move with them. If your squad is standing still stay with them. Listen to Kyle. To escape the explosion run to the plane". Ah. I take it back. You have at least played it through once. Realised that had not been made clear and added it at the end of all that weapon description stuff.
I played it again. meekly ran to the plane when Kyle told us, and that's mission two. Fred's dead, and even though i was told it was a must to keep him alive I'm victorious. If fred is there in mission 3 i will be really disappointed.
I'm not saying any of this to rip at your work Rambo. I'm trying to give you an insight into the player experience You created for me. I have to say, so far it's been generally disappointing. I'm finding it slow, repetitive and very limited. SWGB has hundreds of units and buildings. billions of permutations set in a choice of locations. The game's editor gives you the power to have all kinds of interesting things happen. Why then do so many scenario designers make such linear games of follow my leader? Go figure. When i build a scenario I'm aiming for just the right balance of chaos and order. Freedom V's rules. What I've played so far seems more at home as the opening scenes of an action movie. I did not feel the least bit involved and did not feel I'd achieved anything.
I'm gonna play mission 3 now.

Mission 3 was much of the same. Ten dialogues. 58 kills and follow my leader. Play these through and look at the military stats. it tells the story all too well. There ARE no other stats. This is an indication of what's wrong with this campaign.
I laughed like a drain when Andrew stepped forward in his setpiece to blow up the mech with one grenade. Not what I'd call brave, but i kinda hope he gets the chance to do it again in mission 4, cos so far he's only blown up one gate. All the others opened for us and he didn't even need to blow that up as the wall ended a short distance away.
I'm sorry man. I didn't like mission 3 either and i doubt I'll like mission 4 but this is an honest review and i hope you can take stuff from it.

Mission 4. 13 dialogues. I got to use the other units!!! Why didn't you make the whole campaign like that? It would have been interesting. I didn't like the traps. I had to save often, trip the next trap, die, and load again. Not the nicest way to play, but the only way to get through this mission.
This had more time put into it. Still a linear game but three lines this time.
Not bad this one but could be so much better. Why not mix it up and trust the player to be able to handle all four units occasionally? Fred might still be alive then.

Epilogue. Really? an unwinable game in a corridor in the corner of the map? I played it twice with each unit, with the same results. First, a crowd of troopers turn up and stand with their backs to me as i kill them, then indestructable troopers turn up, chase me into a small room and stand outside in another crowd. If i come out or shoot at them i die.
Thanks man. What a waste of time.

My overall player's verdict is that this campaign is not worth playing. It's not fun. No challenge. No room at all for initiative, ingenuity or any kind of strategic/tactical imput.(Until the end where you decide who stays behind to die.)
The reasons are clear. You tried to make a movie and ignored the poor player. There was nothing for me in this. You must really enjoy shooting troopers at long range with a BH to enjoy this game. you can do little else with it.
I hope this autopsy serves you Rambo. Get in the player's shoes and ask yourself if it works as a fun activity.
Looking forward to version 2.
John Rambo
File Author
Thank you for the review, not many people actualy write everything like that.

I actualy did play these missions extensively, in fact I originally designed it just for me to play. However it has been over a year and a half since I made it so it is outdated. I will agree, the bounty hunter is to powerful, the range is off. Still, there wasn't really any other unit I could use.

Anything bad you have to say about Mission 2 I'll agree with entirely, that was my least favorite mission.

As for mission 4 I'll agree it is my favorite, however unlike you I also enjoy the epilogue you just need to know what to do, you can win it with any of the units.

Now, as for Eagle Watch 2 it is already completed, in fact I made it over a year ago. The Eagle Watch series was originaly five chapters long, it was a long story that built up to a confrontion between you and Kyle, who is actualy an enemy - not Fred, he was just in the wrong spot at the wrong time, that's why Kyle ordered him to guard the missiles, Fred had already begun to suspect who Kyle was so he had to remove him from the picture.

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Map Design4.0
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