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Clone Wars Campaign Demo

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Other
Number of scenarios: 4
It's just a demo guys, so it may not be the best.

But, now it has these maps (In order):

Geonosis (Clones)

Rhen Var (Clones)

Raxus Prime (Clones)

Kothlis (Clones)

I was gonna include Hypori, but every time I do, it messes up. So sadly, Hypori won't be in the final version (Unless it's like crap).

But, these are the maps I'm hoping to add:

Coruscant (Jedi Temple & Space)

Utapau (Clones)

Mygeeto (Clones)

Salucemi (Clones)

Felucia (Clones)

Felucian Space (Clones)

Jabiim (Clones)


Kamino (Clones)

Ryloth (Clones)

Sullust Space (Clones)

Kashyyyk (If I have time)

Geonosis (CIS)(Bonus)

Hoth (Empire)(Bonus)

Kamino (Empire vs Clones)(Bonus)

Naboo Theed (Empire vs Naboo)(Bonus)

Mustafar (Empire vs CIS)(Bonus)

So, theres alot of bonuses!! :D
I hope you like the ones that I have so far, soyeah.....

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!! :D
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Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
In short, there is none. At best, you just select all of your units, and give a 'Patrol' command to the opposite side of the map. Or, you do absolutely nothing and allow the enemy to attack your nigh-invincible army.

It isn't until most of the enemies have been mopped up that you have to go send your remaining units to clean up every last enemy on the map in order to defeat them (or force a resign) in order to win. In scenario 3, even though I completely eradicated BOTH enemy forces, the game STILL did not finish. Since the objectives weren't helpful at all, I had to 'Skywalker' my way out of the level.

To improve:
1.) Organize things a bit more. If the scenario is supposed to have Build and Destroy elements, make it worth doing. Put sufficient stockpiles down in strategic places, and give the player a decent starting amount. Don't just give the player 9999 of everything and cover the map in prefab shelters. That's both boring and ugly.

2.) Clear, concise victory conditions and objectives. When you have to spend 10 minutes combing the map because the 1 remaining guy you need to win is off in the corner somewhere, there is an issue.

Balance: 1
At no point do you have a character that does NOT have at least 20,000 HP. That should tell you everything you need to know about the challenge involved here.

Scenario 1: Pan the camera all the way to the right and you win. You don't even need to click a single unit.

Scenario 2: Ignore all of your starting units and use Anakin and Mace (20,000+HP, 9000+ AT) to kill everything. The scenario tells you to capture a pitifully small resource deposit, but since you start with 99999 everything, and have 2 invincible Jedi, it doesn't matter at all. (Also, picking up holocrons screws with Health/Attack modifying triggers)

Scenario 3: Do absolutely nothing. The entire enemy force will attack you and you won't have to click a damned thing. Once the enemy has wasted all of their stuff, you can use your 4 Air Cruisers to mop up, since the enemy has NO air defense, save for 3 Decimators that your incincible Jedi can wipe out in seconds.

Scenario 4: You have to destroy a bunch of troops on slabs on 'islands.' There's about 3 enemy fighter groups. But, you've got an invincible fighter to take care of them, so no worries.

To improve:
1. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER have a character's health or attack exceed 1000. That's a very amateur move. It erases all of the challenge and fun from a map. The onyl way to even remotely challenge that is to fill the map with so much crap that it becomes boring to grind through (Raxus Prime). 400-600 is generally a good point for Health. 6-12 is a good point for Attack.

2. Strategic placement of units and knowing what units counter what. Map 3 has a total of 3 anti-air units. The player starts with a huge amount of bombers, fighters, and air cruisers. It isn't fun to be unstoppable.

Creativity: 2
Honestly, this is a 2 because I don't like giving 1's across the board. The scenarios all seem to be based on various battles during the Clone Wars. Cool. There's tons of potential in that, but the way these are done is just very, very, very poor. (Also, thanks for not linking to the massive amount of mods needed in order to make this work 'properly')

To improve:
1. Flesh things out. Calling a map 'Rhen Var' and covering it with snow, junk, and a bunch of troops doesn't make it Rhen Var. If you want people to know what the hell is going on, you need to expand out the story, gameplay, and general design a lot more than 3 or so lines of dialog.

Map Design: 1
Map 1: Slab of Red Desert
Map 2: Slab of Snow with some dirt roads and mountains.
Map 3: Slab of every single thing in the editor. It takes 'mixing terrain' to the extreme. Metal, dirt, rock, lava, and clouds all mashed together without any rhyme or reason.
Map 4: Slab of shallow water with small slabs of Grass 1.

In short: No.

To improve:
Mix terrain. Use props and elevation effectively. Make trails and paths look natural. DO NOT smash terrains together to the extent you did with Raxus Prime; it looks like a mess. And not the good kind that was intended.

Story/Instructions: 1
Essentially, there were none. No Instructions, Intelligence, Recon, History, or Victory messages. Just a few scattered lines of dialog here and there that don't tell you anything important.

To Improve: Actually having a story would be a nice start. ANYTHING. You can't drop somebody on the map and expect them to immediately know what's going on. The History/Intelligence/Recon/Instruction boxes are all there for a reason. You don't need to write a friggen novel, but have... SOMETHING.

Additional Comments:
If you really plan on making SEVENTEEN more maps like this, you HAVE to improve their quality. I'm sure most of the players here would much prefer just a handful of maps with effort and quality put into them, over 21 maps that are just... bad. A campaign called "Rusty's Adventures in Petora" comes to mind; but that's for another time.

In addition, saying 'THIS IS AWESOME' about your own product is a good way to get people to never download it.

[Edited on 09/20/11 @ 08:41 AM]

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Map Design1.0
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