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The Jedi Chronicles

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 4 with 1 incomplete
Thank you for your interest in the Jedi Chronicles. This follows the story of the greatest jedi and his fall to darkness, his return to light is an important event in the history of star wars.
Who created the idea for a Death Star? Yonur Hynto.
Who created 'Order 66'? Darth Hjil the most influential sith in history.
Why was a Republic in place instead of an Empire? Because the Empire collapsed
on itself.
Was the clone army in episode two really the first use of clones in the Republic? No!
The clones where used heavily in the period nine hundred years before star wars.
Who trained Yoda? Yonur Hynto's son.

And so much more is covered in this campaign!

NOTE: The Jedi Chronicles mission 5 won't be completed due to lack of time.
If anyone expresses a desire to complete it than, just for them, I have included
all the files:ai/scenario/exc... that I was going to use for the scenario. They can
release it as there own work just as long as they give me some credit.

Credits go to:
Adv City AI-qwen
City AI-qwen
Immobile Units AI GOLD-The Conquistador
Scenario Design-qwen
Testing-Fire Champion
Inspiration-Night Conqueror
Theme Music-Phil Vitiello, Kochun Hu, Lisa Bloom Cohen, Ann Moore
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
Alright then. This starts off pretty strong. Much stronger than your previous work. That's good. Objectives were clear (for the most part) but there are numerous glitches.

For one, every level outside of the first one didn't have a 'victory' condition. The boss fight on scenario 2 didn't work right (you did not gain control of the character) If you get killed in the level 4 firefight, nothing happens.

The last level is really ridiculous gameplay wise. It really reminds of a 'Metal Gear Solid' game. Not because of a good quality, but because the only thing you get to do is watch cutscenes. I normally don't have a problem with that. But there's tons of them. And you are forced to walk back and forth between 3 or 4 rooms to watch these cutscenes.

Balance: 2
This treads the line between extremely easy and extremely difficult. Unless you know exactly how to do something, most of the sith knights and bosses will kill you. Knowing where every single health pack on the stage is seems to be a requirement to advance.

In the first level's final boss fight, you barely get a few seconds to dodge the boss' first attack (which is a one-hit kill)

Creativity: 3
Well, there's obviously some thought behind this. It borrows A LOT of things seemingly randomly from the SW films, but for the most part, it's just a fixed force "you killed x, I want revenge' story. Until the last level where it just becomes odd.

Map Design: 3
Easily the best part of the deal. The outdoor areas look pretty good; plenty of trees and props and varying terrains make the numerous forests look nice. The towns could still use some work though.

The biggest disappointment is the interiors. For the most part, they're just flat slabs of metal with walls that bottleneck you straight to where you need to be. Not much room or motivation to explore things.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story started off alright. As stated above, it starts as a typical revenge story; that's acceptable. But it gets really hard to follow everything that's going on after a certain point. There are quite a few sequences that don't have any relevance to what's going on, like watching a group of Jedi think of a name for an order.

Trigger-wise, everything moved too fast. You either had to set the game to the 'slow' speed setting or continuously pause it to read what's on screen. Throwing a few more seconds into the dialog boxes would make things more tolerable.

And for the instructions menu. I know I've complained about your previous scenarios lacking any text. Well, we see the exact opposite problem here. There's a ton of paragraphs full of unnecessary detail.

When we see a character get knocked out by an explosion in GB form, we get it. Reading a paragraph about the injuries might be fine if you're going to upload this thing on fanfiction.net or something, but for a videogame it isn't required. just give us a general overview of what's going on, and let us get to the game.

Also, quick note about writing a villian. Without trying to spoil anything, when you have a bad guy, it helps to give the bad guy a reason to do what he does. There was absolutely NO reason for the villain here to start "slaughtering millions" just for the hell of it. Most evil people don't 'know' they're evil. They typically try to justify their actions in a way that makes at least some sense.

Also, why would somebody who has caused so much damage care that a single infantry officer (that we never saw prior to the level he appeared in) was injured in a firefight?

Additional Comments:
I will say that this is the best campaign you've put up so far. But there's still plenty of room to improve. Story, balance, and gameplay are all a must.

I would recommend you play the campaigns "Dark Rising" parts 1 and 2 by SCN Punk. They feature a similar revenge plot, and aren't much of a long shot from this campaign.

Also, you should REALLY, REALLY, REALLY look into getting the Clone Campaigns expansion.

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Map Design3.0
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