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Death's Senate V 5.0

Author File Description
Fear Me Dear
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 7 ( 1 Host and 6 players)
This is the enhanced version of my senate. There are no super-weapons ( not counting the galactic navy ). You can overthrow the senate in this version but it will result in victory for all the players and defeat for the host so it will thus end the game. There is more player interaction. I have added in more defences for the senate at the cost of Navy frigates. There are trooper patrols and "cars". I tried to make a large civilian populace but when I played it online it crashed so therefore I'm trying to keep units to a minimum. I think this is a big step up from V 3 but I made it so of course I would think this but it's up to you to decide. Please review I really appreciate it. To install this extract the File and copy and paste to the scenario folder in your game directory.
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Map Design4.0
A new senate from a new builder. I can easily say it's the best I've seen since AGENCY_SEACKER's v2.

I'll give it a 4 for playability.

If you've read my "Rise of the Empire Senate" review you'll know how much I luuuuv tractor beams... -.-

Why is it necessary to root every player to the spot until the host feels like letting them move? I gather that fearmefor - I'll just call him "fear" - wants to make sure everyone gets their jobs BEFORE they are "recognized" as a player and allowed to colonize planets. Why? It's his map... and he even admitted in the instructions that some parts of his map are a little over complicated for their purposes. I still say everyone's lives will be a little easier if he just dropped the tractor beam...

Is there any particular reason this map can't be for 8 players? - like every OTHER senate? I don't think I'm the only host who would be a LITTLE confused to see a "boot player 1" option. It's all a little counter intuitive... but I'll be careful. ;)

Balance gets a 3.

At first glance I liked the general lack of super units. I barely even minded the fact that the star destroyers had 500 extra attack because SDs SHOULD have a high attack than regular cruisers. 500 is a lot though...

The jobs aren't particularly balanced. You get a few basic units when you take a job, and that's it... a good star fleet can burn just about any job-based army. (including the mercenary) Somehow you managed to underpower the jobs instead of overpowering them. I find it jarring that dragon senate is one of the ONLY senate maps I know that includes frequent "enable unit" options. In other words when you take a job, you can get the option to build a new kind of unit. THAT can be nifty for any player. For the senate guards maybe you could be able to BUILD guards. For the air force maybe you could be able to BUILD better-than-average air units. (like B-wings?) It's a motivation for actually wanting the job.

I didn't mind the jobs much until I found out about the commerce guild. The commerce guild is a job you take and receive infinite Nova. Apparently the senate can take it away... or something... but it doesn't change the numerous flaws of such a job. Giving any player infinite nova 1st thing in the game is like giving a 5 year old a bazooka and telling him "it's only for emergencies". NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

I'll give it a 3 for creativity.

My favorite part of the senate was the random hooligans in the corner who say "duuuude how did you DO that?" I dunno why but I found it rather amusing. xD

I also LOVE your unit conversion system. It's easily BETTER than the one in dragon senate. The host moves a unit where he wants it and another appears in it's place. It's such a quick, easy way to give people units that I can't believe nobody has thought of it before. (at least that I've seen)

Holocron and animal systems are pretty sound. (though them animals are DIRT CHEAP...O_o)

There were a lot of fairly pointless areas around the map that appear to hold some potential. The gladiator pit is pretty useless considering all he fights is weaker copies of himself... It's not like anyone's placing BETS. The race track was also random and pointless but cool to look at.

In fact that sums up most of the features of the main senate area: almost interesting but doesn't really accomplish anything... I never did find the upgrader areas. I'm sure if I spent a little more time looking I could find them. It took me long enough to find the kickers since I had assumed they would be color coded.

The map design gets a 4.

I was conflicted about this map design... The planets are quite easy to build on and pretty nicely set. The central area is all pretty basic as well.

I've never been a fan of eye candy. I can admit though that some of those towers had me convinced... maybe because of the way they were built... or because of the people posing at the "windows" I could at least see what the illusion was SUPPOSED to look like. Your senate chamber hurt my eyes more than most though, so you might want to do something about it. O_o

I like how you patrolled some of the units in Coruscant. It gives the senate more animation like it's "busy".

I like the intergalactic bridges, though I can see the obvious dangers of including them... They're convenient enough that a single land unit can go to every planet and steal shit; but inconvenient enough that most payers probably won't use them to transport a huge occupation army. (I saw somebody try it once and get pwned because they had no room.) I rather like that combination, but it makes things a little fragile.

There is also 1 FATASS clone in the senate who consistently blocks my commander from going to work. I think you know which it is...

The story/instructions get a 4.

Instructions were generally quite good, but there were a lot of things around the senate that I didn't understand... In 2 instances there were a group of markers the color of each player with nothing discernible about them. Their purpose seems to allude me.

I also feel like it would be nice to have SOMETHING in the way of objectives... It's not mandatory but it gives the player an odd feeling when the first objectives tab is completely blank.


I never felt like I had that much to say about this senate... It's pretty good. Not mind blowing but decent. There's a lot of potential in those jawa camps and gladiator pits and stuff that haven't really been developed. I look forward to such developments with the next version of this map.^^

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Map Design4.0
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