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Legend of D'jar (unfinished)

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File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Legend of D'jar

Follow the story of Jake D'jar, and his brother...

I know there are problems in this, but hopefully it will show my increased skill from my last entry: Caz War II (demo)
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Orrion Carn
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Though there were no taunts in this (Which makes it userfriendly), there were many playable areas that didn't really encorporate the player as in other campaigns, but it did keep me into it.

Balance: 4
This is where taunts would have come in great hand. Though I never faced a situation where I was down to 1 HP, I was stretched to think outside the box on how to survive. The lowest I ever got was during the battle with the Ghosts of Obi-Wan and Mace Windu, which was around 32 HP left. Other parts were balanced perfectly, though again, this is where taunts could have come in handy with using a taunt code for a Health Pack. As in pressing enter, typing 1 and getting a Health Pack (there's a tutorial here: http://swgb.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=758 , download that and use the Campaign Editor (Download it here I believe) and extract the scenario and check it out)

Other than coming close to death several times (Four Max throughout the entire, two level demo), Balance was good.

Creativity: 4
There was a lot of creativity here, not much else I can say really.

Map Design: 5
Map Design was one of the high points in this campaign demo. I was sometimes confused as to who really made this, since from what I've heard this is your first work in a campaign. Which means you had some good placement in where stuff goes, what stuff should look like and what terrain to use. The only downpoint was there wasn't enough eyecandy inside the caves, but not enough to dent the score in my opinion.

Story/Instructions: 5
All I can say is that I truely loved the story. I actually kinda gasped when I found out about Darth Gav and Jake D'jar, though I won't describe it here to keep some secrets. The instructions were clear, story was captivating (I actually did like it), and it was wrapped together fairly well. I do a lot of writing on other websites and such, and I know good work when I see it. Good job!

Additional Comments:
Overall, I strongly encourage you to continue this campaign. This is a really good idea and this demo is a nice proof of concept. And again, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Keep it up!
File Author
You know, that shocked me. I thought this would be shot down in some ways. Thank you.

(Are you sure you were playing my scenario? lol)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The whole campaign is really nice, taunting would enhance the game, but isn't really necessary. I found out about a minor bug, or at least i think it was one. In the 2nd scen, you start with +100 atk. after you enter the cave, you're "back" to the +50 as in the 1st scen. However, if it was +100 the balance would have been even more biased.

Balance: 3
For me the map was too easy, nothing really challenging. The evil forceprojections disappeared after a certain TIME. The 1st one, yoda, I actually tried to kill him, in the other 2 rooms, I just ran (idk if i would have died otherwise, but it certainly saved me a lot of healing time =)

Creativity: 4
I liked the cinematic triggers, switch ownership and so on, even though it's commonly used, well done. The "8" sign - forcepowers were a good addition to the scen's gameplay. What I didn't like was the *suddenly* crashed Gallofree Rebel Transport behind D'jar...

Map Design: 4
I totally liked the layout, but still, I missed some details; for that reason, I gave you a four. Even though the dark cave looks good with a dark floor, try some terrain mixing, add some rock or dirt maybe.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was quite interesting, but I just missed some map revealers to show e.g. the '8' sign near the Wookie-Chief or the towers... I ran one circle amidst the wookies, and finally found out how to open the gates. I understand if the Sith attacked you in the 1st level, but after your "downfall" they should rather respect than threaten you.

Additional Comments:
I liked the campaign quite well. I'd definitely recommend a download. And in case you continue your story, I'd like to play that too =)
File Author
Yeah, I've been modifying this a little, and I've come up against some problems while doing it.

At the moment I'm starting from scratch, and starting earlier in the timeline, etc.

I'm actually really suprised how high you guys rated it. :-O I thought The Rebel Clone would get higher than this!

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Map Design4.5
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