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Kyle Katarn - Path of the Force [demo]

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 1

It has been sometime since THE BATTLE OF ENDOR in 4 ABY, and the NEW REPUBLIC, formerly the REBEL ALLIANCE is building to new heights, by wiping out all remaning forces of GALACTIC EMPIRE. Now only small clusters of Empire, or remnant, forces remain, and are having to hide out on uncolonized worlds. They are widely hated by civilians all over the galaxy. The New Republic has also made new enemies in the form of crimelords and merchants, who formerly traded with the Empire.

The New Republic have recruited the JEDI ACADEMY situated on the forest planet YAVIN IV, to aid them in this never-ending war. LUKE SKYWALKER has close connections to the New Republic, with his sister Leia Solo, and friend New Republic commander MON MOTHMA has made a decision. That the New Republic take arms against the Remnant, and flush them out by searching all the planets for Imperial activity.

Mercenary agent KYLE KATARN, a force-sensitive who recently gave up THE FORCE in fear of turning to the DARK SIDE, and JAN ORS, an agent who has been working with Kyle since she met him, have been hired to defend JANDOR III from the Remnant. Kyle Katarn doesn't know he'll soon have to rejoin, the PATH OF THE FORCE...

This is the first level of my campaign. Levels 2, 3, and 4 are nearing completion. Please comment, review, report bugs, suggest how to improve or just say: 'Cool!'

Any trouble, contact Aaron at: furygun81 (at) gmail (dot) com


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Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
Even though I didn't find bugs, I wondered, where I should get the resources from. When I used "Kyle" and "Jan" (you didn't even change their names in the game to "find" the imperial remnants, the enemy already got a TIE-Fighter. Me, having no resources yet, ran back to the base and losing Kyle to the shots of the TIE...) After I lost and saw the maps layout, I decided to go to that marketplace. W00T RESOURCE SPAAM. Went T4, upgraded tower range and put up a constant tower / shield / cannon pushing until the AI resigned.

Balance: 3
In case you don't use the Twilek's market center, you lose. In case you DO use it, it didn't take much skill to win.

Creativity: 2
Basic triggering, troop drop and dialogue. Still you didn't even rename the main heroes. Thrawn resigned after 10 minutes timer, since all he got was a scout. (Actually, every player had a scout in a corner, even player 1)

Map Design: 2
Nothing really good looking, endless plains, few trees and ore deposits. The market was basically some crates of the different resources and 2 spaceports (and 2 "people" which just stood there) I gave it a 2, since I liked the colorful res-deposits in the market :P

Story/Instructions: 2
Instructions were not really helpful... maybe try map revealers...
Story... hmm resurrection? Well, there was no admiral I could interrogate, and the mission ended in Kyle speaking of a "giant imperial stronghold" I actually hoped I'd see it, or even might have to assault the base. Nope. Game Over - You win.

Additional Comments:
I totally expected to have nice map demo, not only 1 scenario which actually has not much to do with Kyle or Thrawn or any other hero.

[Edited on 10/12/10 @ 07:47 AM]

File Author
Ahh. The name change business. I used an editor out of game to change them so they come up on my computer and mine only so I'll sort that soon.

According to my map I have in front of me here I don't see any TIE fighters... Huh. I'm sure that's an older version then. I'll fix that then too.
Yes, I understand the mission is a little too easy if you discover the marketplace, but it is the first mission of the game. And those two people are discussing price. Also, how did you not know what to do? The mission objectives, intelligence, and reconnaissance were all filled in. It even mentions the yard!

Everyone has a scout in the corner so that you don't lose at the end when ownership is turned over to AI for cutscenes.

Jandor III is a desolate wasteland, without much plantlife. It was long forgotten, and most of the habitants moved to other thriving planets. With no-one to care for the plants, they died out. Mostly.

Well, if you were watching Star Wars Episode IV, do you get told Vader is Luke's father from the start? No. Same here. Not all of the story is revealed at once. You must unravel the truth yourself. If you have a google account, I have a google docs document with plans for each scenario, what will happen, the outcome etc. etc. I can send it to you if you wish. My Google Account: Furygun81

[Edited on 11/14/10 @ 12:37 PM]

Orrion Carn [Jandor III is a desolate wasteland, without much plantlife. It was long forgotten after the years of the Clone Wars, and all of the habitants moved to other thriving planets. With no-one to care for the plants, they died out. Mostly.]

Even then, you could add cliffs, rocks, a variaty of terrain to make it look like different areas were scorched or burnt.
And the plants wouldn't die out just because the people left, they'd survive on their own. I mean, if all the people on Earth were able to just suddenly leave, you think Earth would become barren in thirty years (Timeframe between The Clone Wars and Kyle Katarn's missions)?

No it'd live on, for centuries afterwards.

But, if all the inhabitants moved off, how come there's a spaceport still there? And if it's barren and useless, how come the Empire would be interested in it? And the Rebels for making a base?

I've looked at the scenario and only saw plains. Take a look at the stickies across the website and forums and you'll have a clearer idea of how to make your terrain and map even better.
File Author
The spaceport is mainly there for the few who live on that rock. They need resources to survive. The spaceport makes money by raising prices.

The New Republic has set up an outpost in order to secure the taking of Mustafar. Since they now own it, the outpost isn't needed anymore. But it wouldn't hurt to keep it there would it?

The Empire has an outpost on Jandor III for classified reasons (You'll find out soon...)

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Map Design2.0
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