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Republic Senate V2.8 by SEACKER

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 8
This is the last senate I will be making, it has over 500 triggers, an eye candy based enviorment, alot of Role Playing ability, many hidden things, and is by far the scenario in which most effort ive put, even more than chaos fest, the scenario is self explanatory, it is pretty heavy so try to have a fluid connection, it hasn't been playtested so bugs may be present, all information on the readme file.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Updated: Bugs fixed, out of syncing problem fixed, new senate room, 10 more triggers, enjoy.

Note: Player 1 always has to be republic, player 3 always has to be rebels and players 7 and 8 always have to be empire.

More updates: more space on planets and senate room has been polished

Even more updates, stay tuned for the last and definitive update comming in the months to come: Republic Senate V2 ultimate, a complete trigger overhaul of the scenario which I hope I manage to deliver.
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Easy to play the only reason i didn't give it a 5 is because in my opinion there is a little to much eye candy which bogs down some computers

Balance: 5
Very well balanced although some planets can be hard to build on (naboo) it makes up for it in the fact that there is a lot of resources there.

Creativity: 3
A lot of creative things like the slicing but it it a senate game which is why i gave it three since there are a lot out there (although this one is my favorite)

Map Design: 5
I liked how the planets are modeled after actual planets from star wars.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very well written instructions only thing that i think may need working on is the trigger instructions for the host.

Additional Comments:
Keep up the good work seacker if you ever are looking for someone to play with hit me up im matt rego on gameranger.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
It is hard to find which triggers to use in the senate without a good hunt

Balance: 5
It is very well balanced because it has different gimmicks for each planet so that each is about the same with reources and room.

Creativity: 5
These planets in the senate have been beyond what people have thought to be the "norm" and has exceeded what could be done with this video game.

Map Design: 5
These maps look amazing, they have been done with a lot of time used, and are extremely impressive.

Story/Instructions: 4
The written instructions are good but could be better in the fact that some things in there some people cant understand.

Additional Comments:
This is one of the best senates I have ever played, and is held in high regard.
Map Design5.0
As senate maps go - especially nowadays - this is pretty damn good.

Playability: 4

Holocrons and Banthas are transfered in a hit-or miss fashion. Players purchase them by transferring nova to the host, who then goes through the precise easy-to-screw-up process of sending holocrons/banthas. (if you've ever hosted this map you'll know what I'm talking about)

Jobs are actually pretty sound in this version. Taking a commander and buying an upgradeable unit is straightforward. It's a little annoying to have an upgradeable Dark Troopers and Senate guards. They can be turned by a merry band of Jedi Knights if the player isn't careful. Overall the job system was good.

Eye candy at the expense of building room is a trend in Seacker's maps. This one is no exception, though it was handled a little better than his first Republic Senate, it remains a problem that there are so few open flat areas on these maps. Even when a player does build a full city with everything he/she needs, tis a very cramped one.

The gameplay wasn't bad, but it did suffer some of the same problems as Seacker's original Republic senate.

Balance: 4

There are only 4 planets for sale, and they are all vastly overpriced in proportion to their worth. For example: Dantooine cost 12,000 nova. It does have some resources clumped among all the "EYE CANDY", but according to Seacker it's primary worth is holocrons. I counted 6 holocrons... that's 4800 nova to buy directly from the senate. While I understand making a planet pricy, 12,000 for a planet that requires a good few shots from an air cruiser to build comfortably is just too much.

Some of the planets did, in fact, have sufficient resources. But when those resources are surrounded by cliffs, mountains and other indestructible units, they're a pain to collect.

Creativity: 5

There are 2 innovations in this map. Firstly, Naboo is occupied by players 2 and 4, who usually end up duking it off for control of the over sized planet. That's a pretty cool concept, but since players aren't allowed to attack until a senate meeting is held, it's downright frustrating.

The 2nd interesting idea is that player 3 controls jedi temples. In my opinion it doesn't really work. Who wants to spend tons of nova on upgrading a jedi when he's already at the mercy of player 3, who controls all the jedi? It is original, none the less.

Map Design: 5

The map looks pretty cool. Since I'm not a fan of eye candy, I'm really not as impressed as some. But if you like 3D imitating eye candy, you'll adore this map.

Story/Instructions: 3

The objective instructions were straightforward, for someone who has never played senate before. But they fail to explain the job system, the landing pad rules, the converter system, and, especially, the core hacking system.(more of that later)

As usual, there were a lot of grammatical errors. I can't blame the guy. As far as I know, English isn't his native language. Still... There are 3 different "trigger count" listings in the instructions. Perhaps Seacker should proof read a little more carefully.

Additional Comments:

Seacker's system cores have always mystified me. If, by some stroke of random chance, a player figures out how to lower the forcefields around the system core in Coruscant, they have the ability to place units in specific bunkers and possibly steal all money from the senate.

There are so many problems with this idea. First of all, it's extremely difficult to lower the defenses. The player has to know what he/she is looking for. Even if you succeed, there's no way to KNOW whether you've actually lowered the defenses at all! 2nd of all, Seacker set up riddles for figuring out which bunker to infiltrate. I've never been good at riddles, and there aren't any noticeable hints, so what do I do? Look in the scenario editor and check out the triggers of course! It's so simple to do this, and once done the whole purpose of setting up riddles is destroyed.

The biggest problem is that, if a player should succeed, which requires deliberate negligence from the host, he will have stolen ALL the senate's money. Very few hosts will say "tisk tisk" when all their nova has been stolen. More often than not, succeeding at this complicated and careful process results in getting killed by the hosts abundant super units one way or another.

The Bounty Hunter system is trite. The primary reason is that the BH units are just too weak to start with. 1 good shot from just about ANYTHING in Coruscant and boom, the BH job is OVER. Even the concept doesn't really work, because, until a bounty hunter gets a certain amount of kills, he is completely susceptible to air units.

It would make more sense if the units started out with a LOT of hitpoints, and a COMPETENT air transport to protect them. Most players end their bounty hunter careers very early.

Nit picking aside, this is a good map. It's certainly one of the better senates out there. Even so, there are some basic problems, such as the holocron and bantha systems, that could and should be fixed.

Dragon Senate is an old, OLD senate map. But Seacker seems convinced that the only reason it's still popular is because "people are stupid". The reason Dragon Senate is popular is because it has nearly flawless trigger work. There's just so much to DO in dragon senate, that it doesn't get old quite as fast as Seacker's maps.

No matter how many little "innovations" Seacker has in his maps, they will always be limited in terms of gameplay.

[Edited on 06/24/11 @ 03:04 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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