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Tales of Boba Fett - Trials of Tatooine

Author File Description
Fire Mage89
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
This is my first submitted level online. It is the story of Boba Fett that takes place before the movie A New Hope. You begin at the entance to Mos Eisly and you must find Jabba's Palace to attend a special meeting. Intructions are detailed so you shouldn't get lost or anything. If people like it, I'll start working on the next scenario as soon as possible. This is a fun level and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

Balance: 4

Creativity: 5
Very original, the story fits.

Map Design: 4

Story/Instructions: 5
Very clear instructions that go well with the story.

Additional Comments:
Awesome scenario, hope to see the rest of the campaign.
Fire Mage89
File Author
Thanks for the review! :D
The next one will be bigger and better i hope now that im getting better at programming lol.

[Edited on 07/28/10 @ 11:35 AM]

AGENCY_SEACKER That is not the way to make a proper review >:(
Map Design5.0
Playability 5

Dimwittedly I didn't notice the 'markers', heading off in the opposite direction from them straight out the gate. Because of this I made many visits to the turret doctors, but that is my fault, once I went the correct way (which is very nicely and concisely indicated) I found it quick paced and highly enjoyable (and in truth was very happy dodging silly amounts of bullets, and outrunning and turning on the melee tuskens :o)

Balance 5

Like I say, I did most of the map without the upgrades because of the silly route I took, which means I can't be faithfully accurate here, BUT, as I recall, each upgrade has the tusken riflemen getting one less bullet on you (and there is A MEDIC), which is a nice touch

Creativity 5

Not really sure what to put here as creativity to me draws from Map Design and Story, unless it means in regard to manipulating the triggers and AI systems inwhich case your triggering was very well executed, and no custom AI was present. the gate guards defend their 'post', coming to your aid when under attack within that scope AND returning to that post following cessation of hostilities (VERY GOOD). Because of the way I played it I completed a couple of the tasks before I had even met with Jabba, which fulfilled the trigger (bantha quest I think) but then REACTIVATED the trigger upon completion of powerdroid quest (officially??) but I don't think it interfered with the enjoyability and spirit of your game...

Please share the gate trick (stays permanently closed to enemy yet permanently open to allies!)

Also SEACKER this gate trick in combination with the gate trick you perform in your TFU>
Merf sorry about that, guess there is a character limit to posts (wrong, you can't use less-than?? I had written twice that amount, gone forever,oh well...)


definately worth a download even if only to examine the gate and gate guard trickery, thoroughly enjoyed the game play. big thumbs up :o)

P.S. please share the gate trickery (permanently non-barring to allies whilst permanently barring enemy!)

SEACKER - could you please share your 0HP gate trick from your between tfu and nh (vader/koja) scenario, if it is a variant of the immortality trick I couldn't figure it out.

These tricks need to be in one place for everybody ;o) xx

[Edited on 08/18/10 @ 02:37 AM]

Merf laters xx

[Edited on 08/18/10 @ 02:39 AM]

AGENCY_SEACKER If you are enemy of anyone with a gate nearby it won't open for you but it will for its allies, there is no trick behind it, just pure diplomacy thing, and my 0 HP trick on the gates is the same inmortality trigger used for units, you just apply it to the gate and its HP and that's it.
Merf to SEACKER:

Honestly, unless the version of this Boba Fett scenario I've downloaded has somehow mutated enroute.

this demonstration will take you minutes!!...

delete the ally turrets and gate guards, put a player2:Tusken Raider(Melee) just outside the gate, test scenario, walk through the gate (the image of which doesn't 'open') attack the sandperson right-click on the gate doors (again doesn't 'open', Boba Fett stands 'on the doors' sandperson right next to you still attacking) click just beyond them into Anchorhead (your passage unhindered, sandperson blocked, can't follow!!)!!...

Honestly, check it out, it IS a one way street. I haven't checked the code yet(am going to now), but normally if the 'doors' are open enemy can pass through (which means it is 'closed' to them here)(i.e stand between the 'gate posts' with a gate ally stealth character and watch gate enemies pass straight through any standard gate), this isn't an option with the gate in this scenario.

You can imagine how powerful an item this could prove in combination with the immortality trick. speaking of which, I understand the theory and know the implementation behind this trick, what I don't understand is how the gates HP value remains at zero.

When I try to set this value the gate explodes on start up. Also, how could you positively then immediately negatively damage the gate by the maximum health value when said value IS zero???

There is no 'advantage' as such between the 'zero HP gate trick' and just using the 'immortality trick' on one, with the exception that it looks neater when you attack the gate and the little energy bars representing it's 'health' aren't jumping back and forth.


There is a trick here, I'll let you know if I figure it out as the designer has kindly submitted the editor (scx/sc1) file as opposed to a compiled campaign file :o) AND...

I really think the 'zero hp immortal super discriminate gate trick' would be a winner (try saying that with a mouthful of beans ;OP )

laters xx
Merf ...I placed a same civ gate on either side of the magic one, they behave as gates do, both being 'open' even when the magic one, stood on by Boba Fett, remains 'closed'.

I map-copied the gates, THE MIDDLE GATE IS THE SAME!!! NO TRIGGER WORK, apologies to FIRE MAGE89 for any undue befuddlement, and with their anticipated permission I am submitting the file I've described for you to have a look at (if you are interested??)

just copy paste:
_MERF20100908001 - FIRE MAGE89's Trials Of Boba Fett.ZIP
:into the search box, hopefully that will find it

I can babble on, but this has me fascinated. Do say if I am off on one. :o) xx
Merf Have just submitted so recommend checking back in four days time (13th of September 2010) to have a look at it. I've 'described' it as "Magic Gate" under "Utility"

I'll let you know if there are any problems.

MERF ;o) xx



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