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Star Wars: Conviction [Demo]

Author File Description
Orrion Carn
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
Star Wars

A SWGB campaign Demo by Orrion Carn

Background on the Story:
You are Ana Harper, a Mercenary for Hire. She has witnessed the brutal and ruthless wrath of the Empire as her Homeworld, Kuat, was taken over by brutal force. She sought friendship and safety with her pilot, Dusty. A Farmer-turned-Miner-turned-Pilot by the Empire, he is a very timid man who doesn't care much for these missions Harper takes on. Ana, and Dusty are no fans of the Rebel Alliance, even though they agree with their actions most of the time, they still take on missions on both sides of the War.

Now Ana has been contacted by Mon Mothma to infiltrate an Imperial Enclave located on Kile II, to get vital information on an upcoming mission by Rogue Squadron. If you fail, many in Rogue Squadron might die because you couldn't get the base schematics.

Their Fate is in your hands.

1. An Original Story by Orrion Carn
2. An interesting mix of character and story development, stealth, boss battles and frantic timed decision made by the player at their will.
3. No Taunts in this current version, making it easy for new players to get their hands on it.

Promises of a future campaign:
1. At least one boss battle per level.
2. Many other features including: in-depth stealth and flying sequences. Will be present in a future campaign, should the reviews be honest and high.

Neccessary Files needed to play:
SW-C Sounds Mirror 1:


SCN Punk Designs for the sounds from their SOTE campaign.
Bendak and Valve Entertainment for Half-Life sounds used in Bendak's 'Black Mesa: North'.

Orrion Carn of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Orrion Carn
File Author
As I've noted in the download, you MUST download the SW:C sounds pack.

Or else you won't be able to run/appreciate it.

Review would be highly appreciated.
The Wasp
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This was one of the best and well triggered games throughout the entire demo. (The cheat alarm was very amusing.) It made me want to play more the whole way.

Balance: 4
The only problem I had with balance was, you cannot die until the boss battle and then you were horribly outnumbered. I'd suggest taking the boss health and Ana's health down a little to make it more than shooting everything in sight because nothing can kill you.

Creativity: 5
The creativity in this demo really inspired me. I especially enjoyed snapping those guards on the cliff. If I could, I would give the creativity a 10.

Map Design: 5
Map design was nice too. That was cool when you had Dusty Blast those rocks and there was even rock debris afterwards!

Story/Instructions: 5
This was good too because I knew exactly what was happening the whole way and while the story wasn't the most original, (bounty hunters are used ALOT) you did it in a new and exciting way.

Additional Comments: I loved this campaign but I was really irked when that stormtrooper called a tusk cat a tusken cat, but I'm just wierd that way.
Orrion Carn
File Author
Thank you for the review Wasp :D

Hm... I thought I looked up the name of that Cat to get the name correct. Oh well, that's why we have updates :D

Again, thank you for the review, now I might have something to make ;)
The Wasp My pleasure, just keep making great campaigns.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
It was very cinematic, which is fun and sort of sumersive and wrapping, you always had talent for movie-like campaign aproaches, but the problem is that you always exceed it, it was more like watching a movie than playing a game, it is just not interactive enough, its to KOTORish, don't get me wrong, I love KOTOR, it is a great game, but when it comes to the fighting mechanics, only thing I can do is choose different moves or styles scrolling around and watch the character fight, it isnt me fighting really, it is me bossing the character around, and it sort of happens here at some degree, to many cinematic moments that could be invested in gameplay instead, I did like the sneaking around metal gear "incapazitation" of the units with the infinite symbol to trigger em, I liked that, try doing more tactical stuff like that invested in the gameplay and your score will go up.

Balance: 4
It was sort of balanced at the beggining, but when you reach the final boss it is just impossible to not be tempted to use simon instead of investing literally hours taking one lousy at-st out, at least make the healing spot loop for a limited number of times at least, it will balance things out and make it more tactical

Creativity: 5
It was a very original scenario, I liked all the sneaking around the base, it almost makes me believe that a decent metal gear campaign is achievable in this game, who knows, maybe if we join forces... ;)

Map Design: 4
You used the editor enhancement mod really well, you detailed everything nicely, even the floor, it wasnt astonishingly beautiful but it sure beats most of the map design attempts in this god forsaken place :P

I did like alot how you used the gate walls to achieve metalic walls on the base, it really looks like if you are inside the base, but at one point it is all you use and it becomes a little monothonous, try squeezing your map design skills a little more and try being more creative and im sure you will become an ace at it.

Story/Instructions: 4
The cinematics and messege triggers work niceley, but there were lack of instructions on the objectives sections, you didn't know much of the story or the characters, which maybe is good for the first level, that is why im not giving you a 3, but if you are planning on finishing this, at least try to reveal more of the story on the upcoming levels, the tips in the looser's page is a nice addition, sort of what I did in my Rebel base attack scenario, still there is room for improvement.

Additional Comments:
Really nice attempt, just I think that mod you used was completely useless, it was practicly padme, no difference at all, try either modding her out to make her blonde or just stick to the original padme, sometimes its more comfortable for the player to not install so much stuff, you definately gota work on balancing out the final battle, and you can still make better, I sort of missed your space wall 3d attempts, and the editor enhancement mod can be squeezed further if used properly, overall a neat submission, keep it up, hope you make the campaign, try to refine your trigger skills, since yes, you have good mastery on them, but they sort tend to glitch out specially in your scenarios which is sort of irritating.

[Edited on 03/16/10 @ 06:57 PM]

Orrion Carn
File Author
Thanks for the review, Seacker. I can understand where you were coming from with every field you reviewed.
Seeing as how I used this to basicly see how far I've come in my SWGB designing (From 1.4, 2.0, and 3.6 were my previous scores at varying times in my designing skills), I didn't want to over-OVERwhelm the player and overkill it.
I was never very good with the trigger designing, which is why there were glitches in it, even though I worked a week on fixing those, it appears I wasn't thorough enough.

Keep in mind, I did create the entire level in two days, using another week to balance it out and trigger design it.
Unfortunately, I'm finding I'm having more fun outside playing paintball than with SWGB :(
I do have something of my own complete creation in the works (Not even in the Star Wars Universe), but I doubt it will ever be completed.
Oh, with the Padme thing, it did prove to be my first successful Genie mod, and what it did was increase her speed just enough for you to actually survive the boss fight at the end. The original character was Mara Jade which worked for the boss battle, but she kept disappearing from the AI. Thus, the AI would never attack. So I switched characters, then found out Padme was too slow (Get that :p ), which made the boss battle unplayable, which is why the mod is there.

I guess I've become known for cinematic campaigns with limited gameplay :p which is why I'm trying to rectify that with this new campaign I will hopefully get around to finishing.
Anyways, long story short, thank you for your review Seacker, your reviews are always so thorough, it gives me perfect advice on what to change/edit.

[Edited on 03/16/10 @ 10:59 PM]

AGENCY_SEACKER No problem, I too have my time consumed and barely play this game anymore, besides it is pretty dead, im planning on doing 3 epic multiplayer scenarios and then turn rebel base attack into a campaign, after that retire from scenario design.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Totally nice map to play. I liked the features you put in, as well as the cinematics. However I don't like to "lose" control about my character that often. It might be making more sense for Ana looking at the All-Terrain Prototype, but still, if I face a boss, I'd rather like to explore the area first, not being shot the second I get my char back. I didn't encounter any bugs. At first i thought the bossbattle was bugged, since the walker switched sides. Nice idea to let him "deactivate" for some time, however, I could easily garrison to replenish health. I actually thought that I could "hack" the walker and use it to kill the troops coming.

Balance: 3
It's really hard for me to dent the score of your entire demo, but the troops I faced were incredibly weak. Even a super bountyhunter should eventually flee, if he faces 5 troopers at once. The only actual challenge really was the final boss. And, yes, the mod is definitely needed to beat it, at least I couldn't without even after several tries to lure the walker away from the towers, exploiting his minimum range.

Creativity: 5
Nice triggering, cool effects and delicious layout. Even though it's a rather short map (demo after all), you did a great job on what I got to see. What I totally didn't expect was the detail of leaving debris of the rocks which Dusty blows up. Made me think "wow!".

Map Design: 5
Very good looking in both exterior and interior. Seems like you used the scen enhancer mod - even though you didn't give credit to the mod's creators, I wont deduct points here, because I tend to forget about crediting too...

Story/Instructions: 5
The message triggers work great, so did the objectives screen. Nice picture at the start of your campaign, and you also provided some info about the main characters. What I'd "improve" would be letting the main objective stand on top of the screen (I know there's a number you can enter inside the scen editor to sort the objectives as you need them)

Additional Comments:
[edit]Oh, and how can the player know where and when to find medicalstations? I didn't see a pattern there...[/edit]
In case you finish this map, or make a campaign out of it, I'll definitely be going to download and play the final version. This demo definitly "cries" for being continued, so don't let us down. =)

[Edited on 10/14/10 @ 07:50 AM]

Orrion Carn
File Author
Thanks so much for the reviews, everyone. I think I might actually have to get to work on completing this. No promises, but I've been fairly busy in real life. But I will try to finish this since I found Convictions more interesting than the campaign I was working on, Tale of an Assassin.

But I would like to say to all the Balance (mainly towards how easy the stormtroopers were) Reviews, that this would be the first mission in the game, and the difficulty and balance would steadily increase as the game continues on as players get a feel for the campaign.
Though I do agree, I will be toning down the AT-STs health down so you don't spend an hour fighting it.

So keep your hopes up!

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