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The Clone wars DEMO

Author File Description
Storm Saxon
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1
This is my first scenario and is a demo for a campaign of the Clone Wars that I intend to make where you take control of may heros on many worlds. In this short Demo you play as Plo Koon on Geonosis. I am aware that in the past many scenarios submitted by newcomers are bad so I hope to break this steryotype. Please rate and comment.

Also Ihave made a mistake in the readme, Sasase Tinn made the Orange Lightsaber Mod and I thank him.

Game Speed-Fast
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
This is a pretty fun campaign. It had a decent amount of action, and the sound you including makes it all the better. In this you walk around on a path(Similar to the official campaign version of the battle of Geonosis) and you help fight fellow clone troopers in battle. If they are still alive, (Similar to the battle of Geonosis official) they join your party. Watching them fight it out was pretty fun. The gameplay really shows that even it's a first campaign, it doesn't have to be bad. However, due to the other issues below, I subtracted a point.

Balance: 3
This game goes from very easy to very difficult. I was thinking through the beginning "wow, I can't wait to bash this guy for this game being too easy" but once a small skirmish came I was out of luck. At first I thought it was easy because I kept gaining troopers without losing any. Now I know why. In the skirmish it was assault mechs pitted against assault mechs, bounty hunters against me and troopers against my troopers. If that doesn't help, after that there is a part where you need to destroy a generator that was heavily guarded! Needless to say, save often.

Creativity: 3
This isn't one of the more creative campaigns out there, but it did what it had to do. The map design was awfully similar to that Geonosis scenario and there wasn't really any new features added in. However, due to the skirmishes placed through and overall atmosphere, I gave it a 3,

Map Design: 3
Like I said above, this is really similar to the Geonosis scenario. There is some terrain mixing, but it is not totally mixed together right. You wander around a enclosed path by caves on red desert mixed with rock/dirt(I believe). There are some rocks and things, but not enough. The small skirmishes however were well placed. Good job on that.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was decent for a SWGB scenario. Padme's transport crashed near the enemy and you have to go save her. It's a bit more detailed than that(and it has a cool opening cut scene explaining it) but I don't need to go into it. The instructions were decent, too, however you could have explained just a bit more.

Additional Comments:
This is a pretty fun demo and I expect the full campaign to be just as good.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Looking very good on this end. It's been a while since a good campaign of this style was uploaded, good work. Everything is easy to understand and carry out.

Balance: 5
Very good. It starts off very simple, and the difficulty gradually increases the further you go. By the time I found Padme I only had 2 Assault Mechs, Plo Koon, and 3 clones left.

I'm not sure why the review above mine states the sheild generator part as too difficult, when I played a squadron of fighters came in, and I didn't have to lift a finger.

Creativity: 3
Almost as soon as I started playing this, I was instantly reminded of the first mission of the official Confederacy campaign. That being said, it isn't bad at all. Now, there are a LOT of scenarios/campaigns based on the Battle of Geonosis, and of all of them, this is one of the best I've seen, but there aren't too many elements separating them from the rest.

Map Design: 4
Very good, I spent a good amount of time searching every corner of the map for reinforcements, unlike the campaign, there are (from what I saw) many different paths you can follow to complete your objectives. All's good here.

Story/Instructions: 5
The information and objectives were straightforward and easy to understand, and the story was written pretty well. I can't think of anything to really complain about here

Additional Comments:
You're right, this is a welcome change from most of the things that have been uploaded recently. I look forward to the rest. Good work.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Nice scen, liked to play it. However you can turn enemy units using Plo Koon, and droids should be immune to conversion, however, since Plo is a Master, he just *can* turn enemies. What you could have done was researching purge for the enemy.

Balance: 4
Nearly perfectly balanced in my point of view. Every enemy wave is bigger than the last, and also the player's army increases (but if you pick the reinforcements, you got a serious advantage)

Creativity: 4
Great scen, nice using of basic triggers. Totally got the feeling of being on geonosis. And it fits quite well to the lucasarts campaign. Good work.

Map Design: 4
Really good layout persistently. The elevation on the side of the CIS was both fitting AND of strategical purpose. I deducted 1 point, because you can only walk one fixed path. Would be nice to be able to use an alternate path, to avoid a battle. I rather like to choose whether to attack or sneak, instead of being forced to walk down a path.

Story/Instructions: 4
Clear mission, clear instructions. However I wasn't able to get Amidala to move at first. I walked around her using Plo, later adding some troops of my team standing besides her. Then I walked to the south, reaching an '8' sign. The message I got was "This way, senator" after I didn't win the next few seconds, I figured the mission was not completed yet. I walked back, ran across the sanddune and finally reached a point on where Amidala joined my team. Maybe increase the size of the "object in area" trigger.

Additional Comments:
Really a nice map. A bit short maybe, but good gameplay. Also your spelling seemed correct to me =) (except for the very last message. dooku -> dooko)

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Map Design3.7
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