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Squad 42 demo

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Other
Number of scenarios: 2
Squad 42

The Royal Fellowship of the Galaxy has sent an army of troops to take over a city on the planet Chaknu.

Chaknu is a very hostile planet. The Ch'ak'ni(The people who live there) are very dangerous. They had decided to

Send in squads to take over their head city, Chakuanlu. However, they had no idea how well-prepared the Ch'ak'ni were.

In the campaign you will face what may seem unbeatable odds. You control a single soldier of the 42nd. I have been designing

this campaign to be as cinematic as possible. All of the flaws of my previous campaigns are non-existant. You are no longer god.

You can no longer destroy an army with the flick of your fingers. In this campaign, you control an ordinary trooper. The full campaign

will have you following the story of the 42nd as they try and escape the planet for which they have been hostage on. I really hope you

enjoy this demo!

Please comment and rate, I need support and helpful criticizm. I hope that everyone who has downloaded this will review this


-Oh Em Gee

Remember, with your reviews and comments I can work to make this the best campaign I can possibly make.

Also, there is probably going to be some bugs in Scenario 2. Don't worry, none are game-changing.

I'm having a few issues with the objectives, so please don't be too harsh on that. I'm working on it.

Thread(For advice purposes only): http://swgb.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=6,61966,,10
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
There isn't really too much to do. In the first level you run for a few seconds, and in the second you kill animals and sneak around a base. It isn't bad, but it wouldn't hurt to make things a bit more complicated

Balance: 4
If you're not careful, you'll get wiped out pretty quickly, but other than that, there isn't much to think about. Although, I'm not sure of the platoon of repeater troopers is SUPPOSED to chase you after you plant the device or not, because they did both times In played.

Creativity: 3
I understand showing the game from the perspective of a simple soldier, and that's fine, but due to the fact that your soldier is just a Stormtrooper means it's pretty easy to lose him, especially when you're in control of multiple units. I'd also recommend a name other than "YOU"

Map Design: 4
I'm willing to say this is the best part of the whole deal, but it isn't without flaws. I would suggest putting down a few more props such as rocks, and maybe the occasional debris. I've also encountered a point on the map in level 2 with which you can leave the path, and wander around in the snow.

Story/Instructions: 3
The first scenario has a large chunk of story, and second one has nothing at all. It would do you well to break the story down a bit to avoid aggravating any "too long, didn't read" players.

In addition, I saw a lot errors in the color tags. If you want them to work, you need to put them in all capitols.

Additional Comments:
It's a good start, but it still needs a lot of work. That being said, I look forward to watching your progress.

[Edited on 11/24/09 @ 11:50 PM]

File Author
Alright. Thanks for the review. The repeater troopers were meant to attack you, as shown in the displayed instructions. In a way I understand what you were saying about the story, but I have it all written out this way. I would call these scenarios the beginning and the very start of the climax in this campaign.
swish_swish Gen_Rhys_Dallows, you are a hard man to impress... hun, next time i go to download something any you have comented and rated it 4+ i will know it it good without even playing or reading about it. :p
I call 'em like I see 'em.

Anyway, it is a good campaign, but I always believe things can be better. Also, the Army beat the "Attention to detail" thing even further into my head, so I tend to see flaws in EVERYTHING. It's a natural ability. Or whatever.
Orrion Carn Quoted from Swish: 'Gen_Rhys_Dallows, you are a hard man to impress...'
That's why I have him playtest my campaigns, if I can impress him, I can impress anyone ;)

Quoted from Dallows: 'Also, the Army beat the "Attention to detail" thing even further into my head, so I tend to see flaws in EVERYTHING. It's a natural ability. Or whatever.'
That would explain the extremely accurate reviews :D

Anyways, I'm not going to review, as what Dallows posted somewhere else, it would seem that I'm passing final judgement on a demo that could be improved upon.
So instead, I'm just going to agree with everything Dallows had said, as he basicly took the words right out of my mouth. ;) A good demo. Very good for someone honing their skills. Keep it up :D
Edi_P Could it be that you only included 1 file ? At least all I saw is an Assault Mech at the left corner, and after some cinematics, a trooper called got my color. I had to run to some "cave" but never saw any... I died 3 times then eventually I reached the goal (artillery can't aim well lol) after that it said that I won. And that's it? 20 secs of gameplay + 1 min cinematics?

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Map Design4.0
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