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Wookie Avenger!

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 1
Play as Chewbacca, and embark on a massive scale, epic adventure. Over 2 Hours of expertly designed gameplay!

-Over 50 locations and buildings you can enter and exit.
-Fun & Easy 1-step decision making 'conscience' system.
-Decisions impact the outcome of your adventure.
-An original story and adventure that sucks you in!

Trigger Count: 780
README for Installation Instructions.
GAMEPLAY Instructions in-game.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
I am really surprised nobody has reviewed this great campaign. I see this as a linear version of Life in the Big City.

Playability: 5
Yes. It was playable. Very playable, in fact. I loved this game. It had a lot of fun moments, and it was perfectly balanced. All in all I give playability a 5/5.

Balance: 5
Like I said above, the balance was perfect. It was just in the middle of being too hard and too easy. It got a little intense in some moments.

Creativity: 5
This campaign oozes creativity. It has a dialog/conscience system that works wonderfully. In one instance I entered a house(Litbc syle, walk up to the marker and click the building) and it gave me an option to steal from the container. Of course I chose to steal some. The guards were alerted and they asked for a fine. I chose to pay them. Later, I came back and it gave me a choice to kill the girl that ratted me out. I killed her. Very, very fun. There are even side quests, too, that you can choose to do or not to do. All in all, a 5.

Map Design: 4
This is where it gets a little sketchy. While in general it looked fairly good, in other areas it looked kind of bland. But hey, if every building is enter-able there must be less buildings, right?

Story/Instructions: 3
I had no idea what was happening in the story. It was a little unclear on what to do. All it said would say is "Meet the informant" without telling you where he is. I'm pretty sure the story is fine, but I just couldn't understand it completely.

Additional Comments:
In conclusion, this is an EXCELLENT campaign and I expect EVERYONE that wants a good, fun challenge to try it out. If you liked LITBC, Corouscant Life or just want to have fun, download it. Now.
Map Design4.0
Alright, I managed to get it working.

Playability: 3
Pretty decent. The campaign is built well, and there is plenty to do, but it often feels like it drags on forever. Honestly, if not for the story, I felt like turning it off after the fourth time I was told to go meet the Wookie General.

There's no straight path anywhere, which means if you want to go to one place, you have to repeat an entire sequence of events, which gets very boring very fast. Of the "2 hours" of gameplay, I can guarantee most of it will be spent wading through areas you've already completed just to advance the story.

For example:
After helping the Wookies attack a Trandoshan camp, the Lieutenant tells you to talk to the general. You leave the Wookie outpost, get on a speeder, drive through the forest, enter the main camp, and talk to the General. He basically tells you "Good job," and tells you to go BACK to the outpost. This means, you leave his quarters, get back on the speeder, drive through the forest AGAIN with a new batch of enemies spawned, enter the outpost, and FINALLY you get to move on. Things like this happen a lot.

Balance: 4
This is good. Not thinking will get you killed fast, and there are usually plenty of enemies to fight. The battles are pretty engaging, given the large amount of detail put into them.

Creativity: 3
I've never really seen this approach to map design. I kind of like it... and I kind of don't. Either way, The gameplay seems to take heavily after Life in the Big City, only much more straightforward.

There Are sidequests, but not enough to keep you attached the way that LitBC, and CorLife did, and given the time you'll spend looking at the same areas over and over again, there isn't really any reason to give it another go after completing it once.

Map Design: 4
I like the majority of the map design, although I didn't really understand the starfield surrounding everything. I personally think that some of the map transitions were completely unnecessary, specifically the separation of the military base's entrance, and... the military base. Given the hugeness of the map, I don't think all of the separation was even called for in the first place. In addition, the large amounts of areas that end up dotting the minimap can become very disorienting.

Story/Instructions: 3
I enjoyed the majority of the story, but the presentation needs a lot of work, everything is very inconsistent triggerwise. Sometimes messages will be displayed as chats, and in varying colors, with no indication as to who is speaking. Also, sometimes irrelevant messages will appear randomly. (IE, the text "The Gunner has died" popped up about 5 minutes after that sequence had already ended)

Additional Comments:
It isn't bad, but it ends up feeling like you're walking in a huge circle after a while, I would suggest adding more variety to what all is possible in terms of sidequests, as well as a more effective means of transportation, rather than having to needlessly walk through large chunks of map for no reason.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I totally liked the map, I really did. However there are some things which need improvement. I experienced some minor lag issues, most likely due to the set alliance trigger loop. There were some bugs in the game, which kinda took much of the fun, having to reload a saved game. Speaking of saving games... The 90 timer sec (so about a minute if you play it on normal speed) kept telling me to save. You could have some trigger to deactivate that reminder. You see, I'm in the middle of the trandoshian building area on the forward post. The text said "it's a trap", the chat said "-----SAVE NOW!" Well - I saved, it's probably my own fault, but luckily I didn't only choose 1 slot to save in, since I always died a second after loading this save. Another bug I experienced was the metro. I think it's meant to be, that only one of those can be used, anyhow, after killing the trando, I stepped on the flag. There was an infinite looping of "Ownership Change", so I could select chewbacca only for a sec or 2, before he was taken from my control... after a minute of fighting that problem, I tried to step out of the building to escape that hell. When I did that, the other Chewie was still under my control, so he was actually cloned. At the part where you get the pummel - mining platform, that thing + 2 zerkies kept following me. Theoretically, good idea, but I made the mistake of entering the bank, instead of going for the security thing. With the result, after I knew I was in the wrong buildings, since I couldn't even enter the banker's area by stepping on the flag, I went back out. Ownership change, ok. However: I couldn't move. I was totally surrounded my the compagnions, so I was stuck. BAM. Reload. Ok, this time, I entered the security thing. I didn't know, I was meant to delete some buildings. Since I "deleted" the droid program boxes already, I thought, my mission has been done. I walked out of the building (instead of going to the sewers)... Again, the double Chewbacca thing happened. But this time, the double was in the "Theed-District". Took me 2 more loads to find out I need to delete the "Asteroid Deposit" buildings (However mission said something about deleting powerstations). The battleship part... I'm still not sure if it's bugged or not. I walked everywhere, to every corner. I tried selecting the p-cores, the shieldgens, the gate, george and every single aircraft that flew around. I never got that gate to unlock. I admit, I used the tantive IV cheat (DS would have wiped myself probably) and literally shot it open by attack ground, since the teams were "locked".after removing the gate, I walked to the next room, killed some trando's and eventually won that part. No further bugs, which I experienced, however the "Theed" Chewie remained till the end of the game. Oh, one more. The Chewbacca on the warship got his HP cumulated. That means, everytime I healed somewhere, that Chewy also got HP, however they were never reset, so I actually had an easy time wiping the trandos (since I got like 4k HP)

Balance: 3
In my opinion the enemies were too easy to beat. Lure some tusken to the electric fence *buzz* you get +5 credits for a rifleman. (you can also lure trandos there from inside the base)

Creativity: 5
The gameplay is very creative, lots of nice triggers, (nearly) all of them working. I like the idea of entering houses (even though it was used on other maps too) The guys following you, like the security in the bank for you having a weapon. What I didn't really get was the bank things... Why do I get 2 types of money? (or rather 3 if you count the minerals) Well it sure IS creative, but you needed to change the money either faster, or more at the same time. Too bad there was no use for TC's (except for brad's transport). Maybe there was, but I didn't get there... You could add a "black market" using TC's for instance... As others might have said, there's no point for that many transitions. I think you did that for un/mounting chewie, but the republic outpost would need to transition in my opinion, bc you step on a flag, and you warp to the base... having the "same" char playing. Same thing with the bank. Why step on a flag when you could use a gate instead? And still same thing for the cave with the gangster's predators, or the site with the crashed ship.

Map Design: 3
It hurts to put a 3 there, but the whole starfield surrounding everything kinda gave a bad look. When I was inside a base, I rather thought on being on some space station, instead of being inside a room. What's more, I think you placed too many markers above the cave tunnel where you need to dismount. Oh, and the taxi speeder actually was the confed landed ship at the start (which I found was ok), however, when you got back to your base, a different ship stood there. When I enter a Lambda-Shuttle, I expect to step out of one when I land... What I liked on your map, was the renaming of many of the persons and structures. But still, I never knew where to go to reach what position. The whole map seemed like a maze to me.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is nicely done, and the instructions always get you to the right place (once you found it). You might add some map revealers or give a hint to where to go, since I searched every house and clicked on any person to find my contact... turned out he was on a tiny little black spot on the map I didn't explore yet. Even if it's a secret meeting, I'd rather like to know WHERE I meet...

Additional Comments:
Wow took me some time to type all this down :P
Even though I might not have given you a high score, it's just due to errors you'd need to fix and some playability issues. I really liked playing it. Definitely worth downloading.


[Edited on 10/14/10 @ 07:39 AM]

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Map Design3.7
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