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Imperial class star destroyer template remastered by SEACKER

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Since I got a second chance on heavengames, I decided to really create something monumental for my come back, and yes, a star destroyer template doesn't get more monumental than that (unless you manage to create an entire real size death star template which I find impossible :P).

This template took me nearly two months, specially since I had to redo it several times, the reason are the perspective errors this game has which few of you know, if you connect a series of hubs, (space, naboo, asteroid, etc.) from the upper corner of the screen all the way down in a straight line, and look closely, you'll notice that each hub is a little lower than the one preceding it, so as you know this means there is a perspective error, which if im correct is what makes eye candy possible, specialy 3-D eye candy, the study of this game perspective error is what has made me so masterful on 3-D tricks.

But unlike most of the times, the perspective error in the game worked against me, since as for the people who have tried making a star destroyer template, or a capital ship template in general, know that you can't go an entire straight line with capital ships, because if you do, your capital ship (specially star destroyers) will end up looking like a disfigured square from afar, or a gigantic metalic kite shaped mess.

Then the shape was just the beggining, try creating a suspended platform that holds both the "bridge" and the "shield generators", on top of strange rectangular shaped platforms that go even higher and higher (according to ralph's original designs, if you know who ralph is of course), again, the off perspective worked against me, so as you know, this template is the one that took me the most time and dedication, I had to redo it three times.

After managing to get a perspective "harmony" I worked as hard as I could to make the star destroyer as realistic as possible, and from my experience there is no way without mods that you could get it more realistic than what I did (not to brag or anything) I worked entire days only on the aspect of the bloody ship.

Oh, and forgive me for the gigantic map, I thought I would need the space, in the end my calculations failed, math is not my thing :P; and pasting it into a smaller map is kinda messy, not that it will happen to you, it's probably my very old and glitchy game's fault.

Be warned, the bloody thing is massive, and extremely detailed, I wasn't thinking on low-res users, so if your 3D card catches on fire, don't blame it on me.

If you do get to use this template, please give me credit, since I almost literally burned my eyes to achieve this template.

Oh, one more thing and I won't bug anymore, please, please do review, and make them real detailed reviews, don't make bryl come all the way down here. thanks


Because of the mayor downer points the template suffered when reviewd, I recreated the template from scratch, most areas that suffered of a down point where treated and fixed as better as I could, since as I already explained, this type of template is not easy to do, and if it suffers of any imperfections it will be even more difficult to fix them due to many in game factors working against me, if the new and improved template still doesn't meet your needs, I recommend downloading another template or better yet a mod, since theres nothing more I can do to do this even more realistic than it already is, and for the ones that still want the old star destroyer, I placed both the new and the old star destroyer just in case.



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Orrion Carn
Rating: 5
Simply amazing. Since this is an updated review, I planned on making a more detailed review. But I literally couldn't find a flaw. Looks absolutely amazing SEACKER. Perfect in every way. I even noticed that back, slide type thing on the back!

Additional Comments:
No additional comments.

[Edited on 10/20/09 @ 01:02 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review, but about the bridge, I didn't get that last comment, did you mean the bridge was spot on? or you said, the bridge was spot on but needs improvement, since I didn't really understood that phrase, could you let me know if the bridge was alright or did it needed any improving although you liked it? thanks.
Orrion Carn Sorry, my mistake.

What I was saying, is if you look over to the left side of the screen, by the bridge (Rightside of the ship itself), you'll see an empty spot of a rectangle that is empty for about ten to fifteen game-squares.

And the right side (Again, left side of the screen) of the ship entirely, it looks sort of bare. As the edge is a little... farther off than the other. You'll see there's more metal showing. Making it look bare.

Though, my review still stands, it's still a 4, and those imperfections are minor and can be overlooked. (Of course, with perspective, as you mentioned, makes everything in this game imperfect)

Still, a top notch job. In my later campaigns (Not saying anything just yet ;) with fleet battles against the Rebels and the Empire, I'm definetly using this with credits given to you.

Oh, and I don't think the Star Destroyer would be the only monumentous object that could be made in SWGB, Super Star Destroyer?? Lol.
File Author
ok, yes I actually noticed those imperfection, thats also what kept me from uploading it, but as you and I said perspective issue, theres nothing I can do to change it or make it look better, I tried and tried and tried, there's no way, we have to live with such imperfections, at least if we dont want to use mods in this game, but anyways, thanks for the review.

PS: I know about the executor star destroyer but shhh, I have something between hands, and I don't want my plans revealed ;)

[Edited on 10/08/09 @ 08:25 PM]

Janwender Rating: 3.5
I like the look of it, but it still needs work. The bridge really needs work. Try making it look more elevated so it gets more of a start destroyer shape. You should get someone to make a modpack for the shield dome things on the bridge. Try adding some engines too, because it looks weird with just nothing there. I'd also like it if you could make a star destroyer interior template (inside the star destroyer) for like scenarios and campaigns, just a thought :P.

Additional Comments:
Keep up the good work.

File Author
Ok let's get some things straight, this is a template, you can replace with mods or whatever things you think need replacement, and yes, the bridge looks weird, the problem is all the lower sections, they make an elevation mess because as I said, the perspective in this game is off, and the bigger eye candy you do, the more off it gets, and thats why it doesnt look elevated at all, because it all gets cluttered up, you want me to edit this out? fine but i'll have to get rid of most of the lower sections, and about the engines, well I cant do much with that, theres no eye candy that really can make things round you know? templats dont use mods, many of them are even the alternative to using mods, this is one of them, so sorry man but don't know about you, but you need to ask things that I can do with eye candy only, anyways, I can make the bridge look higher, but i would need to erase the lower sections, I'll edit the template right away if you guys are ok with that, also there already are pretty good star destroyer bridge templates out there in heavengames, but if you still are not convinced with what I said, then I guess you will have to go for the real size star destroyer mod, look for it, its around here somewhere, because not to brag or anything, but I havnt seen a star destroyer that looks closer to the real thing than this one, the only template that kinda gets close to this in my opinion is bryl's star destroyer, and still im not convinced one bit of that looking any way near a real star destroyer (no offense bryl), Star destroyers are the peak of the eye candy Everest, they are the most difficult eye candy to do, more than any other cruiser, why? because they are pyramid like shaped, and this game is not very compatible with such type of angles, at least not outside the mod realms, so either show me a template that looks VERY close to the real thing, or just stick with the only one thing I can do to improve this: get rid of some of the sections below the bridge to make it look higher, thats all I can do, still thanks for the review, at least you let me know what needed improving.

[Edited on 10/18/09 @ 12:37 AM]

Orrion Carn Janwender, SEACKER has pulled the words out of my mouth (Most of it :p ) It's, as the name implies, a 'Template', To work on. If I had the time I could go and fix up the minor problems if I were to use it in my scenario. Otherwise, It's the best I can find at the time, and I don't have to work on it as much (If I were to use it, and if I used the search function).

SEACKER, you came on a bit strong on him, I've never seen him/her around before, so I assume he/she's new. Seems to have written a good, honest review, but new.
And also SEACKER, Everyones entitled to their own opinions, and a 3.8 isn't as bad as you'd think. Just below a four. Not bad. Nothing to get upset about. Just a brief explaination of what templates were would have been enough.

[Edited on 10/19/09 @ 11:50 PM]

File Author
Sorry if I seem strong, im not offended or anything, I just have a strong attitude as many know, the response I gave seems perfectly calm for me, but anyways, if it looks flamy or offensive please don't take it that way, when im flaming im usually cursing like Richard Nixon would if he was drunk, alive, and had another of those watergate scandals, and man did he curse alot, I say it again, if I seem harsh or anything, please don't take it that way, its just sometimes my way of talking, if you people prefer that response edited out, then by all means tell me, no hard feelings.

Edit: Also Orrion, I lnked you here meaning something else by pleasantly surprised lol, I didn't mean for you to check out a harsh response :P, it was for you to check the new star destroyer, see what you think of it ;)

[Edited on 10/20/09 @ 12:20 AM]

Orrion Carn I'm gonna go back and update my review to a five :D

That is a lot better! I almost cried at how much it looked like a Star Destroyer! FIVE!
File Author
Heh, thanks alot mate. :)
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