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tatooine Police Work

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
A bit of a RPG and a RPSG scenario, not to mention my first submission in months, you are a Police Officer for the new Presisdent of Tattooine. The Pres. wants to become a member of the New Republic, however, before a NR diplomat can land, street crime needs to cleaned up. You are the Prsidents top Security Captian, and sends you to deal with crime lords and imperials. You start the game at the Police station. Thier are three major cities you must visit, Mos Def, Mos Eisely, and Mos Espa.

Mos Def (Easy): An Imperial Remnant force lead by thier commander have set up a base in Mos Def. You must completly wipe out the Imperials.

Mos Eisely (Medium Easy): A Crime Lord has set up his Headquarters in M. Eisely, and plans to kill the New Preesident! Kill the Crime boss!

Mos Espa (Hard): A Trandoshan mercenary named Keft and his henchmen are smuggling illicit spices and weapons to Crime Lords and Remnants across the NR! Stop him!


Police Station: Starting Location. Here you take a Transport to one of the three cities. In order to go to a new city, you must take a transport back to the Station and then get on a new one.

Outpost: This Security Outpost near Mos Espa has been stopping all ground transports for some reason.

Mos Def: Smallest city. Controlled by Imperials (Gray).

Mos Eisley: Largest City, it is controlled by Purple.

Mos Espa: Small city. Controlled by Keft (Orange).

Powerups: There are three powerups across the map. If you want all three, you must collect them in a certian patteren. 2 affect attack, and 1 effects health. Try and find them!

Well thier you go, first submission in a while, hope you enjoy it!
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
Pretty basic. Simply kill all of the bad guys. Or at least get rid of enough so you can take out the leader. It doesn't get much deeper than that, but it's still pretty enjoyable.

One complaint I have, however, is that at the beginning of the scenario, most of the units in the police station would form into a platoon and start looking for enemies. I personally had to edit the map to keep them from moving.

Balance: 4
Not too difficult, so long as you don't rush headlong into a group of enemies. There were enough medics scattered around the cities to keep your health full the majority of the time; but slipping up could cost you.

Another issue: I was able to walk around the back of Mos Espa (If I remember correctly) and kill Keft from the other side of the wall without ever having to enter the city.

Creativity: 4
These sorts of open-world complete at your own pace maps are rare, and I personally like the genre. However, this is pretty limited in terms of what you can do, and I didn't really feel like a police officer, more like a bounty hunter. The concept is great, though. If this isn't the final version, I can see it doing very well.

Map Design: 3
This sort of disappointed me. The cities were adequately designed, but the buildings often felt clustered and random. It's also to be noted that this doesn't utilize Clone Campaigns, meaning that in addition to not having the larger variety of Tatooine buildings available, I captured every one that I approached.

The Desert could have been a bit more attractive as well. Less red desert (fits better as Geonosis) and some random jawas/creatures would be nice. I would suggest having a look at the Mos Espa level of The Phantom Menace campaign for a good example of Tatooine. In addition, you should really try to find a copy of Clone Campaigns, or Saga. The building options are greatly expanded, as well as the civilian choices. Personally, I would have made most of the map a city, with the bare desert being the gangs HQ. But whatever suits you works.

Story/Instructions: 3
There wasn't too much story, but the instructions were clear enough so that I knew what I was doing as soon as I read them. That can end up working both ways due to the missions being pretty simple in the first place.

The ingame text felt rushed. By that I mean that it seemed like you packed as much information as possible into 1 or 2 text boxes instead of separating them into smaller segments. There was also little time to read everything.

Additional Comments:
I see a lot of potential in this. With some more work, it'll be great.
I also noticed myself in the campaign; thanks!

Good work, comrade.

[Edited on 09/09/09 @ 04:34 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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