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The Escape Trilagy Demo

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3
Three scenerios that will test your abilities to escape the enemy while being shot at. Make sure to read the instructions.
This is a beta for testing triggers. This is one of the most complexe I've made.
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I'm not going to go into a number based review on this map. Doing such often makes me feel as if I'm passing some sort of final judgement.

But let me start off by saying, I've seen quite a few maps with your name stamped on them. In a very short period of time. This is NOT a good thing. (I speak from experience)

Again, it is good that you are trying to improve, but it isn't necessary to release a new scenario to show us every new trigger you've learned.

I'll give you as much help as I can concerning these:

Scenario 1:

This was the best one, although it is still filled with bugs. Generally, I liked that you had multiple options of leaving the city, BUT it is clear that each of these poses a significant risk to your hero's health. It isn't necessarily bad, but nearly all of these choices result in your death, which forces you to use the sewer. (The first time I played, the units you are supposed to capture when you leave simply killed me, ending the game) Every option of exiting the city should have some sort of risks, as well as advantages associated with it.

It's fairly easy to avoid most of the enemies, but if they do get sight of you, you're dead. I can see that the goal is primarily to avoid conflict in the first place, but I wouldn't trust leaving this up to the game's AI (Sometimes, the AI will just gather all their units and look for something to attack. Or will send them all at the player at once)

Avoidance scenarios are generally rare, but it's more of how it's pulled off that counts. The concept is good, but it definitely needs work.

An improvement, to say the least. But it's still not remarkable. The outside is just randomly drawn paths of Road 2 and grass with scattered buildings. And the 'Airport' is otherwise unrecognizable, other than the instructions telling you it's at the north of the map.

Also, although simple, the sewer did look nice.

Same as last time, man. One-liners don't do the player much good.


Scenario 2:
Ergh, it takes a sharp turn down here, especially given the quality of the previous one. When you clicked on a building, you did not lose control of the characters outside, and you would walk them straight to the walls of where you were. The buildings that you're supposed to click on to enter buildings can also be destroyed, so if you're not keeping track of everything you have, you may end up unable to finish the map. A final complaint: You have to click on a mining beam to enter the bar? For the sake of continuity, that didn't make a lot of sense.

Unless you foolishly walk your character into the room full of Dark Troopers, losing was pretty nonexistent in this map.

I'm going to take a wild guess and assume you got the idea for entering buildings from "Life in the Big City." If so: Good job.
If not: I recommend you play it. It was extremely successful. Either way, you're taking a step in the right direction.

Map:Conversely, in this aspect, you've taken a step in the wrong direction. The straight sand and bland metal interiors aren't very pleasing to look at. But base design can be difficult to do. Especially given that you don't own Clone Campaigns.

Story: Same issue as last time.

Scenario 3:

Pure confusion for the most part. It's really hard to even describe what's happening. I'm not sure if I even played the scenario correctly, or if there even IS a way to play it correctly.

Basically, you start with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon surrounded by droids. Once dispatching them, you simply... move. Once I found a building to click on, I was teleported to another platform, where another building sat directly in front of me, which in turn teleported me to ANOTHER platform where I captured some fighters and an air transport.

After this, I was utterly confused beyond all hope. Eventually, I found Echuu in the center of the map and sent Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon to kill him. Both of them were killed, but the map did not end, even when I finally had to spawn Simon to eliminated every remaining enemy force on the map. Unable to finish it, I had to "Skywalker" out of the map.

I assume those destroyer droids I never got to fight properly were there for you to eventually fight... which I assume wouldn't go too well seeing as how both Jedis lost nearly half of their health fighting simple trooper recruits.

Ehhh. Fairly lacking for the most part. I was generally confused and lost most of the time.

Not so good. A bunch of metal platforms surrounded by clouds in no recognizable pattern. It seems in most of the things you've submitted the first maps are generally good, but degrade in quality as you progress. (I recall that in 'Elite Squadron' the maps degraded to the point that the last one was nothing but Grass 1 and stormtroopers.)

Again, confusing. The one line sentences are never a good thing. And of all of what I've seen of you trying to improve, this shows the least work.

You've obviously got a creative mind on you considering the speed in which you can think of these stories. But quality takes time. Usually consisting more of 10 minutes in the scenario editor.. Some of the best projects have taken YEARS of work to develop.
It's always best to just combine your ideas, and pool all of your thoughts into one very good project, rather than many not-so-good ones. Just take your time, comrade.

[Edited on 08/10/09 @ 12:38 PM]

File Author
Scenerio 3:
Alright to win jump on the tranport and fly directly south when you reach there you will have escaped.

this You know you should take your time when making scenarios the most complex scenario iv'e seen had thousands of trigers, you have to have patience when making scenarios i know i didn't.
File Author
I'll update it in the future however I have found something that I think is better it's called Bount Hunter it is now availible.

[Edited on 09/08/09 @ 11:22 AM]

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