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Front Line Assualt

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 3
This story is from the Clonehunter Saga. an alternate Star Wars Faniverse on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki atwww.swfanon.wikia.com. The story also takes place after the canon Battle of Naboo (from Battlefront 2) and before the Battle of Yavin (from A New Hope).

You play as Colonel Mara Jade, who has been sent by Darth Vader to quell the Gungan uprisings on Naboo. Under the leadership of Boss Knarl, the Gungans are trying to avenge thier fallen Naboo Allies, and have struck out at several Imperial bases on Naboo all at once, capturing them, and killing the base's personnal. Along the way you may play with other heroes characters from the CH Saga such as Sergeant Res and Rilx Zarr. Play 3 exciting (and tough) missions as you topple the Gungan resistance and Naboo fortifications. May the Force Be With You!

Well, how'd you like that advertisement for the campaign? Like a commercial right? Anyways, for full campaign experience, i have added four modpacks in this zip that you will need. Here they are:

Hapslash Sandtrooper modpack by Andrea Italy
Hapslash's Improved Stromtrooper modpack by Andrea Italy
Jedi Outcast Glider Bird modpack by Clonehunter
And Scout Trooper and Scout Speeder Bike modpack by -- um, i forgot his name, but if you need it, his modpack is on the last or second to last page of modpacks. :)

So please ejoy and leave ratings, reviews, and comments please!
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File Author
Please Rate and review please! as well as leave tips for improvements so that i may make updates perhaps!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, you also need the dead bodies mod, where you have dead bodies that looked like the ones from Dark Forces.

[Edited on 06/30/09 @ 05:49 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
The game, while a BnD type of campaign, was often very straight forward and simple. In the first level, your base is more or less right next to the enemy, who can easily be defeated with a handful of mounted troopers. In fact, I won the map almost instantly when the enemy commander attacked my forces and was killed.

The second map is even simpler. A straight line through an enemy position (consisting of mainly trooper recruits) with an army of stormtroopers, fighters, AT-ATs, and other various siege and mech units. Basically, exactly the same as the first.

The third map brings about some diversity, and is more time consuming, but is still ultimately just as simple as the first two.

Balance: 2
More or less, a cakewalk. Most of the enemies consisted of trooper recruits and other weak units. It was practically impossible to lose unless you clicked on your hero units and hit
'delete.' In the third map, I was able to kill the Gungan commander using only the 5 Adv fighters I started out with, due to severe gaps in their base's air defense.

Creativity: 3
It's based off of an original story, that can't really hurt it, but the execution needs much work.

Map Design: 2
It looks as if you took 3 random maps and built bases off of them. In fact, I know that was the case as there are holocrons scattered about all of the maps. More effort and care MUST be put into the map design to make it an attractive campaign. However, the map alone can't save it.

Story/Instructions: 2
CAPITALIZING random WORDS in THE intelligence FILE gets really PAINFUL TO the eyes.

I understand the connection you're trying to establish to the opening scrolls of the films, but this doesn't cut it, and honestly, it gets tiring. Especially when there are numerous grammatical and spelling errors.

The Recon menu displays basic information about EVERY TYPE OF ENEMY ON THE MAP.
This would be useful, if the enemies were any different than they were in a standard game. Honestly, anybody still playing SWGB at this point should know every unit inside out, so this entire section is irrelevant. It should instead be filled with "Reconnaissance," or information about the location, as the name itself intends.

Additional Comments:
This needs much work before it can become astonishing. But I do like the fact that you've shot for a BnD type campaign, which are rare. If I could make a suggestion, it would be to try "Tales of Jedi Knights" by kowe_el_ewok. They take on basically the same style as your campaign, and are a very good source of ideas and inspiration.

[Edited on 07/12/09 @ 12:11 AM]

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Map Design2.0
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