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The Jar Jar War 2 (BETA V5)

Author File Description
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 6
EDIT as of May 29th, 2009: Due to several glitches caused by multiple mods in my game, I had to re-install the game. I will be able to continue the mod, but it will take a few days until I will have enough new scenarios to update it. The mod will be updated sometime this week.

I previously gave up The Jar Jar War campaign nearly a year ago for various reasons, and now, I'm reviving it.

Due to losing the scenarios that went with it, I had to make a new campaign file rather than building on to the previous version. This is NOT a different-themed campaign however. It still has the same plot, but the campaign name is different.

I highly recommend you play the first Jar Jar War before playing this.

I did NOT create any of the mods used in this mod. The mods I used are all included.

Edits/fixes for V5:

1. Added more necessary mods.

2. Added 2 more scenarios.

3. Fixed various issues.

Edits/fixes for V4:

1. Fixed issues that caused a game crash in the scenario "Prison Escape II".

2. Fixed various other issues.

Edits/fixes for V3:

1. Added 1 more scenario.

2. Added new AI files.

3. Fixed various issues.

Edits/fixes for V2:

1. Added 2 more scenarios

2. Removed/added various used mods.

3. Included original campaign in the download. NOTE: Scenario 4 in the original Jar Jar War campaign is BROKEN. It is still playable, but lacks essential triggers and it is literally impossible to win.

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Darth Awesome What the ****?
swish_swish Darth .A your not a very happy person are you? your always so "WTF" and ". . ." also "WHAT?" Were you born like this or did you get droped on your head?!?!? wow... im sorry everyone *but* Darth .A.... i just go pulled away.
oh_em_gee Downloading now. Expect review.
Darth Awesome But dude . . . Jar Jar wars . . .
Map Design2.0
Playability: 1
There nearly was none. In the first 'level' Solo is killed by an air cruiser. Two levels later he's alive again for some reason. But anyway, the maps didn't make much sense, or give you clues as to what was happening. I also noticed that on the Hoth map, the rebels and gungans never fought eachother.

In the third level, you start off as Han Solo. You kill about five enemies.... and you win. On the very next level, you're on the same map, only as Chewbacca, and you have to save Han. Why couldn't this be on the same level?

In the second campaign, end up walking right into an army, and get killed by overwhelming force. The next few levels aren't any better.

Balance: 1
Often fluctuates. On the Hoth level, you get a handful of troopers, and the majority of the hostiles outside of the base are assault mechs. And with the computer doing little to help, you get mowed down in no time. In the fourth level, you're using Chewbacca, and most of the enemies consist of groups of trooper recruits. This sort of imbalance goes on throughout the campaign. On the second campaign, You had to reach an asteroid. Seemed simple enough. But once you got there, aa bunch of fighters show up. Having just Han Solo, there is no way to fight back, and you end up dead.

Creativity: 2
It's been established too many times that nobody likes Jar Jar... and for seemingly no reason. But it really didn't warrant a campaign. However, I believe that if more thought, and work had been put into this, it could have been a very enjoyable, perhaps funny campaign. The "YOU'RE WINNER" message at the end of every level upset my stomach every time I had to see it, and the first three levels of the second campaign were:
Prison Escape
Prison Escape II
Prison Escape III

The first two could be accomplished in about 2 minutes each. The third I found impossible because aircraft showed up and killed Han every time he appeared. The remaining two levels weren't too much to look at either.

Map Design: 2
Everything was very simple. The Hoth map was flat with a trench stretching across, and the asteroid maps just consisted of a flat slab of rock with rows of the same building scattered about. It ended up really boring after a while. The only map that looked presentable was the one used on the "Death Star III" level. But even that wasn't much, because the entire level was a cutscene.

Story/Instructions: 2
Some thought was put into these, and they were... readable to say the least. But even these could use some improvement.

Additional Comments:
Has potential, but at the moment, it just doesn't cut it...

[Edited on 06/07/09 @ 02:49 PM]

swish_swish yeh that was a little harsh Darth Awesome but pleas be more "creative" with what you say and dont post if all you have to say is bullsh*t.
File Author
Gen_Rys, did you even play the second campaign?

I made it clear in the description that the first campaign is BROKEN. Play the second campaign instead.
Why include the messed up one in the download in the first place?
File Author
For those who might have wanted to play it for whatever reason.
Darth Awesome o.0
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Map Design2.0
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