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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Firefight In New Bespin City, A minigame by Xwingjunkie

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Firefight In New Bespin City, A minigame by Xwingjunkie

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1
Well, four years and a lot more scn editor knowlege later, I give you my second creation. You control a Rebel captain who must save several pilots from a crashed transport.

Scenario features Player abilities including air stike, artillery barrage, and troop drop.

Please Rate and Review, I have learned much since the creation of my last scenario.
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 2
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 3
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments: Very Creative with selections of strategy. The only character I could play was very far away from the bacta tank when fighting, and it is difficult to get him back to the fight to defend an escaping pilot.
Overall: I liked it, and I really liked having a choice between artillery barrage, bombing, and troop drop. Keep making scenerios, I will play them :)
File Author
Alright, thank you very much for the review. I agree with your evaluation of the difficulty. It always seems to easy to the guy making the level and you can forget to look at the level from a player's point of view.
ninjasintheskies pskbob, you shouldn't post that kind of review. Split the areas up and type in an analysis of each area, don't just put it all in additional comments. It helps the downloader none.
File Author
Care to write a review seaker?
AGENCY_SEACKER k, if you care to write a review about this: http://swgb.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=4505

EDIT: THanks alot for the review, I shall make my own review shortly.

[Edited on 02/17/09 @ 05:02 PM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
Well, the scenario itself had different features from usual ones of the same kind, the use of these features such as a han solo's falcon run, to troop bombradment added a nice strategy challenge, having to take one spot, something like a king of the hill, but with a more WWI trench like action, unfortunately there wasnt much to represent such an exciting WW feature but two side fronts standing behind the space walls, there wheren't even trenches for that matter, just some space walls to give some kind of a cover for the repeating soldiers illusion, though it was obvious none of the repeaters on both fronts where in the range of being shot, either because of distance or trigger work, they truly had a vantage point over any other trooper, the player included. Still, besides the quite limited number of strategic features added to the game, there wasn't really anything else to be excited about, it was an awfuly repetitive game that became tedious because the enormous difficulty of rescuing the pilots, and taking the war zone, since it was a never ending troop spawning war in which the tide hardly would turn from even, not even the added features could turn such tide, it took the excitement off the game and turned it boring, i highly suggest you reconsider the playability style of this scenario, and re-release it because theres alot to be done.

Balance: 5
Both Rebels and Imperials had the same bombardment runs and such in the same time interval, with the same spawning rate as well as strategic positions, though it takes the realism off the battlefront feel, it is balanced to perfection, so balanced it was hard to win or loose, for both imperials or rebels, which may be a good thing here, but that really affects the entire game if you dont balance things with strategies that can alter the odds, the war will be in the same point as it was at the beggining, and it will be like that for hours, its a never ending thing.

Creativity: 3
You got an atractive idea, not a really mind blowing one, but an atractive one never the less, that can be squeezed into its full potential with the proper creativity and mastery of the scenario editor, you did have some ability on things like trigger work and map design, but there are things you still got to learn, you got to explore more in both semantics, you got to learn by spoiling and redoing, you got to be more active in the field, becaues you got potential, but it needs alot of constant practice to keep it in tune, and mostly you need to improve your creativity alot more, you need to really go out of the box if you want to achieve the big leagues, as i said, the idea was atractive and imaginative, but ironicly enough it was limited by lack of mostly imagination.

Why not instead of just puting one war zone point to take, you take time to really design this city you talk about and not just place bespin buildings randomly, design streets, enterable buildings, bars, etc. An entire city in war status, in which you have to press forward on taking specific streets, hangars, military checkpoints, destroyed buildings that can prove to be vantage points for snipers, sewers, cantinas, even a government chamber, try to squeeze the potential of imagining a totally new city and not just try to put a cloud city similarity, remember that in SW universe, building designs are altered because of the different civilizations and enviormental conditions, the buildings on kasshyyyk wouldn't work in a water world moon nearby, you can add bespin buildings if you like, but try to design buildings yourself, not with mod technology, but eye candy, work with different materials, experiment, thats what I have done and I have gone far for it, theres no scenario of mine in which i hadnt made something new, some new feature either in triggers or map design or playbility, use this idea you had of air runs and such, and extend it to an entire city, it will take alot of trigger work, but imagine that you could bomb an entire building until it becomes nothing but debris, instead of just bombing random troops into their deaths, thats what you need to do here.

Map Design: 3
It was an average scenario design, there was some terrain mixing, not enough though, use of elevation but only as decoration, not in real interactive use, there was no eye candy anywhere besides the editor enhancement mod use to place rand taylor and other units inside a building that cant be walked through as giving an illusion of them really being inside such building or docked into an airbase, but besides that theres no use of eye candy anywhere, the city was nothing but two areas filled with besping buildings randomly, divided by a trench in which gets to be the war zone, the destroyed transport debris zone was nicely achieved, it did give an illusion of a crash site, but besides that theres nothing really atractive about the map design, the distribution of both forces and the similarity of their command points made the game impossible to win or loose, you need to start using eye candy and improve your strategic distribution, as well as you really need to create a relationship between a civilization and the enviorment its in, as in real life, try to give more interactivity, you need much to improve here.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was nice and imaginative, it gave a sort of depht into the scenario and made it entretaining, but the instructions where vague and confusing, half of the time i didnt know what to do, you need to specify.

Additional Comments:
I suggest you to consider all of my points for your necessary improvement, and please, even though this scenario is in a CP1 format, it doesnt mean it is a campaign, please from now on place your submissions in the correct sections, this one belongs to single player scenarios.

[Edited on 02/18/09 @ 02:42 PM]

File Author
Thank you for the review, sounds like I've got plenty to consider next time I make a scn.
AGENCY_SEACKER Its ok man, dont let this be a downer to your efforts, you just need to learn much man, theres this saying: "It doesnt matter what you do, it matters that you are the best at it." And of course it can be missinterpreted, not the best in the world or anything, the best YOU can be on whatever is you decide to do, either one or many things. You got potential, but you got much to work on to really press it to its limits, you are going half your capacity.
pskbob2181 I bet you could use this same format to create a Clone Wars scenerio. If you do, I will be glad to check it out.
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