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Me, Sam Nyle (DEMO)

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 1
I'm back people ! (Like anyone cares O_o)
This is a preview of my upcoming campaign, download it and tell me what you think about it please ;)
I've put the scenario AND the campaign in it, so you may see what triggers I used.
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Map Design1.0
Playability: 2
First of all, this is not a campaign, just because it is in a CP format doesnt mean it is a campaign, its just another singleplayer scenario, and people posting one scenario "campaigns" is missinforming and somewhat annoying, so next time if you are gona do something like this, submit it on the correct section. Now, besides the game in my opinion has tons of campaigns like this which i'll classify into the "build base campaign", in which all of them are filled with different scenarios on different locales, they are also much better than this one, with more work and more deph, i find particullary useless doing anything beneath the game's original quality standards, specially "campaigns", the only thing you could do is build up a base to level 2 which I find very stupid, since again, it is only one scenario, not an entire campaign, setting a trigger to deactivate technologies like level 3,4 and mounted trooper was very annoying, so all you could do is get up to level 2 and stick with some mech which you only get at the beggining of the game, the damned stormtrooper which is very fragile, if he gets killed the game is over, there was no HP or AP upgrade triggers, and all you could build to attack both enemies was stormtroopers, granade troopers and scouts, which is pretty useless against an enemy that owns a jedi temple, there was a very limited space to build, surrounded by tons of trees, very little food/nova/ore to gather, just a little bunch per base, it made the gameplay even more frustrating, any alternative on gathering a little more of those three elements is either to build farms and attack your enemy before he runs those three supplies out, which as you can see was a tedious almost impossible task, there where no new triggers or deph to anything, just like playing an rm, actually worse, because at least in a rm you have much more resources and all techs are open to you, as well as your enemy starts with the same as you, unlike here, if I known this file was like this, I would have decided to play rm instead, and I hate rm's, a very, very tedious and boring scenario

Balance: 2
Well, you had a crappy spot to build in, VERY limited resources except for carbon, most techs locked by triggers, while the rebels had the base walled down, with tech 3 technology and even damn jedi temple, while you had NO troopers to attack, you do realize stormtroopers and granade troopers are only good to kill units right? not destroying entire bases, blocking the mounted trooper could be interpreted as to you the creator wanting to brake the player's balls, the other troops you had where AA troopers in which theres no air used in this scenario, and scout troopers, in which there was practicly nothing to scout, a horribly unfair balance.

Creativity: 1
You took the typical build and destroy concept found in all RTS games, and made it even more boring than it was, absolutely no creativity, very simple triggers, no story, no new features, nothing worth to see.

Map Design: 1
HORRIBLE map design, you do know simplicity and RTS games dont get along do you? theres no eye candy anywhere, only three bases with nothing new or creative, there was just one kind of tree which was the 80% of the map, no terrain mixing anywhere, only a horrible map design that can make anyone's eyes bleed, you only took a normal size scenario and covered it with trees and grass 3, there wasnt elevation anywhere, a totally bland scenario on all aspects.

Story/Instructions: 2
There was no story, you didnt know in what planet you where on, you didnt know in what part of the star wars era you where, why the heck you where fighting the rebls, why the heck there where natives in the planet, and you didnt know a thing about the principal character, you only placed typical outlinable instructions by placing them on certain triggers, which is a piece of cake, and in the other two sections you placed a three sentence paragraph.

Additional Comments:
Just because you just discovered how to use triggers, doesnt mean you can go on and submit anything thinking that knowing triggers gives you any advantage at all, the world of scenario design is MUCH bigger than just knowing how to do triggers, it take tons of effort, dedication and alot of studying and gathering of knowledge and technique, SWGB scenario design realm is a tuff realm at best, which demands alot, from what I saw in this submission, you have a world to learn before you achieve creating a decent submission, I suggest you lie down, study all the manuals scattered in this site and gather useful knowledge, if you are not willing on putting much effort into scenario design, I suggest you quit, because such hobbie or whatever you want to call it, demands much, I really expect MUCH better from your next submission, or I wont be as friendly, ill rate you as any other scenario designer out here, even if you are a newcommer.

[Edited on 01/04/09 @ 08:53 PM]

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Map Design1.0
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