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Rebel base attack by SEACKER (updated)

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This is my first singleplayer scenario, it took me years to finish, but finally it is here.

It is 5 years before episode 4, Imperial spies have located a rebel base at Corellia's north pole, which is presumed to give refuge to an order 66 fugitive, presumed to be a former memeber of the jedi council.

Lord Vader with hope on finding his former master to give him revenge, sets his star destroyer fleet to the Corellia system, where several victory star destroyers wing his executor star destroyer, filling Corellian skies with shadows.

Hell brakes loose when a massive but precise bombardment turns the rebel base buildings into molten metal and ashes, as entire structures collapse inside great fire balls.

The base turned to ruins reveals heavy surviving resistance as Darth Vader and his right hand (501st force) land outside the base on a desperate search against the clock for two holodiscs that will pinpoint the jedi's whereabouts.

Command the mighty dark lord Darth Vader with new force powers like force crush (new force power),force choke, force push and mind trick, with a totally eye candy based enviorment with new ways of trigger work which make the enviorment interactive, as well as a new healing system.

This scenario may turn into a campaign, who knows, what i need are good proper reviews to see if i decide on making a campaign.

No mods needed, dont use mods when playing this scenario.

Dont use cheats, most of the cheats are covered by triggers, so dont cheat.

For best gameplay with AI turn difficulty on Moderate.

Updated, with some bugs fixed }

NOTE FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY DOWNLOADED!: Please download again since there was a fatal bug that didnt let you finish the scenario, for those who already downloaded it, download it again, thanks.

Merry christmas.
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ninjasintheskies Alright, I'll re-download this and try again.
File Author
Thanks ninja, apreciate.
Merf This scenario is superb, agree thoroughly with above review. I must have just made the cave in work incidentally as I have no idea what you are all talking about. Actually had me cursing, three games before I beat the holodisc timer. bacta tank destroyed before I needed it, made up for this short fall by packing Air Support air transport with remaining medics then telling Vader to board from within academy. Air transport faithfully headed to Vader's vicinity! Good job because the fortress was doing as good a job as a bounty hunter! had to fully heal up three time and have medics healing me while attacking fortress. Can't really comment though as, as I say, the bacta tank didn't get used. air transport trick also worked for getting medics to ruins.

my only gripes are not your fault really, the Display Texts should print against a black background being the main one.

10/10 :D
File Author
thanks alot for that, if it isnt much of a problem, I would like you to make a review if you are willing of course, since im thinking on turning this into a campaign, I would like a detailed review with what people liked the most, what they didnt like, and suggestions, so I can make the best campaign I can make, do remember im not a mod guy, mods limit my possibilities while it expands others, the mod use in the campaign shall and will be kept to the minimum, so thanks for that comment, I would really apreciate if you make a review, I need as much reviews as possible for the creation of this campaign.

And ninja, I need to know if it worked for ya man, if the new force push let you go past the cave in.
Merf I'll try but I've never reviewed before, atleast high starrating might get people looking :)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

The game starts against a sub-plot timer, it takes this timer losing you a few games to figure out a working strategy to progress onto the next stage of play, and I didn't mind losing (bar a few curses - usually a good thing!) as each restart continued the no-breather experience.

The start of the next stage sees you take control of another character (which I didn't realise for a minute or so, maybe a flashing colour next to him to catch attention on minimap?).

Although urgency had been lost, it was replaced with investment in the story so, while plenty of time to breathe, still very enjoyable right through to the end.

Balance: 5

Starting with Vader and a few FX7 med-droids reduces any initial confusion as to what you should be doing (Might be a good idea to put in objectives "Find hidden bunker - the clock is ticking!" kind of comment though, otherwise Vader might just happily cut a swaithe through rebels and the game be 'inexplicably' lost).

Even though Vader has alot of HP and AP you still need to be careful with him, choose your battles etc, atleast while timer is in effect. and a good healing strategy is best kept close at hand.

One of many nice features is the waiting Imperial army which can be coaxed into battle by leading enemies into them ambush style. This technique helped me alot.

Creativity: 5

The story could very believably sit between Force Unleashed and A New Hope, the plot unfolds nicely and timely as a result of the gameplay (i.e. revealed simply 'Vader senses something' etc.). This plot revealing ties nicely into game stages.

The only non-standard interface is the good old 'stand on infinity symbol' which has been implemented to good effect here as the trigger for Vader to use 'Force powers' :D .

Map Design: 5

Every portion of the map looks unique and appropriate to the environment portrayed whether it be a smashed wall or a library,

especially nice is the '3D' layout of the base - by 'stacking' walls the impression of some sections being higher than others is well achieved.

the base layouts themselves are very good.

Story/Instructions: 4

As I've said, this game could easily sit officially between Force Unleashed and A New Hope - the story gets a 5/5

the instructions are the only thing I would work on for the final campaign if I were SEACKER, everything else is spot on. As I've suggested more detailed objectives might help.
I've often wondered if the objectives list could be rehashed into a log(?)

I think all the instructions are given through cinematic 'display triggers', but I for one find reading those against the game screen almost impossible, especially given the reasonable time to do so. This taints the experience for me unfortunately, not really SEACKER's fault though.

Additional Comments:

Well, I apologise if this review hasn't helped, I've never reviewed ANYTHING before but I will say SEACKER has done an excellent job and if you are looking to download then this would be an excellent choice. I await the campaign/further levels eagerly :D
File Author
Well, you must have born with it, because for your first review it was an excellent attempt, it really goes straight forward into the point of the review, from setting out liked features into adding very valid suggestions that will help me do a better job for the next time if I follow your words carefully, thanks alot for the review, it helps me more than you know, since im really looking on creating a really epic post TFU pre ANH campaign, that fits well into the space left which eventually will end up into a master-aprentice encounter if you get me ;), thanks alot for reviewing and playing, hope you stick around with us.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I enjoyed getting to be the baddest character in the sw universe, and getting to use force crush, slice n dice assault mechs, and curbstomp infantry. The scenario had many nice features that kept the level fresh and challenging.

Balance: 5
Balance was good. Storming through the base was easy (just wait for medics to catch up, and sit for a long while) but it was balanced by the danger large amounts of units/boss type characters presented.

Creativity: 5
Very creative, not just kill your way to victory, one of the better depictions of force powers I've seen.

Map Design: 5
Excellent idea with the asteroid canals, the base looked authentic and the map was designed beautifully. I didn't understand what all the naboo hubs were about, but that's my problem not the scenario's.

Story/Instructions: 3
This is where the level suffers, a good storyline was dragged down by the fact that the instructions were often vague. While the cave in is possible to get through, it is very difficult to find the pathway. The biggest problem I had was that I didn't know what to do with the dark trooper when I got him.

Additional Comments: Very well done level, Seaker is almost famous for his creative use of eyecandy (see senate and other such productions by seaker), one bug I experienced was that the first time I put vader in the transport, nothing happened. I had to replay the level in order for it to work right.

[Edited on 02/17/09 @ 07:51 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the review, but ummm... i didnt make a senate RPG, i made republic senate Final, but its not an RPG, it does have an inside two player RPG system, maybe you got me mistaken with some other designer.
Xwingjunkie Heh, sorry, I WAS thinking of your senate, I just mixed up the names, anyways I edited that part out.
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Map Design5.0
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