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Rebel base attack by SEACKER (updated)

Author File Description
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This is my first singleplayer scenario, it took me years to finish, but finally it is here.

It is 5 years before episode 4, Imperial spies have located a rebel base at Corellia's north pole, which is presumed to give refuge to an order 66 fugitive, presumed to be a former memeber of the jedi council.

Lord Vader with hope on finding his former master to give him revenge, sets his star destroyer fleet to the Corellia system, where several victory star destroyers wing his executor star destroyer, filling Corellian skies with shadows.

Hell brakes loose when a massive but precise bombardment turns the rebel base buildings into molten metal and ashes, as entire structures collapse inside great fire balls.

The base turned to ruins reveals heavy surviving resistance as Darth Vader and his right hand (501st force) land outside the base on a desperate search against the clock for two holodiscs that will pinpoint the jedi's whereabouts.

Command the mighty dark lord Darth Vader with new force powers like force crush (new force power),force choke, force push and mind trick, with a totally eye candy based enviorment with new ways of trigger work which make the enviorment interactive, as well as a new healing system.

This scenario may turn into a campaign, who knows, what i need are good proper reviews to see if i decide on making a campaign.

No mods needed, dont use mods when playing this scenario.

Dont use cheats, most of the cheats are covered by triggers, so dont cheat.

For best gameplay with AI turn difficulty on Moderate.

Updated, with some bugs fixed }

NOTE FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY DOWNLOADED!: Please download again since there was a fatal bug that didnt let you finish the scenario, for those who already downloaded it, download it again, thanks.

Merry christmas.
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File Author
One more thing, if rebels turn neutral to you on the beggining of the game, restart it, if not, the scenario wont work properly, do this until stupid AI decides to do its roll right, and please, do review.
ninjasintheskies Why not prevent that with a trigger?
File Author
All you can do for that is this:

New trigger: ON, Looping

condition: target object (referring to an ally attacking you)

effect: change diplomacy, ally/neutral/enemy source player 1-8, target player 1-8 (referring to make it change alliance with you when it happens)

Still, stupid AI will change alliance either neutral or against you or whatever, even if you loop it, only thing causing you is lag, theres no trigger that can fix it.

EDIT: And i would apreciate if you download this and review it ninja, since i have seen you've improved in your reviews.

EDIT: Over 20 downloads and no review, come on people, you want me to turn this into a campaign or not? someone please review.

[Edited on 12/30/08 @ 10:12 PM]

Map Design5.0
Before I start, you should know I got stuck at the cav in and couldn't figure out what to do, so I entered skywalker.

Playability: 5
I had tons of fun and close calls in the scenario. The rebels were everywhere. Outnumbered 3 fold, I lost most of my medics in 3 minutes, saving 3 only by sending them to the ship. Me, being me, sent vader right into the enemy base to destroy the 2nd transmission antenna and retreating to the front again. Only then did I find the first transmission tower. I hardly used my three medics, because Vader could fight 50 soldiers and 10 mechs and win. I was a bit confused about what to do, so I just ran through the rebel's base, slaughtering any rebel in my way. When I reached the bunker, I walked around it killing some enemy buildings first before I realised I had to garrison inside it. Then I was trying to figure out where my transport was. After finding it, I got stuck after caving in the place. I converted several units, and one managed to kill the other 7 Hvy troopers inside the secret base using vader as a distraction. This is where I got stuck and didn't know what to do.

Balance: 5
Vader had high HP and AP, but it was balanced by the sheer number of enemies. Taking down Assault Mechs and turrets with a few swipes of the blade.

Creativity: 5
I've never seen anything like it, but then, I don't really dl these. I only downloaded it because you requested that I do. Anyway, it's amazing to see it came from a 2 player scenario to a single player scenario. I think that the 2 player cat and mouse would be cool.

Map Design: 5
Absolutly positively amazing! There was great detail in the bases and the crash sites. When the turrets and those Artillery were destroyed with force crush, the map didn't lose any reality if you did destroy something.

Story/Instructions: 3
Alright, I had no bloody clue what to do over half the time I played it. (I played for about 01:36:56 GT) The transport was hard to find for a while, and what to do to get in the caved in area was confusing. A keycard and passcode were needed, keycard to bacta room and I couldn't find the passcode after noticing it in the chat screen.

Additional Comments:
Story instructions could be more specific and I believe that's all that needed improving. Can you tell me what to do at the cave in?
File Author
Thanks for reviewing! well, i need to know more specific things: did you create the cave in? or you just saw on the text something about the cave in? if you just saw the text, destroy the two support pistons (oil drilling platforms) on the side of the ice mountain in the middle of the base, if you did manage to create a cave in then you shall be able to pass, there may be stones around and all, but there are some invisible openings that let you walk between the rocks, if you cant walk, then for some reason your version is different than mine, or the timing, if so, tell me and ill send a fixed version to your mail for you to finish it, or even update the file, since you missed much on not being able to go beyond the cave in, try again with this new info, if you still have a problem tell me, and if you finish the scenario then ill look forward for your modified review since now you will have played the entire map.

EDIT: About the keycard to the medical room, a jedi has it. the one beside the two mechanism modules and hydraulic tank.

[Edited on 12/31/08 @ 04:03 AM]

ninjasintheskies Ah, I thank you for telling me how to get into the med room. I created the cave in and tried to get through. The closest I got was inside the rocks in the middle. I can't get through. I killed that jedi. And went to the medical room and couldn't enter. Or I just didn't walk far enough into the med room...

I would gladly re-review after I have beaten the game. Now I will play it again.
File Author
I downloaded it to see if this version was any different from mine, its identical, and as my version, when you create a cave there is ALWAYS two openingns on the sides, they are not that visible, but there shouldnt be difficult to walk thorugh, i have tested the cave in triggers several times for timing and any variations on the creation of the rocks, that would lead to a blocking, its always the same result, two openings on the sides, you shall be able to walk through them, no matter which unit, either an AT-AT or even an ewok, they can walk in the same space, as narrow as it looks for some units, try again, you should be able to make your way through the rocks, if not tell me, and ill e mail you a fixed version only for your computer for there to not be in any way the slightest blocking, no matter the variations (which in my opinion there aren't any) I suggest you try again, and really try to make vader get in there, look for the slighest opening.

EDIT: Ummm... Ninja, you still havnt tell me if you managed pass the cave in, if you could even finish it, please tell me so i can send you a fixed version if you still have that problem, thanks.

[Edited on 01/10/09 @ 01:08 PM]

ninjasintheskies Sorry, I've been bogged down in homework. Crazy math teacher, I'll do the cave in part again on sunday, when I have free time.
StarkRhavyn I've tried and tried and cannot get through that cave in. I even tried changing the game resolution to the highest one, I normally have it on the middle resolution (yeah, I have an old slow computer). No luck.
Awesome idea though. But this is my first time playing a custom scenario, so maybe I'm not the best judge of these things.
File Author
Hmmm, if two of you cant get passed that cave in area, then ill have to update the scenario, please download again ninja and see if the problem's been solved once updated.
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