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Troopers (Remastered)

Author File Description
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
In the year 3300.
Terran Federation have engaged in massive intergalactic war against Cybris Nation, a Nation of Robots and Androids
As the Officer of Terran Federation. can you lead your forces onto victory?
(Troopers Universe won't related with Star Wars Universe)

NEW IN "Remastered" Version
-No LAG!!!
-Ally forces.

-Fight in virtual Battlefield. Frontlines can be changed everytime. Both sides can gain or lose their ground.
-Free Roam Battlefield. You and your troops can roam free on the Battlefield.
-Ranks and Salary. if you killed many Cybris enough. you may be promoted and you will received money every minute.
You can use your money to buy additional troops for your forces.
-Friend and Foe. You will fight alongside with Federation Ally against Cybris. You wont fight alone.
-War wont over. in every 3 minutes. Both sides(Computers) will recieved reinforcements,spawn at their spawn points.
-Destructable Battlefield Enviroment. Building and Wall can be destroyed if your(or AI) artillery fires miss it's target.
-Huge Battlegrounds. This map was made on Gigantic Map size.
-Spawn Points cannot be captured. You have to only destroy Spawn Points to stop their reinforcements
-Lost Battalions. Rescue lost battalions that scattered across this chaotic battlefield. If you success you will got a reward.
-Your Battalion.your Choices. You can lead your forces to support your Federation AI Ally or lead the charge against Cybris Spawn Point alone. do not let all of your soldiers dies.
-No respawning for your Hero. If your Officer die. Game over. so kept him alive.
-Destroy Enemy HQ. Destroy Cybris Command Core to win. but do not let them destroyed your Federation Landing Site. If they can destroyed it you will lose and game will over.
-Many Spawn Points. Both sides will got 13 Spawn Points(included HQ).
-Turrets are deadliest threat in battlefield.Turrets attack point will be also reset.It's now a nightmare for the Infantries and It can destroy Mech with 4-6 Shots

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Screamin_Banshee sounds cool ill check it out
Screamin_Banshee Playability: 4
fun and entertaing but laggy.

Balance: 5
everything was equal, exect the nova u get per minute (too much) Both Teams had a lot of troop spawning but were killed instantly by turrets

Creativity: 4
Ver Creative, i liked how you "buy" Troops and mechs

Map Design: 5
Very Vivid, lots of hills, derbis,etc

Story/Instructions: 5
Long story with minor errors (spelling)

Additional Comments:
Extremely great for a first timer!

Retracted due to little content. - Bryl


[Edited on 12/28/08 @ 06:33 AM]

AGENCY_SEACKER Banshee, dont make one sentence reviews, they dont help in any way the creator of the scenario, since you dont specify any details on what is alright or what shall be changed, saying: "the debris areas where nice" doesnt say anything at all, since anyone can settle a simple debris zone in less than 1 minute, you shall put into account trigger work, story creativity and grammar/spelling quality, terrain mixing, eye candy and gaia unit use creativity, as well as playability, not just say: "It was fun", that again doesnt help the creator of the game in any way possible, specially since the creator of this scenario is planning on making a campaign, so precise objective suggestions are what he needs in the first place, you better improve on your reviews banshee, im tired of people not listening to what a proper review is, dont make me get bryl over here.

Ill straighten things out and give this scenario the review it deserves.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
The scenario presented a realistic strategy battlefield experience, your character in no way suppassed any other unit on the battlefront, it was as vulnerable as any other soldier, making up for a very realistic survival gameplay as well as careful strategy planning, still an extreme realism doesnt make up for all sorts of players, since people like their protagonists to be sort of a superior avatar in many aspects, since getting killed that easily isn't quite fun for several players, specially the ones that are to careless to save the game often, it gets a little irritating the fact of getting killed so easily after much hard work and strategy planning, to find yourself starting from zero all over again, the kills system which is used by many scenario designers (myself included) gets to be as most cases a simple activation/deactivation trigger process, which is a nice feature in the game, getting up the ranks with better salary meaning more nova and better units, since in the beggining it was really difficult to buy any kind of mech, for when I got up to the last rank, I ended up with tons of mechs, still it would be of more help and even realism to not just change unit's name and provide him with better salary, you shall be able to get better HP and attack per rank, or at least be able to buy a limited number of power ups at some place, since again, I got to use Dash less than any other unit I bought, since it was so easy to get killed, specially because those annoying turrets, the spawning points are a nice touch, but I would improve the creativity there, eithr than just placing a power core and some turrets around, and what really made the playability get a mayor downer point is the lag, and i know its mostly caused by the skirmish AI, I suggest that before using any kind of AI, you get to consult an AI coder/creator, and ask him/her to create a similar AI but that in this case doesnt lag the game, because the lag really made me get bored sometimes, getting to take tons of units on long distances with that bloody lag, it even took the action feel off the game, since the explosions and such where almost always in slow motion, specially when reinforcements arrived.

Balance: 3
The balance between both AI fronts was a 5 deserving score, but because of the bloody turrets the balance between your opponent and yourself was really off, its ok to make a real challenging enviorment and such, but just making advance turrets killing anything from one hit is just overdoing it, I would have preffered you giving the turrets alot of HP but leaving the normal attack, because it gets to be a pain in the ass getting ANYWHERE with those damned turrets killing anything from one or two hits, which is really unrealistic, and it affects the game's realism a great deal.

Creativity: 4
The trigger work and such, though not anything never seen before, it does add up for a very creative new type of scenario, you managed to pull such thing off, but still there are some things that you could improve, and try to check scenarios out to get to add real never seen features in both map design and trigger work.

Map Design: 2
A real downer here, the map was really bland, with little elevation in some parts, almost no terrain mixing, it was mostly snow terrain, the debris zones where just elevation 1 for "blaster craters" in some parts, randomly placed debris, and dirt/metal/snow combination, there where few debris zones that did manage the battlefield experience, the asteroid cannal trenches where sort of creative, but there was almost no eye candy to support the scenario, it was really dissappointing, the scenario design gets very repetitive specially with those turrets, the bases (from both sides) dont look like a real base in any way, just like some militar camp with a bunch of turrets covered by either shield walls or asteroid canals with a little elevation around them to make that trench feel, sort of trying to acheive a WWII battlefront enviorment, still as I said, there was not visible effort on the creation of the map design, you got to improve here greatly to meet my standards.

Story/Instructions: 4
Nice creativity on the story, it was a good idea (not a new one though) to carry out your own story with this game having nothing to do with SW (except for the game itself with its units), i really liked the poems at the end of the game, either you wan or loose you got a nice war like poem that gets to give a real good deph story feel, still you need to improve your english, since it gets sometimes difficult to understand the instructions.

Additional Comments:
Good job, very good for a first timer, still there is much to learn and improve, in any case, you have proved to be a promising scenario designer, improve, learn from this site, and im sure you'll go far, im glad to see promising new scenario designers.
File Author
Suggestion received.
I will re-release it at once!!

Change log
-Turrets Attack Point are reduce to 10 and 30 it still can destroy mech with 3-6 hits.Still a Nightmare for the Infantries.
(Turrets in my concept are an Anti-Armored Turrets for the realism It will kill infantry within 2-3 seconds because in a real world. Machine Gun can tear the Infantry apart but if it was an AT Gun It's firepower will be greater than MG. But it's no Machine Gun Nest so I can have only Anti-Armored Guns)
-Your Hero. Once being promoted his HP and Attack Point will be increase.

[Edited on 12/28/08 @ 11:17 AM]

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Map Design2.0
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