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Halo Wars Beta

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File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Fixed Force
The basic story is this.
There is no specific plot.

Master Chief (You) is helping the UNSC fight off the Flood and Covenant.

Note: To get more reinforcements, have Master Chief kill 10 enemies for a 'Warthog' come help you.

--Working On--
Making the map bigger.***
and bits of bugs...
Suggestions on which AI to use?
I'll need a good AI on this map.
UPDATE: Working on a possible 2 player face off. Master Chief v Arbiter type of thing

Added but not on this download---

-Weapon Choosing
-More effective flood... would like a mod for flood

Email me at nfamous12@yahoo.com
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File Author
I would like comments if anyone has any.
This is my first submitted map but not my full version yet.
just need beta testers
Kellor Kleft I'll save this a review since it is in an early beta stage. However, I would like to point out this map has potential to be a very fun map. Even as a casual small map faceoff, there were some things that caught my attention. Seeing those rancors come nto the field and rip apart both sides was rather entertaining.
I would suggest making the battlefield a little wider and about twice in length. And add more events and terrain variety. Seeing random airstrikes or different kinds of flood units would be cool. Don't make the terrain a flat field. Put in a strategic point or two. I.E. a cliff area or lake choke point.

Some things that I saw flawed was the spawn point location-right next to the fortress. That will be a very long game of little by little depletions. Push the spawns back a bit. And you need a healing area. I lost 75% of my hp to the Arbiter with a squad of goonies.

If you are interested in expanding this scenario I will see what I can do in beta testing.

[Edited on 11/18/08 @ 11:20 PM]

File Author
Thank you, Keller.
I'll send you the map that is improved =] ...kinda XD
ninjasintheskies I agree with Kellor.

I found this map to be very fun and exciting despite what he said. When the flood came, I ran back to my fortress and hid there while every one was slaughtered. I fought only when 20-30 marines were on the field at once. When my warthog came, I protected it. The next time the flood came, I went about chasing the masters when the warthog came under attack from the rancors. Then I saved it and continued to kill the masters.

Try upping the Chief's hp, since it was very hard to avoid any fighting, I lost most of my health in 15 minutes. You should give the player at least 6 ODSTs (make them Boba Fett) since in HALO 2, the level where you are fighting with them, there are only six alive. And they look cool.

Also, for my own amusement, I have decided to try what you did on a space station. I have no intent on releasing it.

[Edited on 11/26/08 @ 06:27 PM]

ninjasintheskies My version wasn't as good as this, but it satisfied my need to kill something.

Then I made another. But this time, there was hundreds of enemy soldiers to fight. Yay!
File Author
XD ninja.
Wow. Any suggestions for flood enemies?
So far i have:
Pure Forms:
Tank -- Rancor
Stalker-- (G) Scout
Range-- ????
Combat Forms (Yes i changed them)
Tusken Raiders (melee and ranged)
I tried Explosive Droids for the Carrier Forms but thats didnt work.
ninjasintheskies I am trying to make an AI for flood. So far no one has answered my question. Then I might make one for the UNSC and Covenant.

I suggest using a different warthog for the UNSC.
Warthog --> (RA) Hvy Strike mech
Scorpion Tank --> (RA) Hvy Mech Destroyer
Elephant Tank --> (RA) Hvy/ Assualt Mech
Hornet --> (GR) Adv Fighter
Marines - (RA) Hvy/ Trooper or (RN) Trooper
Chief - Boba Fett
ODSTs - Jango Fett

What you got.
Range --> Those weird guys with guns at the bottom of the list that every one can use.

Banshee --> (W) Adv fighter
Wraith --> Some form of Artillery
Ghost --> Scout with slightly amped power
Grunt = Jawa (Ranged)

And that's all I have off the top of my head.
File Author
well the jawas are too powerful to use...
they take down master chief too quick.
I would like a review on this beta.
then ill update it with an updated file.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
It was playable until you died. The chief could go about killing things or hang out in the fortress and do nothing. I had alot of fun trying to figure out a stratagey to kill the Arbitor, since he took down most of my health on a head on attack. I took him 'round and 'round the battlefield forcing the flood and the UNSC to fight him aswell. The flood kinda ticked me off, since the rancors went after the warthog and the masters went on a converting frenzy. The masters seemed to prefer Covenant units more than the UNSCs. This is excellent for a beta.

Balance: 4
The Arbitor was a bit overpowered, taking down most of the UNSC units in one shot and killing all of them in a single fight. The Chief was not as powerful as the Arbitor, and he had the same health. That's around 1000. He could not take on hordes of the Elites and Jackals (At least, that's what I'm assuming what the wookies and gungans were) and walk away with most of his health. Since the chief could recover from wounds over time, (being a hero) I often, when below the 200hp, garrisoned in the fortress. I died once in five games.

Creativity: 5
I have played it thuroughly until I got the urge to watch mindless killing, and I've never seen anything like it. I gave it a 5 because of the ways I could win. There could have been more random stuff that happens, like an airstrike Kellor mentioned, EMP, reinforcements. For an Airstrike, have some fighters fly over and then set kill and explosion triggers along their paths. Well, at least in the few things I've DLed anyway.

Map Design: 4
I thought the map could use a bit of lengthenning to spread the troops out a bit more, since they all walked into the ditch. And got slaughtered by me. The flood houses on the sides of the battle field, (Marked by markers) caged 2 jabbas. I suggest that they be a little farther from the fighting so the teams don't go killing everything they have. There could be more detail and a key point to control. I think you should put the fortresses way back and make the length of the battle field almost the entire map. Say a secret way to the fortresses?

Story/Instructions: 1
And this was your worst section. There were no instructions at all. None. I had almost no idea what to do other than kill Covenant. Which is okay, since you said so in the DL section. There was no history, recon, intel, or instruction. So whoever just DLs it has no bloody clue what to do.

Additional Comments:
All in all, it was fairly well done. There were a few bugs. When the Covenant resigned, they kept on spawning. The flood and UNSC do the same thing. I died and it got boring since the fortress is controled by you. Leaving you still playing. I counted kills and I had a warthog, but after that, no other one came. There should be some vehcles in the improved version at the start.

[Edited on 11/26/08 @ 11:36 AM]

Screamin_Banshee Hey i would like to help out
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