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Station THX311

Author File Description
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Other
Number of players: 8
This is a Space station. It has two teams and you have to destroy the enemy flag in order to win. 4v4, the teams play as the Empire (players 1-4)
and the Rebels (player 5-8). This one has a singleplayer version, and the 1P version requires the Agressive Standard AI.

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File Author
This is the version I submitted that had the original ideas. v-2 will come out soon. Please rate.
master silver
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
Was it playable, yes. It was free of errors but you need to add more content to the gameplay. Maybe make key sections that each team can hold to spawn more units, or bunkers, or just something new. Also breaking through all those turrets would be too tedious. Oh and I don't get out of bed for a multiplayer scenario with less than 100 triggers. You definitly need more than just 16 or 17.

Balance: 3
Well the teams are somewhat even. The main problem is that the X-wings won't die until they reach the anti-air turrets meaning they can own the Empires land forces until then. Add to this that the darktroopers will wreck havoc on the other forces, that is of course until an X wing comes to eat them (ouch!).

Creativity: 2
Its pretty much capture the flag and starwars combined. If it had some other cool features and maybe an upgrade system, or the ability to win alternate ways then it would boost your score.

Map Design: 2
More eye candy needed. ALOT more. Throw in some elevation and terrian mixing as well to get a 5. The map design right now was very very basic and could use a major upgrade.

Story/Instructions: 5
They were fine, just fix a few grammer errors and then you pretty much included everything needed.

Additional Comments: Don't get me wrong Ninja, this is a very, very promising first submission. Keep working to improve and lets see what your next project will bring.

[Edited on 08/17/08 @ 03:40 PM]

File Author
Thanks Master, The next is much better with a different way of getting reinforcements. And for some reason my remove object effect isn't working on the transports... The center has elevation and your reinforcements include a Hvy Artillery unit to help with the turrets. Just because I'm curious and the X-Wings never attacked me, What difficulty did you play it on? I've do moderate and hardest.
The next one's going to have a AA Mobile base where who ever controls it will have AA mobiles to kill the Air Force. Air craft will spawn at a hanger and your hanger can be captured by the enemy. And once that happens no more reinforcements (Until you get it back, that is.) There will be a secret way to win, but you'll have to find out what it is.

[Edited on 08/19/08 @ 02:45 PM]

File Author
***The release of the next has been post-poned due to the triggers not working and firing when not wanted. This problem is being fixed and now up to 50 trigers so far. Special way to win is currently open to suggestions.***

I am currently working on the fighters and then the bomber specials. You have to earn the bombers somehow.

[Edited on 08/19/08 @ 05:32 PM]

AGENCY_SEACKER No offense ninja, but i expected much better from your bleeding eyes commentarie4s towards other people´s map design, and well 50 triggers aint almost nothing, specially for a multiplayer scenario, my first scenario was a noob´s job believe me and it has around 120 triggers, my chaos fest which is my masterpiece has 366 triggers, and tatooine scum has 303 triggers, meaning an average scenario has around 200 to 400 triggers, you can analyze it from hero fests and such, there are even sucky multiplayer scenarios which have 4450 triggers like king of turrets, you gotta improve this, alot, no offense, i know you are a newcommer at this, but you gotta do better in my opinion.

[Edited on 08/20/08 @ 07:44 PM]

File Author
SEACKER, I'm still working on it. When I'm done, you'll see another submition. I'm working on evening out starting forces and reinforcemnets + bonuses. It'll have gods knows the amount of triggers. It kicked me out again, so I got to put the gates up again. DARN TEDIOUS TRIGGER WORK!

EDIT: The triggers are kicking me out of the game, so I am canceling this project until I can get the first version of swgb.

[Edited on 08/21/08 @ 02:45 PM]

WizardBoy Hey, dont give up yet. You can always ask for help. What didnt work? I mean, if you cant get it done, then there are people that can think along with you to come to a possible solution. So what went wrong? I motivated enough to help as of now. Just dont give up that quick.
File Author
Alright, Wizard.
Here's the problem:
I have a trigger for all 8 players + GAIA to gain control of 4 Hvy weapons factories (the AA Mobile Facts.) When no one has 1 unit in the place where they are, it is changed to GAIA control. When I hit test, it automatically changes from GAIA to Player 1's control and 30 seconds later it exits.

Thanks for the help.
AGENCY_SEACKER You mean it crashes, one of the triggers is bugged, if its just one, delete it and redo it, if its many, delete triggers but dont save, until you hit with the bugged trigger, ull know because when its deleted, the game wont crash, and it will be easier for you to fidn the trigger, when you do, delete it, and redo it.
File Author
I am pretty sure it was the one that changes the AA base to player 1, since they all turned blue.
I got the first version and will re download this and try again.

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Map Design2.0
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