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World War II Europe

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master silver
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Other
Number of players: 2-8
World War II

by Red Revolution[/c]

As some of you may know one of the most rated scenarios is WW II European Theatre by Bombshoo. This was the best multiplayer map I had ever played but I noticed it still had some lacking qualities. So for my final submission to Swgb I have decided to do a complete remake of it. Below are the features and screenshots.


-4 Different game modes to choose from. These include historical multiplayer missions like Operation Barbossa, as well as the settings for team games like Axis vs Allies.

-Historically accurate representations of everything from World War II. Even though this is Star Wars everything is custom named and placed to be historically accurate. Capitals are in their correct locations, units have different names and attributes to match their role in history.

-New Special Units. Each nation receives unique powers and different units. For example Germany has U-Boats, as well as Panzer Tanks, where as Yugoslavia uses different unique ethnic infantry.

-An award system based on kills. In addition special circumstances and events happen from destroying certain areas such as colonies, or assassinating leaders of other nations.


Fall Of France

Battle in the Atlantic

Operation Barbossa

Fighting in Africa

-Completely renovated realistic Map Design










Advanced Praise for the Scenario World War II

“Even more entertaining than reading Mien Kampf”- Erwin Rommel

“After playing this game I have this to say. An iron curtain has descended across swgb… a curtain of fun multiplayer gaming!”- Winston Churchill

“I own at this game. There is no way any capitalist pig could beat me.”- Joseph Stalin

***Please note there is one error that occurs if the game is not set up correctly. Make sure that it is set up correctly by giving each player their correct color, i.e. the host must be blue, the second player to join must be red. If you do not do this then incorrectable errors occur.***

***This Scenario MUST be played for multiplayer and not singleplayer.***

Please rate if you enjoyed it!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
You are given four choices. A Free for all beginning in 1939, a hunt for a specific chain of capitals for each player, a everyone against communism invasion of the U.S.S.R., and a 1944 Axis and Allies. Quite substantial for a mission.

Balance: 3
Most of this comes from the perspective of the U.S.S.R., the host player, the default for single player, and the most affected by balance.

The T-34, known as one of the best medium tanks of WW2 had only 50 hitpoints with no upgrades. Other civs, whose tanks are actually weaker, had at least 150 hitpoints with some extra firepower. Even in being historical, it was the Italians, not the Russians with the really weak armor. Overall, a useless unit which I discarded in favor built mech destroyers.

Stalin -- I know the heroes are supposed to be superheroes. But a Sith Master is a bit too extreme. Compared to other heroes, he can convert and allow the U.S.S.R. to immediately launch an assault with Stalin. (For that matter, eliminate access of all players to Jedi/Sith.

The Hero aircraft the Germans and Spanish had could wipe the other off of the map. The only reason the U.S.S.R. was not affected was that the planes only appeared over Russia as scouts, not combatants

Regardless of play, the U.S.S.R. also received free infantry (useless) and six heavy artillery quite early. Going against the others, Germany and France stayed in Tech Level 1, Spain tried to dominate the map, but Turkey was the only real obstacle.

I do appreciate the removal of Air cruiser from the scenario. The other WW2 mission comes down to the Allies leading with a fleet of Air cruiser having to constantly shoot down the Germans and, occasionally, those of the Africa Corp.

Creativity: 4
This is not the first WW2 in Europe mission, but the choice of missions (an idea I was thinking about using to a lessor extent before playing this) does add to your score.

Map Design: 3
Most of the map resembled Europe. However, the walls and the layout of Britain take away from the realism.

Story/Instructions: 2
Very very basic, but workable.

Additional Comments:
Unless the player is Germany or Spain with their hero units or the Allies (with the off-continent position), the hero and civ special units are mostly unhelpful, particularly in Eastern Europe and Russia (with the exception of Sith Master Stalin and its double walls). Ultimately, the winner would be the player (Germany, Spain, Britain, or U.S.S.R.) who knows how to most effectively use their civ.
Map Design5.0


REVIEW 4.4/5

Time Taken To Complete Game = 01:17:20

--Creativity 4/5--

The creativity was very good, You named the Tanks, Planes, and
Ships. There was a couple of things you missed, Like GAIA animals,But you did include alot of fish so its kind of even, You still need a bit more food-type resources, As it is quite hard to get established as the begining of the game.

--Story/Instructions 5/5--

Story was good, The facts were accurate, The county's were in the correct places. You were able to choose the game type during the game. The game had a nice interface. The quotes that appeared every-so often were interesting and some were humorous.

--Balance 4/5--

The Balance was alright, Although the Hannon Soliders you used for the Soviet Red Army were quite weak, You could try increasing the attack as you did with the other civilisations. Also, the enemy tended not to attack your base, rather wait till you attacked them then retaliate. Your allies were quite effective to
keep balance which got the rating higher.

--Map Design 5/5--

The Map design was very good, It must have taken a long time to create all the land. You had a nice mix of terrains and the land was raised and lowered. The water was good, mixed also. The map design was almost perfect, Apart from the GAIA Animals I mentioned, and the Holocrons seemed to be in hard-to-reach places.They would have helped you get your base established quicker.

--Reccomended Improvemtents--

+ More attack to the Red Army
+ More HP to the Capital Buildings
+ Lower the attack on the U-boat
+ Put the Holocrons in a more reachable area
+ Add attack and HP to Civilisation Captains.
+ Make your enemys attack you more often, Maybe
use the Aggressive AI for the enemy players.

--Errors Found --

No errors were found. You succeded in creating a
5-star campaign. It's a nice change having this
type of campaign rather than another Role-Playing Game.


The game wasn't too complex, The objectives were clear, Although there was only one (Destroy the Axis Capitals) The Intelligence section was very helpful, And the
Reconnaisance was also.


There were alot of Triggers, It's obvious that the game took a long time to make, Not a quick messy scenario. For that you earn a 5 here also.

Many Thanks,

[Edited on 08/19/08 @ 04:17 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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