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The Oncoming Storm

Author File Description
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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 13
<The Oncoming Storm>

Part 1 - I Stand Alone

It Is The Tide Of War, The Republic Are Soon To Emerge Victorious. But Little Do The Republic Know, Supreme Chancellor Plans To Overthrow The Jedi Order and
Form An Empire Of His Own.

A Jedi Knight In The Republic's Special Task Force Has Discovered The Chancellors Plans And Has Decided To Confront The Jedi Council With This News.

As This Jedi, By The Name Of Rex Monolithe And His Ship,'The Vulture' Head For Corucant, Darth Siosk Has Found Out Of Rex's Plan And Has Intercepted His Fighter.

As Rex Crash Lands His Ship On An Small Unfamiliar Space Station, Darth Siosk Watches Over Him.

Who Knows What Lays Ahead For Him...

EMAIL : wellst.swgb@hotmail.co.uk

WEBSITE : http://wellst.webs.com

THREAD : Visit the Thread

Many Thanks,
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Map Design2.0
Introduction: Well, that was a long campaign. It has some good points and some bad points which will be explained below.

Playability: 2
Ah. Was it playable? The balance kinda ruined it, and you get auto-defeated in the later levels when you do a Simonsays or another spawn cheat. After playing it for an hour (It takes longer than that) you want to do something else, because some levels could be put on others, and the cutscenes were just too long.

Balance: 2
On some levels, you get slaughtered. On others, you quash the enemy. Even the "cheat" WELLST put in didn't work well, and you need to use the skywalker.

Creativity: 3
Creativity wasn't very good. One might think that if some Jedi were mysteriously killed in the Council room, and there was a recording of the killers (Sideous and a Dark Jedi), I would believe the Jedi would go to Palpatine's room imediately, which is quite before Anakin told Mace about Sideous.

Map Design: 2
The map design wasn't good. There was little elevation and terrain variety, and no eye candy.

Story/Instructions: 2
The author didn't say how to install mods for the new players. Instead, he just said to put the files in the Game/mods folder, which does not exist and would do nothing. And the story was a Jedi a small time before, in and not long after Order 66.

Additional Comments: There are several things that could be improved on, like the things above, the "cheat", how many Jedi survived Order 66 explained in the last level, and other things I might not have mentioned. Basically, download if you want about 1 and a half hours taken from your day.
master silver Harsh review.
Selur ..and you've never done a harsh review, master silver? :p

But anyways, this review IS very critical. I'll have to play this sometime and give it a proper review.
Rossk Reviews are supposed to be harsh. How else can the designer improve it if all you say in the review is "It was fun lol"?
I_Jedi True. And I said several things that he should improve.
JetiMaster James Playability: 5
Great not a dull monemet and it's one of these campaign you can play again and again but there were some bugs like when i left the canita i insistently rentered and then left in an endless loop

Balance: 5
some bits were clearly in your faver but others it looked unwinabul but with some hints for it
for intelligent look to be possible but still very hard

Creativity: 3
it is not a first but the battles were slightly different for other campaign i have played

Map Design: 5
great map look really good note: i loved the ships layout

Story/Instructions: 4
a great story line taking place just before order 66 but some of the Instructions were a let down and the hints eg location were a terrible i could find sum of the thing eg the the turret power core there were tons of power cores which one

Additional Comments:
didn't master vrook die a long time ago
sorry about any spelling errors

[Retracted due to little content. - Bryl]

[Edited on 08/07/08 @ 12:33 PM]

master silver "Reviews are supposed to be harsh. How else can the designer improve it"

You would love some of my reviews Rossk, and selur you know what they say it takes one to know one.
Selur "and selur you know what they say it takes one to know one."

...since when do I review harshly?
master silver I was talking about myself not you. I know what harsh reviews are because I often write them!
File Author
I disagree, I don't think you have to write a harsh review to make the designer improve his work, I think its a sign of Newbishness, If you look at the best designers, they don't write harsh reviews. And I_Jedi, Can you just stop reviewing my work, This took a long time to make, It has 13 scenarios, And I have improved it alot from the demo, which was rated higher.
When you create some campaigns you wouldn't like people to write harsh reviews to you.

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