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I, Clone

Author File Description
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1

War! In a climatic battle
above Corusant, the Sith Lord, Count Dooku,
is killed, however his fiendish lieutenant,
General Grievous, escapes.

Seeking to end the Galactic Sieges,
the Jedi of the Republic are sent to search
for the Separatist Armies.

When incredible Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi believes he has tracked the cyborg commander
on Utapua, the Republic 212th Attack Battalion's 7th Sky Corps are sent to the
sinkhole plantet, led by skilled Clone Trooper Commander CC-2224, a.k.a. Cody...

Scenario Information
- A mix of RPG and FF
- Rapid Gameplay. Keep moving.

Orginally, this was meant to be a multiple-part series, but then the sequel started getting to have a too-complex-and-hard-to-understand plot, so it may be continued, just not anytime soon. Anyways, enjoy. Don't worry, it works fine as a stand-alone scenario (as far as story goes).

Please don't review if you have nothing good to say. And for everyone else, enjoy.

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AGENCY_SEACKER Let me be the first to download this, any mods needed?

EDIT: Alright, just to make sure, since this is the first campaign i download, this goes on scenario or in cmapaign? im not sure

[Edited on 06/23/08 @ 03:54 PM]

File Author
None that are not included (They are in the folder "Mod Installer Adv"). If you don't feel like using them, fine. It can run without, but it improves it's appearence.

To answer your new question, it goes in the caimpaign folder

[Edited on 06/23/08 @ 05:32 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
A fun and interesting level, although there is really only one path to follow, and the mission is rather short.

Balance: 4
Clones vs. droids was well balanced, but the final fight was difficult.

Creativity: 5
The mine field and the autoturret system were very creative, and so was the final fight. I haven't seen too many good campaigns centered around a clone commander.

Map Design: 4
Well mixed and made. I like how you incorporated the CIS buildings, the geonosis stalagmites, or whatever they are, and the craters to give it an Utapau-y feel. but I thought that Utapau was a planet of deep sinkholes, and I was surrounded by clouds.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very good, I knew exactly what to do. Even easier with the hint page.

Additional Comments:
Overall a very good, if rather short, map. It was fun to play, even though I didn't look at that hint sheet until my guys stepped on the mines and it was too late. I liked how you included (SPOILER) yourself shooting o em gee, and that drunken Jango Fett guy, or whatever he was. I expected a large battle but I ws pleasently surprised by the skirmishes that took place. I hope you make a whole campaign about Cody.
File Author
Thank you very much for your review! I'm glad to know that you enjoyed it!
skirata Yes, it was quite enjoyable. Are you going to make a multiple-mission campaign about Cody?
File Author
I might. I'm still brainstorming my next move. ;)
High_Voltage Excellent. I loved it.

But I have a question.

HOW did you get the dead clone corpses to not decay.

Haveing dead clones all around made it very realistic, and I would like to know how to do it.
File Author
I don't give away my secrets...lol just kidding. All I did is steal the frames of dead clones from Andrea Italy's mods, and recompliled them to replace a useless unit, in this case I think it was "Plant (Frozen)".

Reviews are highly appreciated...

[Edited on 07/06/08 @ 09:38 AM]

Darth Siader I always wanted to do that, does the tutorials here show u how or what? What did u use to do that
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3

Playability was a bit of a let down, There were only a couple of battles, This wasn't really a campaign, It was a short scenario. Although the game was quite good I wouldn't play it again.
The medpacks the clone gave you at the end before the Boss Battle weren't used at all. I think that's something you need to fix.

Balance: 5

Tha balance was evenly matched, Although I found most of my men dying from 'freindly fire' from things like the AT-AT. But apart from that, The battles were evenly matched. You had to save quite often, Especially in the Boss Battle.

Creativity: 5

The creativity was good, Nice use of triggers, You created some effects from 'hidden objects' in the scenario editor which added to the atmosphere of the game. Nice work.

Map Design: 4

It is clear while playing that you made an effort to make the buildings look advanced, You used the 'Map Copy'in the scenario editor, Which created some nice effects. Well done, the only thing that let you down a bit was the number of mods needed for gameplay.

Story/Instructions: 4

The story was quite simple, And easy to understand, The story was kept constant.
But there wasn't really much of a story, You copyied a quote from the internet and used it as your intelligence.

Additional Comments:

To conclude, This was a good game. But it was very short, It took about 8 Minutes to complete, I was hoping there would be another scenario after it, There wasn't. The thing that boosted the Review the most was the Boss Battle at the end, That was brilliant.

EDIT: Also, I thought it was very fun to include people from SWGBH in the scenario, That made me laugh.:)(please don't include me in any)


[Edited on 07/29/08 @ 05:37 AM]

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