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Zoo's Quest

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
In this RPG you control Rufus, who is searching for a medicine to cure his adoptive father Professor Zoo.

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Rebel_CIS_Sup Playability: 5
Interesting to play. Takes you to a believable world outside Star Wars.

Balance: 5
You can get killed if you are not careful. Especially in the second map, you need to build up strength (or as least deal with the Capo mission) before attempting the terrorists and save the Nativetown park assault until last.

Creativity: 5
Quite ingenious creative story.

Map Design: 5
Your map design shews a mastery of the forests and grassy area. The city was nice enough that it made a memorable impression

Story/Instructions: 5
Easy to follow (except for the entering building on the first mission). In addition, you entered into some points most others may not dare to go.

Additional Comments:

[Retracted due to little content. - Bryl]

[Edited on 06/14/08 @ 06:24 AM]

master silver This campaign was good but I think you rated it waaay to high.
Map Design3.0
Rebel_CIS_Sup, you rated this caimpaign like it was SOTE or HL. It is hardly either. I take it you are not quite familiar with the concept of "RPG"s yet.

Playability: 3
In the first mission, you walk around roads into a city, and enter a building the same way as done it LITBC2. Hardly complex. It's nothing new or advanced here. The second mission actually offers some fun.

Balance: 3
You have too much of an advantage, and I didn't come close to dying.

Creativity: 2
Infuelence from Life in the Big City Two is incredibly visible.

Map Design: 3
No Terrain mixing and very little elevation. Rebel_CIS_Sup, please look at Falcon's First Flight. THAT is what a jungle/forest map should look like. This map is good, but it has the potenital to be a LOT better.

Original "Get me medicine before I die" story. And it goes where most others always go.

Additional Comments: Raise your standards, Rebel_CIS_Sup! It seems that you have little knowledge in RPG tricks and what you know about SWGB is centered around the Lucasarts caimpaigns included in the game. Play some of SWGB:H's top-rated RPGs, and you'll be intruduced into what SWGB really has the potential to be.
Rebel_CIS_Sup I did. Falcon's first flight is virtually unbeatable (although that was when I first tried it).
Selur It's not too bad really. The Boss is what gets you. And even then, you have healthpacks (I have a suspicion that you don't understand the concept of them, so I'll explain. Once you have one food, press enter on your keyboard, type 1, and enter again).
Rebel_CIS_Sup Actually, I am familiar with health packs, but I usually run out of them in the fight.

Given my strategy in such a situation now, I probably need only one spare as I would avoid the traps and pin the walker in a corner where I could shoot at it without retaliation.

Truth be told, I have played most of the missions on the site, including the role playing. My favorite RPG is the Dark Forces campaign (the one done by the modder of Kyle Katarn with a Dark Force group mod). I also like several of the Boba Fett missions, particularly Anchorage Station.

Creating role play would be more difficult as I like to minimize trigger (RPG needs a lot of them) and my version of the game does not readily increase the attack power of the units (I compensate with the increased hit points and researching techs; the only exception being the rancor on Geonosis)
Selur My final point is: you bumped this into the "top rated" section. It does NOT belong in the "top rated" section. I don't really care what you design, really. But if you played RPGs before, why did you rate this one so high? Not really true when you compare all the other work guys like Tevious, Night Conqueror, and HanKatarn425 put into THEIR projects. The fair review of this is 4.0, which is about the average of our two reviews...

...have a nice day.

[Edited on 06/02/08 @ 04:32 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
It was playable, i dont really know what i should write here o.O But yeah, its a really nice campaign. I recommend others to download and play!

Balance: 3
The balance was good-ish but in my oponion the Rufus character had too much HP

Creativity: 4
Great quests and objectives! I really enjoyed playing this campaign even tho there were only two scenarios.

Map Design: 4
The map design was beautiful, much like the other top rated campaigns.

Story/Instructions: 4
The objectives were great and i understood them well.

Additional Comments: I really enjoyed playing this campaign. Its defenitevly going into my favorite campaigns folder amongst the other legendary campaigns.

[Edited on 06/15/08 @ 03:47 PM]

masterchief4all good or not, everythings better to me if you use the cheats when u r in a tight spot.

good mod.

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