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Jedi Force Powers - Part 4

Author File Description

Jedi Force Powers - Part 4

This modpack gives special powers to several heroes from the original trilogy. You can train these heroes in a regular game:

  • Luke Skywalker ..... Rebel Fortress
  • Yoda ..... Rebel Jedi Temple
  • Darth Vader ..... Imperial Fortress
  • Palpatine ..... Imperial Sith Temple
  • Boba Fett ..... Hutt Fortress

    Force Powers

    Each Force hero has two attack modes: LIGHTSABER and FORCE.

    In LIGHTSABER mode, the hero fights with his lightsaber, and is hidden by stealth. In FORCE mode, the hero attacks with a Force power, and moves with Force-Jump. (Boba Fett has similar abilities, but he uses conventional weapons).

    To switch modes, click the Next Power icon: , or type hotkey P.

    Hutt Civilization

    The Trade Federation has been converted into the Hutt Civilization. The Hutt use a combination of Tatooine and Trade-Federation technology. For example, they can build Tusken Raiders, as well as Destroyer Droids. See below for a complete list of Hutt units.

    Unique Starships

    The Rebels, the Empire, and the Hutt can build unique starships:

  • Rebels ..... Blockade Runner, Millenium Falcon
  • Empire ..... Star Destroyer, Super Star Destroyer
  • Hutt ..... Stealth Air Cruiser, Slave 1

    These ships have a garrison capacity, so they can carry most military units (troopers, mechs, jedi and heroes). Star Destroyers can also carry fighters, bombers and air transports.

    Each civ gets a special bonus for their unique ships: Rebel ships are faster; Imperial ships are stronger; Hutt ships have stealth.

    Unit Replacements

  • RA Cannon ..... Luke Skywalker
  • RA Jedi Master ..... Yoda
  • RA Anti-Air Trooper ..... Han Solo
  • RA Grenade Trooper ..... Chewbacca
  • RA Repeater Trooper ..... Elite Rebel Trooper
  • RA Pummel ..... Explosive Ewok
  • RA Air Cruiser ..... Blockade Runner
  • RA Bounty Hunter ..... Millenium Falcon
  • RA Anti-Air Mobile ..... B-Wing

  • GE Cannon ..... Darth Vader
  • GE Sith Master ..... Palpatine
  • GE Anti-Air Trooper ..... Admiral Piett
  • GE Grenade Trooper ..... General Veers
  • GE Repeater Trooper ..... Elite Stormtrooper
  • GE Strike Mech ..... Navy Trooper
  • GE Pummel ..... Explosive Droid
  • GE Air Cruiser ..... Star Destroyer
  • GE Bounty Hunter ..... Super Star Destroyer
  • GE Anti-Air Mobile ..... TIE Interceptor
  • GE Air Transport ..... Lambda Shuttle

  • HT Cannon ..... Boba Fett
  • HT Anti-Air Trooper ..... Jabba the Hutt
  • HT Grenade Trooper ..... Bib Fortuna
  • HT Trooper ..... Rodian Henchman
  • HT Mounted Trooper ..... Gamorrean Guard
  • HT Scout ..... Landspeeder
  • HT Strike Mech ..... Rancor
  • HT Mech Destroyer ..... Desert Skiff
  • HT Assault Mech ..... Sail Barge
  • HT Artillery ..... Tusken Raider
  • HT Pummel ..... Explosive Jawa
  • HT Anti-Air Mobile ..... Sandcrawler
  • HT Air Cruiser ..... Stealth Air Cruiser
  • HT Bounty Hunter ..... Slave 1
  • HT Buildings ..... Tatooine Buildings

    Special Features

  • Tusken Raiders can switch between club and rifle.
  • Solo, Piett, Jabba and the Sandcrawler can fire at air and ground.
  • Chewbacca, Veers and Fortuna have a bonus vs mechs.
  • Explosive Ewoks, Droids and Jawas have a bonus vs buildings.


  • Rossk: Original Boba Fett cannon mod
  • Andrea Italy: Darth Vader, Navy Trooper, Admiral Piett
  • Light Side: Yoda Lightsaber Skills
  • Dragn1821: Super Star Destroyer

  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Rating: 5
    Excellent Work yet again, Bantha Bob. The modifications in the Genie engine are very creative and well done (Particuarly the kamikaze-like units and the buildable Heroes). Some excellent Cannon mods in here, too. All those units with changing weapons are a lot of fun :D.In a way, this mod is also a conversion, changing the Trade Federation to a Hutt civ.(It only works for Tatooine, but who cares:p)

    Additional Comments: A lot of fun, if only it would work for multiplayer games. :(

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