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Jedi Force Powers - Part 4

Author File Description

Jedi Force Powers - Part 4

This modpack gives special powers to several heroes from the original trilogy. You can train these heroes in a regular game:

  • Luke Skywalker ..... Rebel Fortress
  • Yoda ..... Rebel Jedi Temple
  • Darth Vader ..... Imperial Fortress
  • Palpatine ..... Imperial Sith Temple
  • Boba Fett ..... Hutt Fortress

    Force Powers

    Each Force hero has two attack modes: LIGHTSABER and FORCE.

    In LIGHTSABER mode, the hero fights with his lightsaber, and is hidden by stealth. In FORCE mode, the hero attacks with a Force power, and moves with Force-Jump. (Boba Fett has similar abilities, but he uses conventional weapons).

    To switch modes, click the Next Power icon: , or type hotkey P.

    Hutt Civilization

    The Trade Federation has been converted into the Hutt Civilization. The Hutt use a combination of Tatooine and Trade-Federation technology. For example, they can build Tusken Raiders, as well as Destroyer Droids. See below for a complete list of Hutt units.

    Unique Starships

    The Rebels, the Empire, and the Hutt can build unique starships:

  • Rebels ..... Blockade Runner, Millenium Falcon
  • Empire ..... Star Destroyer, Super Star Destroyer
  • Hutt ..... Stealth Air Cruiser, Slave 1

    These ships have a garrison capacity, so they can carry most military units (troopers, mechs, jedi and heroes). Star Destroyers can also carry fighters, bombers and air transports.

    Each civ gets a special bonus for their unique ships: Rebel ships are faster; Imperial ships are stronger; Hutt ships have stealth.

    Unit Replacements

  • RA Cannon ..... Luke Skywalker
  • RA Jedi Master ..... Yoda
  • RA Anti-Air Trooper ..... Han Solo
  • RA Grenade Trooper ..... Chewbacca
  • RA Repeater Trooper ..... Elite Rebel Trooper
  • RA Pummel ..... Explosive Ewok
  • RA Air Cruiser ..... Blockade Runner
  • RA Bounty Hunter ..... Millenium Falcon
  • RA Anti-Air Mobile ..... B-Wing

  • GE Cannon ..... Darth Vader
  • GE Sith Master ..... Palpatine
  • GE Anti-Air Trooper ..... Admiral Piett
  • GE Grenade Trooper ..... General Veers
  • GE Repeater Trooper ..... Elite Stormtrooper
  • GE Strike Mech ..... Navy Trooper
  • GE Pummel ..... Explosive Droid
  • GE Air Cruiser ..... Star Destroyer
  • GE Bounty Hunter ..... Super Star Destroyer
  • GE Anti-Air Mobile ..... TIE Interceptor
  • GE Air Transport ..... Lambda Shuttle

  • HT Cannon ..... Boba Fett
  • HT Anti-Air Trooper ..... Jabba the Hutt
  • HT Grenade Trooper ..... Bib Fortuna
  • HT Trooper ..... Rodian Henchman
  • HT Mounted Trooper ..... Gamorrean Guard
  • HT Scout ..... Landspeeder
  • HT Strike Mech ..... Rancor
  • HT Mech Destroyer ..... Desert Skiff
  • HT Assault Mech ..... Sail Barge
  • HT Artillery ..... Tusken Raider
  • HT Pummel ..... Explosive Jawa
  • HT Anti-Air Mobile ..... Sandcrawler
  • HT Air Cruiser ..... Stealth Air Cruiser
  • HT Bounty Hunter ..... Slave 1
  • HT Buildings ..... Tatooine Buildings

    Special Features

  • Tusken Raiders can switch between club and rifle.
  • Solo, Piett, Jabba and the Sandcrawler can fire at air and ground.
  • Chewbacca, Veers and Fortuna have a bonus vs mechs.
  • Explosive Ewoks, Droids and Jawas have a bonus vs buildings.


  • Rossk: Original Boba Fett cannon mod
  • Andrea Italy: Darth Vader, Navy Trooper, Admiral Piett
  • Light Side: Yoda Lightsaber Skills
  • Dragn1821: Super Star Destroyer

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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Selur Oooh! Another One! Sounds cool Banthabob!!
    Sir Orion Finally someboidy creates Tatooine-specific units in the game. I am going try this one.

    Keep up the superb work Bob.

    [Edited on 04/09/08 @ 08:30 AM]

    Rating: 5
    Excellent Work yet again, Bantha Bob. The modifications in the Genie engine are very creative and well done (Particuarly the kamikaze-like units and the buildable Heroes). Some excellent Cannon mods in here, too. All those units with changing weapons are a lot of fun :D.In a way, this mod is also a conversion, changing the Trade Federation to a Hutt civ.(It only works for Tatooine, but who cares:p)

    Additional Comments: A lot of fun, if only it would work for multiplayer games. :(
    Rebel_CIS_Sup I like the arrangement here better than in the other Jedi Power Missions. Very well done.

    The Federation could be replaced with the Hutts if the Trade Federation was added to the CIS civilization.

    The only downside to this mod is a lack of heavy weapons for the Empire and Rebels. In addition, the Naboo and the Gungans were unaffected, leaving the Gungans with the best infantry (Repeaters > Elite infantry).

    The only Jedi Powers Mod that does not reduce the Hvy trooper attack to 8 from 9.
    skirata where do i put the files? lease respond, im new to this game
    File Author
    Hi Skirata, welcome to SWGBH!

    First of all, make sure you have the Clone Campaigns expansion pack. This mod won't work properly unless you have the expansion.

    To install the mod, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Download the mod-installer program. It's in the utilities section, just search for 'mod installer' and you'll find it.

    2. Download the zip archive for the mod (click the red icon at the top of this page).

    3. Extract the *.mpi file from the zip archive.

    4. Make sure SWGB is not running.

    5. Run the mod installer.

    6. Click 'open mod'. Browse to the *.mpi file and click 'open'.

    7. The readme file for the mod will pop up. Read it, then click 'close readme'.

    8. Click 'install'. Wait while the mod is installed. This may take a while, since the *.mpi is large.

    9. When the mod is installed, a confirmation box will pop up (it should say 'Mod Installed Successfully'). Click 'ok' to get rid of it.

    10. Close the mod installer.

    11. Run SWGB.

    The mod should now be installed. To remove the mod, just exit the game, run the mod installer again, and click 'remove latest'.
    skirata Thanks BanthaBob. Installed mod, and it's awesome.
    Darth Dars One more wonderful mod. Congratulations.

    Can you do a mod with the 4 parts together? It would be great.

    [Edited on 08/15/14 @ 09:51 PM]

    tkman95 im also a nooby nooby noob, wot is the mod installer??? PLEASE reply!!!
    File Author
    It's the program that you use to install mods. You can download it from the Utilities section.
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