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Lord of the Rings

Author File Description
<Lord Of The Rings>

Version 1.0

Brings Pbguy1211's Mods Together with Some Of My Own.


Pbguy1211 For Creating Most Of The Mods Enclosed.

Master Echu For Submitting This Unusually Large Mod.

Contact Me; wellst.swgb@hotmail.co.uk

Website; wellst.webs.com

Many Thanks,
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ColdenBloode Ohhh this looks interesting...ill give it a go at :P
Noobo Yeah seriously stop submitting mods that are already in the downloads section, it's almost as bad as I_Jedi's spam
File Author
Sorry guys if anyone is offended by me. I realise i'm pretty outnumbered here. I have taken your advice on board and Stopped submitting 'Other Peoples Mods'. I can see why you think they are other peoples mods, but i have made some changes to them to make them diffrent. Can you name the ones your unhappy about and i'll remove them.

Sorry to everyone who is offended and if i've missed giving credit to someone please tell me and i'll update the mod. This isn't just Pbguy's mods, But you've got to agree that its easier downloading this than downloading 30 mods seperately. Anyway i never did say that all these mods were mine and i did give the original creators the credit.


[Edited on 06/27/08 @ 11:14 AM]

Orrion Carn "I Work In A Group Of 6 People"

What group? Earth Productions? lol. j/k

Here's some advise with a design group... Since, I owned one once before...

1. Present yourselfs with quality work.

2. if it is still a bit cheesy, but still good, show it here, take the abuse, and improve on your skills.

I remember it was because of the abuse(That my team died out) that my SCN skill greatly improved... they look great now... About 50-50 on my modding skills, between good and bad... I'm hoping that my skills get to 70-30 because of my moddding thread.

3. Don't act like a child when you get abused, doesn't help the image... Here, I beleave it's this:

1. They check for quality work, they point out any miskakes.

2. If you act like a child, they'll know that you’re not worth any time to them... So, act professional. Did George Washington get to be president by acting like a child? No, he acted professional... That's the way a design team should be... Professional, not childish.

And that's all the help I can be...

(Sorry, I'm unable to download it... I have hughes.net and it's slow with downloads like that... and then my dad gets a little mad when he's trying to check for an important e-mail)
Darth Luminosity Another great example of WELLST PRODUCTIONS stealing others work, (even if they credit the original makers), and acting like a baby if the Makers get mad about it. Personally, I think you should stop doing these packs and just put your own mods on, not others. Then we would KNOW when YOU put YOUR OWN MODS ON. End of Story
Orrion Carn Yeah... Also, posting other people's stuff... That's a form of ripping... Most of the time we let it slid here... But, You've put, what, 50+ mods and utilties up here? In a week? That, we won't let slid... Sorry... But bring up some of your own work and stop doing this... It's annoying... Basicly, this is also another form of Spamming... It clogs up the system(I mean it in both ways, lol) here... The more mods that are on here, I've found, it take longer to upload a file... Like,

When I uploaded a file a month ago, took two days to upload(Because of the files already there)... I uploaded the Halo mods and it took four days... And there was a thirty mod gap from my last mod... And just those thirty made it slower...

It's get's annoying sometimes... This spamming isn't good for anything(Though, the only good thing Spam is good for is with eggs, lol. Trying to lightin' the mood).
Commander Deviss heed everything said here we know these arnt your mods as as orrion said youve released like 50+ in a few weeks and no modder can do that. Theres no need to re-release mods. and my email is not there to be used for advertising.
File Author

[Edited on 06/27/08 @ 11:17 AM]

jedi kenobi yo,this looks to be quite a great mod, I'll check it out!
masterchief4all i will try this out, but WELLST, please dont capitalize every word in a sentence. i'm sorry, but it bothers me.
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