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Space Attack

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Fixed Force
Your name is Alpha 112 onboard a Clone Capital Ship during the clone wars. Your mission is to get aboard the droid attack ship and kill the pilot so the ship will not be functional. Good luck.

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Janwender This was well desighned scenario and I liked everything about it. The only thing bad about it was that you didn't get many troops on you side which made it hard to fight of enemy's and there were to many droids on the other team. Landing the transports was difficult too.

[Edited on 01/03/08 @ 05:08 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
Not many troops for player1 and too many troops on enemy team.

Balance: 5
You gave both teams equal strenghs so it wasn't to difficult to destroy enemy's. E.G. player 3 has heavy troopers and so does player 2

Creativity: 4
I like how you just renamed things and not just esing mods.
Map Design: 5
I liked the assult ships they were very well designed
Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions were very easy to follow and you showed what to do other than say which I liked.Additional Comments: A very good scenario

[Edited on 01/03/08 @ 05:17 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the review! I'm glad that you liked it and I hope the other people who have downloaded this map like it as much as you did.
master silver
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
Well it was playable, there were no bugs and everything worked fine. There wasn't really much to do however, just kill some droids and then dodge some anti air turrets to get to the piolt to kill him and win.

Balance: 2
It only took me one try and I never lost any of my men. Try to make the other ship that you have to board more complex because it was too easy for me to use my air transport and drop my troops directly next to the piolt to kill him. Maybe put the piolt in a different area of the ship not so close to the drop off point?

Creativity: 3
It was really cool, but I was dissapointed that I didn't get to fly a ship and engage in air combat. I mean the title says "Space attack". The idea of fighting in space was good, but you needed to expand on it more to get better points by making the scenario longer.

Map Design: 2
You used a template and put very little of your own work into the map. Next time spice the template up with more eye candy and give credit to the person who made the template that you used.

Story/Instructions: 3
Nothing really indepth but I understood what to do nonetheless.

Additional Comments: This is an ok scenario for a quick game. If your going to improve it try making it more difficult and longer, but other than that it is a good concept, it just needs a little work.
File Author
The only problem I have with your rating is the template thing....if you were smart you would know that I made the template...Go to my other submissions and look for yourself, so don't just assume that I didn't make it.
master silver Sorry, about that my mistake.
File Author
It's ok...I hardly play this game anymore as it is so I could care less.
Map Design1.0
Playability: 3
Well, it was playable, a very little deph to the story as well as a little cutscene of the CIS boarding the "republic capital ship", as well as the task troops made the "ship" look busy, still there wasnt much things to do besides get in a transport, go to point a to point b, kill trade robots and find a damn way to blas your way through the enemy doors with your weak firepower, there where no new secrets, or real creative features, a real bland scenario in all aspects

Balance: 2
Besides trying to shoot down enemy walls kept me quite busy, more and more enemy troops came whiping me out again and again, you gave a total advantage to the enemy, and well yes its a realistic thing to do, since you are practically sending some heavy troops to their death expecting them to neutralize an entire "capital ship", maybe if it was a repeater troop or one of those republic commando guys, or at least some reinforcements maybe then it wouldnt be much of a foolish suicide order,
but well there may have been stupid generals in the republic days after all, still I dont see why such missions shall be fun to play after all.
Creativity: 3
Well, you got an idea that can be pushed to unseen limits, but unsurprisingly the idea was carried out poorly, no new features, no new creativity, no battlefront like feel, no much to do. as well as 15 triggers dont really make much for an action packed scene such a capital ship confrontation, and there where bugs, three triggers in red, i dont know if they where separators for triggers, im not sure im not one to temper with other´s scenarios i just analyze em a little.

Map Design: 1
i had in my head a picture of a massive confrontation with eye candy made capital ships shooting each other with their grand canyons as well as enemy transports boarding hangars such as the empirial hangar template i made, with tons of eye candy adn 3D looking walls, and outside tons of republic and CIS spawning ships shooting each other down, with lots of detonating trigger objects, something like a battlefront two confrontation but with an extremely well made interior with the engine sections as well as bridge sections and all, most of them eye candy made, but what i see, a bland surface with space walls that try to give the siluet of the republic and cis capital ships, no eye candy anywhere, and some buildings such as republic buildings that really didnt fit at all, i have always seen things differently, i have always wanted for people to really push it to the limit, if they want to catch my attention that is, imagine what it would be to grab one of those star wars vehicle technical books that have schematics of entire star destroyers, telling people where the engine room is, where the blaster fuel cells are, where the bridge is and how it is accessed, as well as how many hangars there are on a certain capital ship, those kind of things, that will push someone to do a never seen before eye candy made capital ship with all the sectors, i thought someone had already done it, but since no one has, i might as well get to work ;) i recommend you start checking out eye candy scenarios, you will find most of them in campaigns with a high score or with an expert map designer, or you could as well check out the templates section, i made two templates there that will help you understand some basics of eye candy creation as well as 3D concepts, one of them is the imperial hangar template which lies on the front page of the utilities section, and the other is Palpatine´s office template, lieing a little in the back pages, not the last ones, the first ones, search from pages 2 to 4, i also recommend you download the star destroyer bridge hangar, that template has expert eye candy work that makes my eye candy look like a noob´s work, an excelent template that may get you puzzled on how was done i give you a hint for that one, terrain copy, still i dont use it since it is very difficult to get it done correctly without spoiling something else, im letting you these hints for you to improve specially in your map design, next time i wont be so friendly with the review.

Story/Instructions: 3
Well, there wasnt much to explain, some scenes and basic instructions, no deph in the story, i would give this a two, but im in a good mood today.

Additional Comments:
You got to work harder, single player scenarios are demanding, and not as forgiving as a multiplayer scenario.
ninjasintheskies I have just been inspired by that map design review. And score 1 for the correct reviews. Sadly, we are still losing there.
AGENCY_SEACKER Then you know what your next scenario is about ninja, if you want any help, send me your e-mail, ill take you under my wing for a while, you have proven yourself promising, but you got MUCH to learn, specially if you want to pull something as massive as that.

PS: I lost your e-mail, so thats why im asking it again.

[Edited on 11/27/08 @ 02:06 PM]

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Map Design2.7
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