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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Tales of the Old Republic: The Naboo War (Demo)

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Tales of the Old Republic: The Naboo War (Demo)

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 1
Tales of the Old Republic

The Naboo War (Demo)

I have based this campaign (mainly the first scenario) on two of my former campaigns. This scenario is the first of the first campaign. I plan on making 3 campaigns, all involving the same characters. The scenario in this Demo is mainly an intro scenario, not many battles and action yet...

The campaigns take place around 1000 BBY. Ryan Etern is a young adult who lives with his uncle in the quiet town of Theed, on Naboo...

I still consider myself a newbie in making scenarios, so any critisism are welcome.

Update (18.11.07): I have changed a few things in it, diplomacies should not be changing from now on, and you'll get a message when someone joins your group.
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Orrion Carn
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
I was very playable, that's all the good I can say, the only drawback to the whole campaign was the way you had to have both characters with you. I didn't know you had to take both Ryan and Heather to Sa'ba'. So, it would be nice in the full version that you put some work in it like:

"Heather has become part of your party, you can now select her."

Then show her current position on the screen, with snap view to this location. Get it? That would make it better to understand... Also with the uncle part... I had to click everyone in the city to see who he was... But, that would help us RPG players get into your campaign.

Balance: 3
Nevermind about my first Balance review I made earlier.


The bursa's, like my first review, are still hard to fight. I would suggest a somewhat easier animal to face instead... It was good, just, sometimes, Ryan was almost killed a few time's in here. But, Still not bad for a newcomer.

Creativity: 4
Now, I love the way you put all this creativity into this campaign:
1st, I liked how you made it seem like just a bunch of teenagers talking gossip about who's going to date who.
2nd, I liked how you made that farmer be all snoopy and say, "Get off my land you crazy whooliganes."
3rd, I like how you did the romance kinda thing with Heather and Ryan... Oh, good choice on the name Ryan ;) . Cause My name is Ryan and I could really put myself into the Star Wars universe with this campaign.

Map Design: 4
Map design was great, it was really enjoyable to see how much work you put into the map design. But, I did have a bit of a problem with the map blending... Since the characters would be going through the swamp... Try changing it to a more swampy feel.

Story/Instructions: 5
I knew what to do the whole time I was playing it. It was a nice story, I liked how it turned from a gossip kinda begining to a full on action game. Good work.

Additional Comments:
Overall I would have to say that I really enjoyed this campaign. I would suggest this game for anyone looking for a good campaign to play. You really good for a newcomer to the the community here. Nice job.

[Edited on 11/19/07 @ 02:52 PM]

BleXeze Well, the instance i started the first scenario... Both Theed and Sabé switched to be my enemies and my character got slaughtered. Is this supposed to happen? Im not sure about that. I wont and cant review until ive done a proper play-trough of the scenario without being slaughtered by people who are supposed to be allies!
File Author
To Orrion Carn:

The 30 Bursa's are to keep you away from a place you shouldn't go to. The mayor's house in in Theed itself, I only use a place outside of Theed to represent the unside of the building. If you play the game normally you should only be able to fight against 6 bursa's. But I will add some triggers to make things more clear.

To BleXeze:

That never happened to me during testings, although I know that the "Test" in the scenario editor and playing the scenario itself can really be different. I shall add some triggers to change this.

Both thanks for replying, you've both helped me a lot.
Orrion Carn Ahh... Now I get it... I would suggest doing a snap view and a map reviller 4 on the mayers house in theed. That way it would work out where the player needs to go.

Plus, add a view health triggers. Search around for some health pack triggers. That would help the player heal up with a med pack... That way he doesn't die if his health is low and you die from a sneak attack.
File Author
I have made a small update, the diplomacy thing should work right now, and you'll see when someone joins you.

I haven't inserted your newest suggestions yet, Orrion, since I made the changes before I saw your newest post.

I have started my works on Scenario 2, the first battle...

[Edited on 11/18/07 @ 09:59 AM]

Orrion Carn Sounds good. I would really suggest puting in those things I said.

Oh, did you put that once a person joins you that the game says,"[name] has joined your party"?
File Author
I did put it in, it appears as a message instead of an instruction though, since they mostly join in the middle of conversations.

I'm as good as halfway through the second scenario as well.
Noobo The map design wasn't THAT good. You need to blend terrain. The city also needs major work. Use the map copy tool to make it more dense. also... Wall trees. place the trees in and out of the paths they work better than a straigh line of trees.
To create a no go area, simply place a cliff across the area and rotate each piece a couple of times. this makes an invisible cliff. Go try it!

Otherwise, a fine linear RPG!

[Edited on 11/19/07 @ 05:12 AM]

Orrion Carn I agree with Noobo here... After going back... I had noticed that the map design could use what Noobo commented...

But, a very good RPG.
BleXeze Hm, i just experienced the same loose-when-starting thingy on that Stargate SG-1 demo scenario.. Im beginning to suspect my game. But i do not believe in it being the game fully yet.
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