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Jedi Force Powers - Part 3

Author File Description

Jedi Force Powers - Part 3

This modpack gives Force powers to several heroes from Episode III. You can train these heroes in a regular game:

Yoda ..... Wookiee Fortress

Obi-Wan Kenobi ..... Naboo Fortress

Anakin Skywalker ..... Republic Fortress

Palpatine ..... Republic Hvy Weapons Factory

Each hero comes in two versions: Force and Pilot.

Force Hero

The Force hero is a cannon mod, with multiple powers. These can include:

  • Blaster: Ranged laser weapon.

  • Lightsaber: Melee combat. Bonus vs Jedi/Sith.

  • Deflect: 'Deflect' lasers. Double pierce armor.

  • Throw: Throw your lightsaber. Bonus vs mechs.

  • Push: Attack with Force energy. Bonus vs infantry and workers.

  • Lightning: Same effect as Push.

  • Jump: Leap quickly over any terrain. No attack.

    Each hero has a different combination of powers:

  • Lightsaber, Deflect, Throw, Push, Jump

    Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Lightsaber, Deflect, Throw, Push, Jump

    Anakin Skywalker
  • Lightsaber, Deflect, Throw, Lightning, Jump

  • Blaster, Lightsaber, Lightning

    To switch powers, click the Next Power icon: , or type hotkey P.

    Pilot Hero

    The Pilot hero is a regular Jedi/Sith knight. When the pilot picks up a holicron, he changes into a spacecraft:

    Yoda ..... Blockade Runner

    Obi-Wan Kenobi ..... Jedi Interceptor (red)

    Anakin Skywalker ..... Jedi Interceptor (yellow)

    Palpatine ..... Republic Shuttle

    If the spacecraft is destroyed, it leaves the pilot behind, as a survivor.

    Unit Changes

  • WK Cannon ..... Yoda [FORCE]
  • WK Bounty Hunter ..... Yoda [PILOT]
  • WK Grenade Trooper ..... Jedi Youngling
  • WK Repeater Trooper ..... Elite Wookiee Warrior

  • RN Cannon ..... Obi-Wan Kenobi [FORCE]
  • RN Bounty Hunter ..... Obi-Wan Kenobi [PILOT]
  • RN Grenade Trooper ..... Senator Padme Amidala
  • RN Air Transport ..... Royal Starship

  • REP Cannon ..... Anakin Skywalker [FORCE]
  • REP Bounty Hunter ..... Anakin Skywalker [PILOT]
  • REP Pummel ..... Palpatine [FORCE]
  • REP Artillery ..... Palpatine [PILOT]
  • REP Air Cruiser ..... Venator Star Destroyer
  • REP Fighter ..... ARC-170
  • REP Jedi Starfighter ..... V-wing
  • REP Air Transport ..... Clone Gunship
  • REP Strike Mech ..... Clone Walker
  • REP Repeater Trooper ..... Elite Clone Trooper
  • REP Jedi Padawan/Knight ..... Senate Guard
  • REP Jedi Master ..... Royal Guard

  • CIS Air Cruiser ..... Invisible Hand
  • CIS Fighter ..... Droid Tri-Fighter
  • CIS Air Transport ..... Banking Clan Frigate
  • CIS Repeater Trooper ..... Elite Battle Droid

  • TF Air Cruiser ..... TF Battleship
  • TF Fighter ..... Vulture Droid

    Special Features

  • Jedi Younglings generate a Force shield to protect nearby units.
  • Padme Amidala can attack ground and air units.
  • Air cruisers and fortresses launch fighters when they attack.
  • Air transports have garrision = 25.
  • Anti-air towers fire red lasers.
  • Republic buildings look like Coruscant buildings at Tech 4.
  • Moff Seedron's Mustafar random map is included.


  • Light Side: Yoda Lightsaber Skills
  • Redfive / Lord_Bane88: TF Battleship
  • Darth_Blax: Vulture Droid
  • Andrea Italy: All other Ep III graphics, including Anakin and Palpatine.
  • Moff Seedron: Mustafar map

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    AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Orrion Carn Wow... Hey, Banthabob. Could you e-mail me? I need to ask you something.

    Please get to me when you can.


    [Edited on 10/22/07 @ 05:29 PM]

    Orrion Carn Thanks for sending that e-mail I replied back to you. Thanks for the e-mail.

    OC out,

    Again, great mod.
    File Author
    Thanks for your review, OC. The pilot is a regular jedi, but he changes into a spaceship when he picks up a holicron. There isn't actually a button that makes him change. If you blow up the ship, you get the jedi back again.
    Orrion Carn OH, let me retry it... Then I'll re-new my review for you.
    Orrion Carn K, I re-did my post.
    Darth Dars I can't see palpatine in Hvy Weapons Factory.
    File Author
    Mmmm...I'm not sure why that would be. If you're using the scenario editor, make sure you are at Tech 3 or higher. Also, make sure you don't have any other mods installed. If another mod replaces the genie file, that will change the behavior.
    Darth Dars It doesn't appear.
    Do I need "Episode III-Mustafar.rms"?
    If I need, where must i put it?

    [Edited on 11/22/07 @ 02:18 PM]

    File Author
    Could you tell me the steps you followed to install the mod? That might make a difference.

    The Mustafar RMS file is optional. It's a random-map script. Just put it in your game/random folder. To play on the map, choose map type 'custom', than select 'EpIII-Mustafar'.
    Darth Dars I went to Mod Installer, I opened the mod and clicked "install".
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