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Shaak Ti's Redemption (FULL GAME)

Author File Description
zyne ross
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 6

Part 1: Rantik V
Master Shaak Ti has roamed the galaxy for countless years searching for friends, and a place she could call home. After her ship is intercepted in Rantik space, Shaak Ti crash lands in the fiery mountains of Rantik V.

Part 2:
Not too give too much away, Shaak Ti, with the help of Barriss Offee, leads a massive campaign to rescue the forgotten wookie land known as The Southern Pass. She leads countless battles on islands, on mountains, in the woods, etc.

In short:
This is the follow-up story that is a direct link to the FORCE UNLEASHED. It will lead directly to the story of how she met her padawan. Also check out my other campaigns, "Remnants of the Forces" and "The Emperor's Fist".

NOTE: you MUST download the Shaak Ti's Redemption Utilities pack in order to get the RIGHT gameplay experience. Type "zyne" in search to get both the game and utility pack on your download list! I cannot stress this enough! Please download both!
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zyne ross
File Author
Please post comments and ratings! They will really help me in making entertaining scenarios and campaigns! I take flamage too! Just post your reason for the flame.

Everyone who plays the campaign, please answer the following:

What did you like the most:
What did you like the least:
What needs improvement:
Any suggestions for improvement:
Additional Comments:
Ratings 1-5:
master silver
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
It was a decent campaign. The playability was very good in some respects but points off because of the balance issues. Overall it was your typically hack and slash hero scenario, which is ok, but the missions were somewhat tedious, with objectives that were too straight forward and a little repetative.

Balance: 2
For the first few levels you made Shaak Ti too strong. For the rest you gave way too many units and resources then were needed. The only plus is in the first level Barris Offee was weak enough to make it a challange.

Creativity: 3
I haven't seen too many Shaak Ti campaigns which made this one unique. However I have seen a good deal of the style that you made it with the RPG kill storm troopers, then go to this places type. To improve this I would make more complicated objectives instead of just "go to the landing platform" or "destroy the imperial fortress deal.

Map Design: 3
YOu had some terrian mixing which was good. However you used too many of the same type of building on the maps ex: Alot of mining platforms and prefab shelters on the first one. Also too many lava bubbles and wave ripples is a bad thing, try using less and spacing them out more.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story was very straight-forward. However I had trouble believing that Barris could talk through the force for so long. Also I don't think jedi use terms like "the netherworld". Finally the last scenario was too easy and you copied the dialouge right from the third lord of the rings. If that wasn't bad enough the very end of it coppied the first Starwars ending. Do something orignal. Write your own dialogue don't steal it! Make it a wookie ceremony, make it UNIQUE!

Additional Comments:
It had a decent core idea, but could definitly be improved upon in terms of Balance, Map Design, and the Dialogue and plot.
zyne ross
File Author
To comment on the style of the gameplay, I started the first few levels as basic hack and slash just to get the players started. As the story progresses however, you must command three islands filled with wookies at the same time from waves of Imperial attacks.

There is another level where you must defend your only structure which is a troop center, while at the same time protect your allied tribe and destroy the Imperial base.

Another level requires you to travel around the woods doing chores for the neighboring wookie tribes.

So as far as gameplay goes, I think it gives a little bit of everything.

As for the mining stations and prefab shelters, you need to play Star Wars Galaxies and study the star wars universe to get a lot of the little things in the campaign. Subtle names and such are all from places, you just gotta look for 'em. After the Clone Wars, the Menix Mining Facility became good buddies with the Galactic Empire briefly and set up millions of mining stations all over the galaxy.

As for "netherworld", yoda said in episode 3, "an old friend has returned from the netherworld of the force, your old master". So yes, jedi believe in an after-life place.

[Edited on 01/03/08 @ 06:44 PM]

master silver You are certainly entitled to that opinion, as am I to mine. My rating stands as it is.

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Map Design3.0
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