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Squad stories - DEMO

Author File Description
grievous66 STAR WARS

Squad Stories

This demo explains you an exclusive squad controlling system using the SW GB engine. You start with a Clone squad whom the mission is to infiltrate a Separatist base. Download, enjoy and good luck, soldier !

NB: please, rate.
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Orrion Carn Shouldn't this be in singleplayer Scenarios?
First off, i think he put it in the wrong download section.

[ IT'S RATING IS 4.4 ]
(since you put it in the wrong section)

Playability: 5
The best part of the game. The Squad control was Excelent. The whole Control-each-character was brilliant! 4 squadmembers, 4 unique skills

Balance: 5
The troops are not too hard to kill (he he he sniper go Bang...) Each Squardmember is diffent so that each one is affective against the enemy, but you have to think first (that's why it's a 5)

Creativity: 5
The squad control system is both easy to use and a great idea. thats all i have to say 'bout it

Map Design: 3
The map was of a factoty on a snowy planet. It lacked terrain mix and elavation. use of eyecandy is also needed (add some random crates in corners and use some metal 3)

Story/Instructions: 4
The intructions were simple, follow the orders and learn how to use your squad effectivly. the story was Kill everything and get to extracion point. Simple but it fulfils the tutorial's purpose

Additional Comments:
The best scenario i've played in a while, fun, (maybe not that...)exciting and a fresh new way of playing.
I'm gonna be looking for that campaign you mentioned
File Author
yeah, I know I put it in the wrong section, but I swear the full campaign will be in the "Campaign" section... :P
File Author
oh, and thanks for the review and those small advices, Noobo
Kael Storm Well, this scenario is great. This scenario is like a commandos level, just that in the final part, when you need to open the door, i move my troops to the 8 circle but the door was still unlocked, so i had to put "simonsays" and change diplomacy to get out.
File Author
strange thing the second door didn't open. perhaps something went wrong when downloaded...
File Author
Actually, I'm going to create many campaigns for each big STAR WARS faction: first off, the Republic, then the CIS, next the Empire and finally, the Rebellion. Each faction will affect your units differently, giving them more powers or weaknesses... ;)
But for now, just wait for the Republic campaign.
File Author
Heads up ! I've just finished creating both first missions for the Republic squad story ! Three to go, and I'll upload the full campaign...
Kael Storm
Rating: 5
This level rocks! The only thing you did wrong is to have putten it into the mods section. But it rocks.

Playability: 5
This was really great, you could change from a team member to another just by clicking them. And every team member has an ability, that's cool.

Balance: 4.5
Well, it was quite easy, but maybe it was because I play SWGB very well. Anyway, I think that you should add more troops for the enemy since the hardest part is when you are learning about the Machine Gun Trooper, and it's quite easy.

Creativity: 5 (10 if I could, but...)
Where to start? I never saw anything like this, you can change from a team member to another, every team member has a special ability that it's quite good, except the one of the Machine Gun Trooper, his ability is: beeing stronger than the others, i didn't like that. Still it was great. It was like the game Commandos.

Map Design: 4.5
The map was quite good, but there were some parts that seemed like you didn't put much effort in them. Maybe, you could change the names of the buildings and the doors, since it's a small level, I don't think it will be to difficult.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions were more than clear, were excellent. Still, this was just a tutorial, so
making instructions for tutorials it's quite easy. Story was quite good, a squad that infiltrates in a CIS base, you could explain little bit more, but it's ok.

Aditional Comments:
This campaign is very good and I think that if you make a larger DEMO, like: the tutorial and the ifrst mission, it will be better and we could make a better review. (I hope you put the campaign in the correct place next time).

PD: The second door opens now, when I put my technician on the 8 mark.

Additional Comments:

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