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Jedi Force Powers - Part 2

Author File Description

Jedi Force Powers - Part 2

This modpack gives special powers to several heroes from Episode III. You can train these heroes in a regular game:

Mace Windu ..... REP Fortress

Count Dooku ..... CIS Fortress

General Grievous ..... TF Fortress

Each hero comes in two versions: Force and Pilot.

Force Hero

The Force (or Combat) hero is a cannon mod, with multiple powers. These can include:

  • Lightsaber: Melee combat. Bonus vs Jedi/Sith.

  • Deflect: 'Deflect' lasers. Hero is more resiliant, but he cannot move.

  • Blaster: Long range weapon.

  • Throw: Throw your lightsaber(s). Bonus vs mechs.

  • Push: Attack with Force energy. Bonus vs infantry and workers.

  • Lightning: Same effect as Push.

  • Plasma Bomb: Same effect as Push.

  • Jump: Leap quickly over any terrain. No attack.

  • Wheelbike: Very fast. No attack.

    Each hero has a different combination of powers:

    Mace Windu
  • Lightsaber, Deflect, Throw, Push, Jump

    Count Dooku
  • Lightsaber, Deflect, Throw, Lightning, Jump

    General Grievous
  • Lightsaber, Blaster, Throw, Plasma Bomb, Wheelbike

    To switch powers, click the Next Power icon: , or type hotkey P.

    Pilot Hero

    The Pilot hero is a regular Jedi/Sith knight. When the pilot picks up a holicron, he changes into a spacecraft:

    Mace Windu ..... Jedi Interceptor

    Count Dooku ..... Interstellar Sail Ship

    General Grievous ..... Starfighter

    If the spacecraft is destroyed, it leaves the pilot behind, as a survivor.

    Other Changes

  • Air cruisers are stronger, and more effective vs aircraft.
  • Air transports have garrision = 25.
  • Anti-air weapons fire red lasers.

  • REP Air Cruiser ..... Venator Star Destroyer
  • REP Fighter ..... ARC-170
  • REP Air Transport ..... Clone Gunship
  • REP Repeater Trooper ..... Elite Clone Trooper
  • REP Strike Mech ..... Clone Walker

  • CIS Air Cruiser ..... Invisible Hand
  • CIS Fighter ..... Droid Tri-Fighter
  • CIS Air Transport ..... Banking Clan Frigate
  • CIS Repeater Trooper ..... Elite Battle Droid

  • TF Air Cruiser ..... TF Battleship
  • TF Fighter ..... Vulture Droid
  • TF Mounted Trooper ..... Magna Guard


  • Redfive / Lord_Bane88: TF Battleship
  • Darth_Blax: Vulture Droid
  • Andrea Italy: All other Ep III graphics, including General Grievous.

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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    The Real Bryl Superb.
    jediwannabe I havn't downloaded this yet but I must say you put quite a bit of work into the description...I'll download it and then post a review.:)
    braheem This doesnt work for me, crashes up my ModinstallerAdv for like 45 minutes and by then I give up, A real disappointment I was looking forward to this
    File Author
    Sorry if you had trouble. What exactly happened with the installer? Did you get an error message?

    The MPI file is huge, so it can take a long time to install. It may look like the installer is stuck, when in fact it's just busy. To accelerate the process, install a small mod first, then remove it, and install this one. For some reason the installer runs a lot faster if it's warmed up.

    [Edited on 08/01/07 @ 04:56 PM]

    braheem Nah bob its fine, i did it overnight and it was done when i woke up, i have to say you put ALOT of work into this but I really just wish I could have the jedi portion alone, I dont like the laser part and the unbalanced buffing of the air cruisers, but I must say Your a great modder. For now i have to uninstall it to preserve the balance of the game, couldnt beat the AI because 4 air cruisers took out my whole army (and i had alot of anti-air units)
    File Author
    Okay, glad you were able to install it.

    I understand what you're saying about the capital ships. They're pretty strong, and they tend to dominate. The best defense against a capital is another capital, or a squadron of fighters.

    I am working on Part 3 of the series right now. I'll try tweaking the attack profile of the capitals, so they are deadly vs aircraft, but weak vs ground targets.

    As for the anti-air lasers, I'll probably keep them, at least for the towers. Might remove them for the troopers and vehicles.

    Thanks alot for your feedback.

    [Edited on 08/02/07 @ 02:04 PM]

    braheem Yes bob there is one good side to this however, it will make me use air units more often, I rarely use them especially since I like to use The Trade Federation the most, and they are special for Mechs. But now Instead of countering air with anti-air, I can fight fire with fire, atleast for the time being,The jedi abilities are very cool and it compensates for this new Air Cruiser buff. I guess I better start making more air units, but Im going to have to switch class to Republic or Naboo, lol. Ill be looking forward to your revamped version, and I can't think of any way to credit you enough for this mod, Great Job!
    jordynator these are great mods would't you give promission to ask sarthos to add thiss in his modpack
    (with promision afcourse.
    if you don't know where i'm talking about go to

    it's only a question
    File Author
    I don't think my mods would work with Sarthos' project. They are both genie mods, so it might be hard to merge them in with everything else. Thanks for mentioning it, though.
    soccerpro35 how do you do this? i dont understand it. i installed it but then what? help please. Winzip came up with it. .

    [Edited on 08/24/07 @ 07:11 PM]

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