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CE13 Operation By The Deed

Author File Description
Scarlet Sentinel
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
Charlie Echo Thirteen (CE13)

This file contains two scenarios. One scenario is a B&D type and took me about an hour and a half to complete. The second scenario is a Fixed Force type scenario and took my thirty minutes to complete.

Mission 1: The First Blow
Mission Overview: The main garrison on the planet Yeap is stationed in The Great Forest. Setup a base outside of the safe zone and eliminate the base.

Mission 2: Nazda City Awakens
Mission Overview: Many of the top ranking government officials are meeting in the capitol city of Nazda. Disguise yourself as traders and destroy the State Building.

Requirements: This campaign does not require any mods to play.
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
The scenario was definitely fun to play, mainly because I like revolutionary storylines. The second was definitely more fun though because you never felt like the Empire was serious in the first. A couple of bugs were annoying: the first 3 times I blew up the State Building I was 'defeated', if you sent the defectors in without the hovercraft you could kill everyone inside, and the Lieutenant could never be returned to HQ, but discovering the wookiee units proved a nice distraction. Maybe you could have left the Wookiees a mech factory, without which you couldn't produce mech units? You could sort out the map so the Operative doesn't have to retrace his steps after meeting the Outcast leader also.

Balance: 2
It was definitely too easy. At least you couldn't advance beyond TL-3 in the 1st level, but the predicted strike never really came and he just sat there while I built shield generators and a fortress outside each escape route, then sent in a combo of airspeeders and mntd troopers. The computer needs to be able to reach TL4, and you could use triggers to make him land transports next to your Operations Base. Computer AIs without any extras are usually too easy (unless Hardest). The 2nd mission was also too easy because he can't replenish his troops. I used the Operative to take out most of his troopers, and the Outcast Leader carved up the ATSTs. Some of the turrets didn't fire on me either. You need to put the pressure on with infinitely spawning units so there's a sort of time limit, a bit like the Vor'Na'Tu mission.

Creativity: 4
The liberation story was simple but good. The defectors, especially in the 2nd scenario (and when they switch sides), and the cargo hovercraft was a very good idea, so was the Outcasts' entrance to the base. Being inside a 'tree fortress' could have been a very good idea but it was too easy to advance to TL3 and buid command centres outside.

Map Design: 3
The 1st scenario looked like a random map, with flowers but no animals, single-tree (redwood) forests, and simple grass paths. The second was worse, with random sand inside a clearing (so that the Tatooine buidings wouldn't look stupid probably). Metals weren't mixed, nor grasses, and once again there weren't any animals. or fish. The Imperial base layout used a variety of buidings but in the end the mayor's mansion shouldn't realistically be inaccessible behind a gate. There wasn't a lot of elevation either - that could have been really impressive in the 1st map.

Story/Instructions: 3
I was generous here. The objectives were very plain, and the secondary objectives in the 1st scenario never announced they were completed. What to do in the 2nd was also hard to work out - I only worked out what the hovercraft was for when it exploded. You could have renamed it (and the Bespin Government Centre, which must have been very expensive to transport).

Additional Comments:
There were a lot of good ideas here, but they need to be developed. I'll leave that up to you. A good background for a scenario doesn't need too much creativity though:
Animals, fish, rocks in the map design. Mixed tree forests, with some single trees standing on their own. Mixed metals! Road 3 with lots of bits of metal 2 can look very nice. Different depths of water, and different widths for the river.
Recon and intel and clearer instructions for the 2nd scenario needed.

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Map Design3.0
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