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Episode III: Obi-Wan vs Grievous

Author File Description
BanthaBob This modpack allows you to play as Obi-Wan Kenobi or General Grievous in a random-map game. As a Republic or CIS player, you begin the game with a hero unit, instead of a scout bike.

Republic Scout --> Obi-Wan Kenobi
CIS Scout --> General Grievous.

== Hero Powers ==

Your hero has 4 'modes'. Each mode represents a different power or ability. To switch modes, just select the hero, and press <delete>. Instead of dying, the hero will be re-created in the next mode. Keep deleting him until you reach the mode you want.

Your hero switches modes automatically when he takes damage in combat. When he enters a new mode, he is healed 100% (equivalent to Force-Heal or Auto-Repair).

-- Obi-Wan Modes --

Fight hand-to-hand with a lightsaber. Turn enemies, carry holocrons.

Deflect lasers back at the enemy. Heavy armor and shields. Defend against ground and air targets, with a bonus vs infantry, workers and aircraft. Garrison capacity = 5, so you can 'protect' other units.

Move with Force-Speed. Attack with Force-Push. Blast radius. Bonus vs workers and infantry.

Leap through the air with Force-Jump. Attack with Lightsaber-Throw. Long range and blast radius.

-- Grievous Modes --

Fight hand-to-hand with 4 lightsabers. Turn enemies, carry holocrons.

Throw 4 lightsabers at the enemy. Multiple projectiles, with blast radius. Powerful attack vs ground or air targets.

Drive across the map in the Grievous Wheelbike. Melee attack, with a bonus vs workers and infantry.

Fly through the air in the Grievous Starfighter. Rapid-fire attack.

== Protect your Troops ==

Since your hero is technically immortal, he can't be killed in the usual sense. However, you must be sure to keep at least one other unit or building alive at all times. If your hero is your last unit, and you delete him, the computer may decide that you have no units left, and you will lose the game. This is guaranteed to happen when you take-off or land, because the transition time is long (~1 sec).

To defeat an enemy hero, first destroy all his other units and buildings. Then, fight the hero, until he jumps up or down.

== Episode III Updates ==

Other units have been modified for Episode III:

Replaces Air Cruiser for REP/CIS/TF. Launches a squadron of fighters when it attacks. Counts for 50 population. Auto-repairs.

Replaces REP fighters.

Replaces CIS fighters.

Replaces REP Jedi Starfighter. Fast and deadly. Auto-repairs. No stealth.

Replaces TF fighters and CIS Geonosian Warrior. Fast and deadly.

For REP/CIS/TF Adv Fighters, Adv Jedi Interceptors and Adv Tri-Fighters. No research required.

Replaces CIS air transport. Garrison 25 units.

Replaces REP air transport. Garrison 25 units. 2x faster than CIS air transport.

Replaces all REP troopers.

Grievous bodyguard, replaces CIS bounty hunter. A detector unit, with melee attack and bonus vs jedi.

Replaces grenade trooper for REP and CIS. Long range, but weak at close quarters.

Replaces REP strike mech.

Replaces CIS strike mech.

Replace anti-air missles.

For REP/CIS/TF, Command Centers and Fortresses support 100 population, and garrison 100 units. No need to build houses.

== Credits ==

Some graphics have been borrowed from previous modpacks. My thanks to the following:

Darth_Blax: Vulture Droid
Toopu: Droid Control Ship (TF Capital Ship)
Andrea Italy: All other Ep III graphics, including General Grievous.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
BleXeze I like this mod.. but when i was about to uninstall it, A NOT SO NICE WINDOW POPPED UP SAYING: Error Removing Mod WICH PISSED ME OFF TOTALLY... Now i have to reinstall SWGB just because of this mod... Oh and by the way, i know i clicked Post Comment instead of Post Review, so ill just review it in here.

Balance: 2
I gave it a 2 because some units where way too powerful.


[Edited on 02/06/07 @ 06:27 AM]

File Author
Sorry about your problems with the uninstall. I tested this mod extensively before I uploaded it, and did not experience any errors in that regard. I will check it again to make sure I haven't overlooked anything.

Make sure that you shut the game down before you try to uninstall, otherwise you will get an 'error removing mod' message from the mod installer. This is a known issue. I think the game locks some files, so the installer can't alter them.

Thanks for your review. I understand that some of the units are quite powerful. Perhaps if you play against multiple enemies, you will find it more of a challenge.

[Edited on 02/06/07 @ 12:56 PM]

Commander Deviss the mod had nothing to do with that problem this happens alot. Delete mods.log in game\data don't bother reinstalling the game just reinstal another mod. hope this helped!?!?

Sir Were BanthaBob: Perhaps you could make a second edition with heroes for all civs? That would balance it.
File Author
I would like to do that. I've already got mods for Anakin and Yoda, but I couldn't include them this time, because there wasn't enough room (8 MB size limit).

I've also considered setting things up so that you get a hero, but you can't make any other units. The enemy would get an army, but you've only got 3 droids, which you must protect. That might make it more like a Jedi Knight game. What do you think?
The Real Bryl Sounds tough, maybe the droids would be able to build Bunkers or Turrets?
BleXeze Eep, lol, sorry for being kinda offensive.. >.> i just got so pissed off at that. And no, my game was shut down when i uninstalled it. And thanks for the idea of removing that log or w/e it was rofl, but its to late to do that now. :P Since i already reinstalled it. xD Anyways once again, sorry for being offensive.

Edit: Eep the mod didn't go away so i tried uninstalling it but it didnt work so i did delete the mods.log and now its gone! Yay! xD

[Edited on 02/07/07 @ 04:39 AM]

File Author
No worries, BleXeze. I'm glad things are okay now.

Real Bryl: Yes, you could build any building you like, including defensive structures. You would be able to train droids, medics and trading vessels. Just no military units, except your hero.

Does anyone have any thoughts about the capital ships? Do you like the figher-launch thing, or would you prefer that they just fire lasers? I'm wondering if I should dial down the reload rate, so they don't spit out so many ships...
jediwannabe This mod is officially my favorite, though it has a few problems. For instance if Grievous or Obi-Wan is killed above space ,water ,or trees it's not smart enough to go to fighgter modeto get out. Ifsomeoneisreally goodwith AI's(cause I'm not),they could hopefully fix this problem. Butoverall this mod is awesome!
Great Job!!!!!

[Edited on 02/07/07 @ 01:39 PM]

ganmaer I gotta try this! but have to do the download via usb in a high-speed internet pc.

BanthaBob: Perhaps you could make a second edition with heroes for all civs? That would balance it. -> also include the Millenium Falcon as a creatable unit during actual gameplay.

The Force is Strong with this One!
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