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Downloads Home » Campaigns » **UPDATED**The last of the CIS (beta 0.7)

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**UPDATED**The last of the CIS (beta 0.7)

Author File Description
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 3

in this game, see the "Intelligence", "Instructions" and "History" tabs for information


It will work on any SWGB on any Mac or PC. (except maby the demo ;-) )
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File Author
ok, I have added another scenario level and fixed some bugs. Newer version ill be uploaded soon.

So, has anyone tried this game? What do you think?
Moff Seedron I will try your game. Expect a review or a comment soon.
File Author
Moff Seedron
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Altough it is a simple scenario, you have fun with it. But it becomes very boring to play a second time because all can be discovered the first time easily (the hidden places with extra-reinforcements for instance) To improve this, I advice you to increase the difficulty because the player may want to re-play a part when he had some troubles.
Objectives are simple to complete and there aren't many events (triggers, objectives changes). So when you get the command center, it looks like the standard game (with no triggers).
A negative points are in easy difficulty, the Empire give up before you achieve to kill the boss. The second one is when you choose hard, your allies becomes your enemies : it becomes unplayable and it have no sense with the history. The only way is to use AI scripts to control the computer player's behaviours. Another thing : it decreases fun that your allies never help you.

Balance: 1
The balance is the "bad" point of this campaign : for confirmed players, there are no challenge. Your city cannot be destroyed and you have sufficient ressources to make a huge army quietly. Fortunately, you have set the tech. level 3 as the higher level and you can't build an airbase. I said fortunately otherwise without these settings, it would be extremely easy. By way of consequence, the extra-reinforcements are useless except if you want to destroy your enemies more quickly.

Creativity: 3
I found the history a little crazy, particulary when I played then : it is quite surprising the CIS was not destroyed at the Civil War Era ; in the game, there are only two stormtroopers against my small army and a city is available few time later : it is strange since I read the droids were emprisonned by the Empire.
The map has no special things that can be counted in creativity. A boss at the end of the imperial base is something very usual.

Map Design: 4
This is probably the best feature of this campaign. You have made a realistic map with interesting details (I particulary like the look of the Rebel city) but some areas aren't so good (regarding the mixing of the ground) and there are not several paths : I deduce you have probably use at the beginning a random map. I don't remember where this scenario takes place but it is strange to see some eworks...

Story/Instructions: 4
The rebel outpost is being attacked ! However, you are not compelled to hurry. At least, put a time limit. The global instructions are good except the spelling of the objectives. What a shame there aren't any in-game messages ! But I liked the bitmap. Anyway, all is clear.

Additional Comments:
It seems you master the scenario editor. You can make better scenarios, it is sure ! But for now, since I read it is the version 0.5, improve this one taking into account what I wrote. And use freely modpacks ! There won't be any problems for including SWGB mods. In this case, you could use eye-candy mods but you are not obliged. For the update, don't hesitate to improve the history too.
It is supposed to be a campaign but there is only one scenario...
File Author
I will try to improve on your points. Thanks.

I have made two more scenarios that will be part of the campaign, though I upgraded to CC so I am not sure that it will work with the original SWGB.

The reason for no chat was that I made a mistake but now I can fix this.

yes, I will include Mod's too. The ewoks were really a bit of a joke.

About the timeline, I am not sure what era to put it in. But remember at the end of EP3, the droids were deactivated, not destroyed. Some could have survived.

I will try my best to improve this scenario. Thanks, Moff.
Moff Seedron You're welcome.
master silver
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
It was pretty playable, I found a bug however. The buildings and walls which are suppose to be your "friends" turn against you at the very begining of the game. That however was the only mistake, otherwise everything worked pretty well.

Balance: 2
It had ok balance. The problem was that you gave too many free units. As soon as I started exploring the map I found the large gaia army of artillery, tanks and ewoks? What are ewoks doing in the middle of the war? Anway, the units were fun to find, but it threw the balance way off. I would suggest that next time you put less free units, but spread them out more over the map, not in concentrated clumps.

Creativity: 3
It was creative, the towns and bases were orignal, but the map design brought my rating of this down. The planet was a bit too plain, you should add more eye candy. I liked your bitman, it added a nice feel to the game.

Map Design: 3
The map was average. You could make it alot better however. Terrain mixing, adding wild animals and gaia units, and making the city and base more detailed.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was very basic. You could have added some more on the planet, how the cis had survived, and maybe have a hero leading your forces and put some backrground on that.

Additional Comments:
It was decent, however you need to add more triggered events and make it a little bit harder. Good job overall though. I look forward to playing the next level and or versions.
File Author
I will be uploading the next version soon, it is on my laptop however, so expect in a few hours.

Thanks for the review.

[Edited on 03/05/07 @ 12:08 PM]

File Author
master silver Exactly how did you "update" it ?
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Map Design3.5
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