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Sheathipede-Class Shuttle

Author File Description
Omri Khan I have no idea if this works as I've not had an opportunity to test it and no one has tested it for me :@

Anyway I had finished it before I "retired" and I decided to release it anyway.

Sheathipede Shuttle replacing TF Air Transport

Graphics and Icons
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HK 1000
Rating: 5.0

Graphics/Shadowing: 5 - Good and very realistic. It may be a squished version of the cargo hauler but great work on the coloring

Movement: 5 - Great. A little shaky but still pretty well doen.
BTW, does it or does it not fly in reverse? Can someone confirm which direction it's supposed to go? This is what made me lower the rating on my previous version of this review.

Other: 5 - Good job on the icon.

Additional Comments: Great job. Hardly any problems with this mod.

EDIT: I owe an apology to all of the community. I saw the thread about Omri's departure and I am sorry for what I've done. I promise my future reviews will be a lot more detailed and fair.

[Edited on 10/21/06 @ 08:18 PM]

ARCcaptain wait a minute...this is a squished TF cargo hovercraft.
Rating: 4.5
Very good graphics, it has the quality of a SWGB original graphic (as in the ones that come with the game). There are a few problems howerver:

1. When you rotate it, it changes its place in the air, slightly higher or lower than the original.

2. The icon is kind of squashed.

Additional Comments:

I don't know what ARC Captain is driving towards, but i don't really recal this as a transport...
ganmaer Yeah it's very realistic like a natural game unit graphic but it is just a miniature version of the Trade Federation Cargo Hovercraft!
Omri Khan
File Author
Very good everyone! It's nice to see you're so observant!

First of all yes, it does use the graphics for the TF cargo hovercraft but with some easily noticable differences:

1. It is shorter much like the real thing seen in the prequels

2. I've extended the wings so it has more bodu to it rather than a skeletal hull (compare the cargo hovercraft to the shuttle as seen in ep3) The shadow has also been edited.

3. The cargo hovercraft "flies" in the opposite direction (with the tall end at the front)

4. The C.H. didn't really fly - it hovered. this does actually fly over trees and the like as well as having a separate shadow.

Don't complain. I'd like to see many of you do better. In fact I'd like to see so many of you make an effort! I've got better things to do than church out mods you want just the way you want them. So don't winge and if you're going to review do it properly!

I'm aware that the graphics might not all have been on the same level but I've been unable to check it with my c playing up and quite frankly I have better things on my time.

And ultimately - does it look like I care?
HK 1000 Why did you get so defensive? We were making observations like you said, not whining.
Omri Khan
File Author
You're such a tube.

ganmaer No offense dude! It is just a helpful comment but nice effort by the way...
PrivateClark sorry if i sounded 'pure evil' against your hard efforts. It really is good.
Imperial Force
Rating: 4.5
Pretty much what PrivateClark said, but I have less concern about the actual icon. It's not what I'll be looking at if I was using the unit, plus some people don't even put new icons in at all.

The graphics of the mod were perfect. It looked as if it had come directly from the game... well, it did, actually. It was simply the shortened cargo hovercraft of the TF. Still its good, nonetheless. An optimal example of the 'cut and paste' modding that seems to be taking over in MD.

Additional Comments:

Don't ever react to reviews in this way again. To be honest, there's nothing wrong with PrivateClark's review. Albeit, HK 1000's is a bit short, and innaccurate (its not moving backwards), you don't need to bite their heads of for posting their opinions about your mod. If they are wrong, simply, and politely, correct them.

"I'm aware that the graphics might not all have been on the same level but I've been unable to check it with my c playing up and quite frankly I have better things on my time."

If you put forth the effort to make a mod, you better make sure it works, or else, yes, you WILL be getting reviews that mark down from these things.

You don't start manufacturing and selling cars without testing their safety.
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