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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Mech-Ah's Story line Part 1, Jabba's Problem + Paradice template

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Mech-Ah's Story line Part 1, Jabba's Problem + Paradice template

Author File Description
Mech Ah
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 5
Hello, this is the first part of a (soon long) Story line. If you get stuck use the skywalker cheat. OR Report this bug in a post. I will fix it. Also I am NOW working on part 2, Mech-Ah Vactation, ending in a huge war.

After a the first part of the clone wars the future changed by a plan. Jabba made a mysterious 'Doom Device' a weapon later known as .....(Dramatic pauze)..... DEATH STAR. However this plan came from the future. But as a counter action the republic sent a group of spy's back in time with R2-D2.
The team appears next to the prison cells and get locked up. All kill exept for Mech-Ah and R2-D2 they must find and destroy the plan.
But after this Mech-Ah's house gats attack then a dam and then a counter strike of the republic.

This is a home-made campaign ANY PROBLEM MUST BE TOLD SO I CAN FIX IT.

I have updated this with the orginal file. Sorry but when I uploaded this I mixed up the cp1 file with a sc1. Fixed so Re-Load.

Also... You need the ultimate RPG mod to make it look a lot better.

Also... all reviews made before I fixed the problem with the wrong file, they must be changed or it looks wierd to people that playd to normal(Now downloaded) version.

If... any scenario doesen't work, I just planted all scenario's loose in the file.

And... the Paradice template. Actualy the rough shape of Tropica for the next part, it turnd out to peacefull for a trap. So its now a template for some people!
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Soyo_Dragon89 That was quite possibly one of the most confusing campaign descriptions ever. The fact that you have forgotten the number of scenarios scares me. But I am going to download it out of sheer curiosity.
Map Design4.0
OK, review rewrite! Overall I'm kind of fond of this campaign even though there are some problems. Overall, I had a good time playing

Playability: 3

Ok, so you've got a dark trooper (according to the story he's an alliance spy), 3 Medics, and R2D2. The spy handles all the fighing as you try to escape from Jabba's palace while R2 does useful things like hack computers or open gates. The instructions said he could also do things like release toxic gas. but I never found out how. The medics are useless since they can't heal dark troopers. Anyway, now onto the problems;

I couldn't figure out a way to end the first scenario. The last objective said "get to the LZ" I have no idea what LZ means (Landing Zone? Laser Zebra? Lightining Zoo?) but no matter where I went I couldn't accomplish the last objective. So either I'm too dumb to figure it out or the "victory" trigger has a bug. In the end I just used "skywalker"

The second scenario would crash my screen to desktop as soon as I clicked on it, so there's either a problem with the scenario, .cpi file, or my computer. I don't know which. So this is really just a review of the 1st level.

Balance: 3

Except for one part in the guard station where you'd get surrounded if you started shooting, it was way too easy. You should lower the hero's attack power so it takes two shots to kill the battle droids.

Map design: 4

It wasn't quite as good as the scenario you posted by accident but still deserving of a 4.

Story/instruction: 2

I'm not gonna lie. It's very confusing. Your english is good enough that I can get the gist of what's going on, but poor enough that I'm often confused. The real problem is that the overall story, regardless of grammar, is a little weird. Try to make it more understandable.

Additional comments:

Putting your real (full) name in the scenario probably isn't a good idea. Hasn't anyone ever told you that you shouldn't give out personal information online?

[Edited on 10/08/06 @ 04:30 PM]

Wyo_Daniel Well, I have compliments and constructive criticism.

I got the AI script error too. =(

However, I am very impressed how you managed to combine a playable game, and a series of cutscreens, to form a playable version of an actual Star Wars episode.

But it still needs sometouchup.
Here are some of the things I disliked about it :

Taking out all those Tuskens with the mechs is a pain - you should get more mechs, or a different type of unit.

Chewie and Leia don't have a big enough attack - it takes forever to kill those Tusken melees.

Not enough meds - I keep having to run all the way across the map to find a med droid to heal me.

The way you have to keep going back and forth to open gates is a pain - I think it should be more of a straight path, with less backtracking.

Other than that, I think you did a wonderful job!
Hope you finish it up soon, and I look forward to your future scenarios.
Mech Ah
File Author
FIXED, please think again about the CP and Erase or chance the reviews.

Again I whas tired and replaced the CP1 file with the SC1 file. I am sorry, still I am working on the next chapter.

[Edited on 10/07/06 @ 06:38 AM]

Soyo_Dragon89 OK, I've downloaded the updated file and will change my review, just give me a day or two.
Mech Ah
File Author
Soyo, I made (Again AARGH!) a new file. This one includes ALL SCENARIO'S IN A CP1 AND LOSE IN SC1 FILES! So you can see all scenario's with needing to miss one by bugs. AND I tested ALL maps. If one fails, (Exept for Jabba's PAYBACK) thats you PC's problem.
Soyo_Dragon89 Ok, ok, I'll DL AGAIN and review AGAIN. Just give me some time, its now during the school week for me...
doctorzongo This is a good idea, but could use some work. The only thing is, I couldn't get past the bridge! I tried walking across and my guy just kind of got stuck there. Wouldn't move. Agh.

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