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Star Wars : Episode 3 (DEMO)

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
I have played alot of ROTS campaigns and none seem to impress me, so I have started my own project. Currently, this is only half of the Invisible hand level. The dialogue and screenplay are accurate since I compared them side to side with the movie. Please rate and tell me if I should continue or not... the demo ends at the part where anakin is about to help obi-wan after rescuing the chancellor.
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Soyo_Dragon89 Ohhhh... another Episode III campaign released only a week or so after mine? Well, I don't mind. If yours blows mine out of the water, then so much the better for you. I'll download this and write a review tomorrow... it's getting a little late.
Map Design4.0
Review time! What struck me most about the scenario was how very similar yours and mine are... Everything was done very well, except for one or two little things, but mainly balance.

Playability: 4
Playability was fine, I knew exactly what to do, the cut-scenes were well executed, but it was a little short in my opinion. Maybe if you expanded the level so that after the fight w/ Dooku you have to escape the ship like in the movie? Also there was no victory trigger so after Palpy says "we must get off the ship before its too late" you can't do anything else. I assume that since this is a demo that the level is still a work-in-progress and will be finished for the final campaign.

Balance: 2
This is what killed the scenario. Obi and Anakin had 1000 hp, so the battle droids are no threat at all. And Dooku loses automatically so the boss fight is of no challenge whatsoever. (If it's any consolation I made the same mistake with my Invisible Hand scenario)

Creativity: 4
Follows the movie to the letter. No surprises, though, so I can't give you a five.

Map Design: 4
What I saw was very, very good, better than my map designs, but also quite small. If you make the level longer and keep up the same map quality then I'd give you a five.

Story/Instructions: 4
I understood everything that was going on, and the cut-scenes functioned well. But the story ended very abruptly w/out a clear ending. You might also want to fix some grammatical errors in the objectives and intelligence screens but I didn't take those into account for the score.

Additional Comments:
Very promising. If you enjoy designing then I encourage you to finish it. Just be sure to make it harder so the balance score gets knocked up and then it will be excellent.
File Author
It was not finished yet, I submitted before I completed the Invisible Hand to give everyone a taste of whats to come. Thank you for the review, I will keep the advice you gave me, very helpful, it is. Also one more thing, I made Anakin and Obi-wans hp 1000 at the dooku part because it was a bit of a challenge to stay alive, but I will make it a bit harder in the near future.

[Edited on 10/02/06 @ 07:52 PM]

Map Design1.0
Aw, man.... when I see a 3.6 scenario, I expect a 3.6 scenario. But this scenario is NOTHING like a 3.6 scenario, sorry.

Playability - 2
It. Was. Boring. As. Hell. During the demo I didn't encounter any bugs, so the scenario was playable till the end. Though, there was NO end. Which is really bad. I mean, you couldn't understand really when the scenario has ended. Anyway, this scenario is like, 3 scenes from the movie (the Hangar, the elevator, duel with Dooku), each and everyone being basically smash and kill. There were absolutely NO things that, you know, added some variety. Battles which requite thinking, small little puzzles and such. I suggest you to look at some high-rated cpns to gather some inspiration. I gave it a two mostly because the cutscenes which are present in this scn executed without any mistakes.

Balance - 1
What ruined the enjoynment of the scenario (i.e., playability) was a balance which seems to be a mistake of almost all newbies in scenario designing. It's overpowering the main heroes. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were invincible, to say at least. And the challenge of beating a scenario was missing. And the battles, the duel with Grievous, and, basically, other droids, were just "watch how not-killable-controllable-characters kill killable uncontrolable-characters"...

Creativity - 1
The idea of creating an Episode III scn\cpn isn't new at all. The designer didn't think of any new tricks or interesting features, and he didn't use old ones appropriatly. Heck, he didn't use old ones at all. You see, LSO_RKO, smash and kill scenarios don't do it at all. Even in a hack and slash scenario, something is needed to add up variety. And thinking. Nobody likes scenarios where you don't have to think in any way. Add some environments with enemies which are hard to defeat, take advantage of the "higher elevation-bigger damage" stuff in SWGB, even simple puzzles like "find a button to open the locked door".

Map Design - 1
Alright, the map design is... bad. Very bad. The only place which had some effort put in it was the hangar, and, maybe the top of the spire, where Chancellor is held. And still, the hangar didn't look very good, and, well, the map was bland. Another thing is that you're making a ship, but there isn't ANY kind of feeling that it's a ship. Or a big ship to say at least. The fact that you can see space with our heroes' LOS from inside the corridors ruins the feel drastically.

Story/Instructions - 2
The story was delivered pretty well with cutscenes, though some of them didn't look like they should. I suggest you to take out the SBD-R2 sequence at all, because it looks very corny in SWGB, and the death of Count Dooku looks really corny too. Mostly because, well, he kind of dies, kind of, because of nothing. It was clear what to do, but, well, mostly because there wasn't anything that you could do. Just walk around and kill, what can be possibly harder?

Total score - 1.4
A poor scenario. Boring, no challenge, no variety of things in the scenario itself, nothing to spice up the gameplay, strict closeness to the movie which sometimes IS a bad thing, cause something new and original, which would not change, but add to the RotS story, is needed. Basically, I suggest you to practice harder. And check some of the top-rated cpns. Good luck in further designing!

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