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Downloads Home » Campaigns » RISE OF THE EMPIRE Complete Final Version

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RISE OF THE EMPIRE Complete Final Version

Author File Description
darth Rentor234
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: No style
Number of scenarios: 7

Star Wars
Rise of the Empire
Final Complete Version

This is my second completed campaign.
There are 7 missions to beat,includes loads of episode 3 mods,and a few AI's.



Lead the Republic Armies to Victory with mace Windu,as you take out a CIS Bunker.

-Play as Mace Windu.

-Challenging for the first mission,it may take you a few tries.


Play as the powerful Ki-Adi-Mundi as you lead the 501st to destroy a Mygeetan Energy Center.

-Play as Ki-Adi-Mundi.

-Funny captions such as "We got droidekas!".

-Space Coruscant-

Enter a seat of an ARC-170 Fighter as you fully experience the Battle of Coruscant.

-Enter a fully functional ARC-170.

-Trigger work allows you to land your ship in the enemies cruiser.


The 501st needs help!Play as the female Jedi,Aayla Secura to,repair an AT-TE to scare the Droids off Felucia.

-Fight against powerful and scary Acklay.

-Play as Jedi Master Aayla Secura.

-Enable to enter a fearsome AT-TE.


Liberate the Wookies!Master Yoda has been sent to the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk to defend them from the evil Battle Droids.

-Play as the powerful Jedi Master Yoda.

-Functional Power-Ups.

-Working Gate Sequence.

-Very Challenging objectives keep you on the edge of your seat.

-The enemy actually attacks you!

-Play along side the powerful Wookies.


Kill the General!Obi-Wan Kenobi has been sent to Utapau to kill General Grevious.

-Play as Obi Wan Kenobi.

-Able to kill the very powerful General Grevious.


Kill the Jedi!Lord Vader and his Clone Army has been ordered to kill the Jedi.Can you do it?

-Play as the Wicked Anakin Skywalker.

-Able to fight the powerful Jedi.

-Cool Jedi Temple Map.

-Overall Features-

-Play with all your favourite Jedi from Battlefont 2,and even control the wicked
Lord Vader.

-Challenging missions keep you on the edge of your seat.

-Fully clear instructions so the player can understand what has to be done.

-Space Battles!Get to fly an ARC-170 fighter into galactic action!

-Cool maps that look identical to the maps from Battlefront 2,Geonosis,Mygeeto,The Invisible Hand,Felucia,Kashyyyk,Utapua,and Coruscant!

I would like to give a large amount of credit to many modders,but mostly Andrea Italy for his wonderful Episode 3 mods.

When rating please be fully honest and I would very much like a review please.
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
darth Rentor234
File Author
I would like a review please!
This took up alot of my time and work and I did not submit it for nothing.So please...when you download this file...I ask of you kind SWGB users to tell me what you think about this scenario all I ask is at least 5 minutes of your time to review this Campaign.Oh and I am extremely sorry for the monsterous download...

[Edited on 09/08/06 @ 04:43 PM]

ARCcaptain id download this but i dont have clone campaigns
sorry man
Leon Kennedy I'll review it. I hope I'm not wasting my time.
darth Rentor234
File Author
Well who know's if you will be wasting you're time...because i'm not here to submit a crap scenario,or hear a crap review.
darth Rentor234
File Author
What I mean is hear a crappy "it was good" review,i would very much like a detailed review including examples of what happened in the scenario...that kind of thing and i want youguys to be brutally honest!
darth Rentor234
File Author
Deviss you can control a marine in the space mission,but other missions you can't plus i am very limited in trigger working so take it easy.I'm glad you like it though:D

[Edited on 09/12/06 @ 08:14 AM]

Deviss NP. :) And can you look at my new campaign and say what you think about it. Here you have showcase of my campaign:

Plz download the demo and rate it. :)
Review properly dude.
Imperial Force I second the notion of reviewing properly.
master silver I will write a review for it soon.

[Edited on 11/07/06 @ 04:53 PM]

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