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Rise of the Empire DEMO

Author File Description
darth Rentor234
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 1
This is only a demo of my Rise of the Empire Campaign.Please rate and tell me if I should abandon the project,or keep going.

You need to download the Battlefront Re-Edited AI file.The mods come with the game.

Credit to Andrea Italy,BobaFett,and Moff
Seedron for the mods.

Please Rate
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Map Design3.0
The playability wasn't that bad. The only problem I had is that you didn't have enough troops to finish the job. By the time I destroyed the first CC, All I had was Ki-Ai Mundi

It was pretty well balanced. Both the CIS and the Republic had enough troops. But as for player 1, you had very little troops (Adressed in Playability)

Creative title, Beter than just EPISODE 3. Good idea for a story on how the imperials came to power.

Map Design:4
The map design was very good. It looked exactly, like the battlefront version. But, you made a cruital error, You didn't use any Hubs or barrirs, on the side were the clouds meet the metal.

The begging cienmatic was good and clear. I could understand what I had to do and my objectives.

Additional Comments:
very good campaign (Demo, Scenario, level, ect)
The ONLY good episode 3 campaign I've ever seen. If I were you, I'd go on and make the whole campaign :)

darth Rentor234
File Author
I'm also gonna be releasing a space teaser.
darth Rentor234
File Author
For the full Version,there is going to be 2 parts.The second part is going to be about the imperial campaign.Hopefully it will be released by September,schools coming so,it'll take a while.
Appo117 Cool! When's the Space level coming out?
darth Rentor234
File Author
the space level is coming soon

[Edited on 08/22/06 @ 10:50 AM]

Moff Seedron
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
At the beginning, you realize that it is like BATTLEFRONT II. Ok, cool but the battleground becomes quickly disorganised and satured of units. That make the playability very nasty. Your small army is destroyed in few times : in fact, you only complete the objectives with Ki-Adi-Mundi. Your ally doesn't help you to complete those objectives (except after a very long time) and it is not good. Other issues make this game nasty : the AI file doesn't work correctly (so your ally and your enemy do anything : they gather in the same area so they obstruct the path, they don't seek to attack the enemy (sometimes),...) Secondly, the map is too tiny to play normaly. Then, I was confused for completing some objectives : where is the energy center ? Other example : I send Ki-Adi-Mundi with holocron near the clone landed transport and I do not see any changes. There is a good chance that some of guys who will play your campaign don't know the Mygeeto map in BATTLEFRONT II, so they can not guess where the energy center is since nothing is doing to show us where it is (you could use renamed building or written advice or informations as "We have spotted "that building" in the North,...) In addition, it is not written that we must put the holocron near the transport. Fortunately, it seems to me there are no trigger errors.

Balance: 1
In the battleground, your army is crushed in few times. Ki-Adi-Mundi does not die if the luck is with you, that's to say, when your ally helps you and when the path is not blocked. So, I don't think it is very balanced.

Creativity: 3
It is not a bad idea as nobody have done it yet. But if we go to the Forums, we can see that several announced campaigns will be composed of a Mygeeto scenario with the same story.

Map Design: 1
Map not very detailled and too tiny: there are no hubs between the metal and the clouds, no elevation (it would be better with small elevations). Try to mix the metal ground and make some mountains around the base as everyone see it in BATTLEFRONT II. Then, in spite of the fact that you use my mod Mygeeto Buildings to make the map realistic, the map doesn't really look like the map of BATTLEFRONT II and I was disappointed.

Story/Instructions: 3
Ok for the objectives and the messages during the game but no informations, no story written (at least, write a summary). Altough it is a demo, it's not a reason for you to forget the credits !!! Andrea Italy, BobaFett, and me !!!

Additional Comments:
You can make the whole campaign but I'm not sure that it will be a good decision. Reason to abandon : big campaigns will come soon : several designers, modders, and testers are working together on it to make the best of the best. Reason to continue : improve your scenario and your campaign : playability, balance, instructions, map design, fun ideas,... You can also make your team of designers to work with you.
I hope that you have unsterstood my opinion on your Demo. I was very strict but those remarks will serve you to make a better campaign.
darth Rentor234
File Author
This is only a demo.I'll fix it up.

[Edited on 08/22/06 @ 05:09 PM]

darth Rentor234
File Author
Someone PLEASE review

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Map Design2.0
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